Yair Lapid blasts Netanyahu foreign policy, says he plans to return to bipartisanship and support Liberal Jewry in the US

Yair Lapid blasts Netanyahu foreign policy, says he plans to return to bipartisanship and support Liberal Jewry in the US


I can tell you the exact moment when Benjamin Netanyahu just destroyed any good will he might have had with the Democratic Party in the United States. It happened when he addressed Congress without Barack Obama’s permission. To the best of my knowledge, NO foreign leader, other than Netanyahu, has ever addressed Congress without the President’s permission. “Respect the authority of the fucking President” shouldn’t be that hard.


This cost Israel *a lot* of goodwill with the Democratic party.


Yep. When I watched that speech I was like "welp this dumbass just made support for Israel partisan and doomed it in the long term". I think history is proving me right. Hopefully this new group can restore some sanity, or at least recognize that for an special relationship to be stable it has to be bipartisan but honestly I think it's too late.




Fox News is a liar.


Doesn't congres decide what congres does and doesn't?


Yes, but as a foreign leader openly snubbing the president of your most powerful ally and siding with his opposing political party is both a dick move and really dumb. Support for Israel has always been strongly bipartisan, shit like that threatens to make it a partisan issue, much to Israel's detriment.


Generally foreign leaders ask the executive for permission before addressing a country's legislature, even if they aren't required to, as a sign of respect.


I suppose so, thanks for your explanation


Y'all should amend your constitution if it is that big of a problem. Constitutional traditions are just bad, we see it in other countries all the time.


Should we also add it in the constitution that you shouldn't use the White House guesthouse to do your laundry? Courtesy doesn't need to be law for people to be mad that you break it.


You could probably add it to an operational manual, idk. It's a very different issue, isn't it?


Smart. Israelis need to understand that the absolute worst thing they can do for their relationship with the US is make support for Israel a partisan issue.


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Based. Netanyahu and his far right leaning politics alongside his corruption were basically a gift to Israel's many enemies and they made it easier for Israel to be looked at as the bad guy in the region. Hopefully this is no longer the case.


The exact opposite has happened though. The Gulf States took a 180 on Israel, and Palestine’s allies have slowly been abandoning it. The grand coalition fighting Israel on all of its borders has now been reduced to Hezbollah in Lebanon and whatever air space Iran manages to use, all at the cost of nothing for Israel, they’ve continued to annex colonies they’ve put into the Golan Heights and the West Bank.


“No cost for Israel” except for the gradual and ongoing disintegration of our democracy and morals. In order to get all of these “achievements” we’ve gone on to rely on authoritarian governments, the GOP and the nationalist far-right. Like, sure, some dictators don’t see us as enemies anymore, but to liberal democracies our reputation is getting worse and worse.


>Like, sure, some dictators don’t see us as enemies anymore, but to liberal democracies our reputation is getting worse and worse. While I agree with that, those dictators are the ones that can actually harm Israel physically, even if indirectly in many cases. Democracies around the world can only isolate and sanction Israel (unless they somehow decide on a military intervention).


It is great they have normalised relations with pretty much everyone except Syria and Iran, but Israel could genuinely have the world’s respect at this point if it didn’t pursue a far right agenda. They need to integrate the Palestinians and come to an agreement with the moderate Arabs, the world will notice if they make a proper effort to establish long lasting peace, and now that the far right is out of the way they can actually do that.


> Israel could genuinely have the world’s respect at this point if it didn’t pursue a far right agenda 2000 years of Jewish history say this is untrue; people will just find a new excuse. Society will get a new Bad thing, and that bad thing will be tied to something the Israeli government does an infinitum. > They need to integrate the Palestinians You can't integrate people who don't want to be integrated and deserve their own sovereignty. Israel needs to disengage as much as possible and let Palestine make its own decisions.


I disagree, if Israel is clear about making an effort to integrate Arabs, the world will stand behind it. The usual suspects won’t, but the world at large will.


I want to clarify that I agree as far as Israeli Arabs, but for Palestinians/Arabs who live in the Occupied Territories, I don't think Israel should continue to engage.


>bipartisanship Uhhhhh, we're gonna need a better word for that in a system with *that* many relevant political parties.


It’s nice to see that r/neoliberal isn’t any different from the rest of reddit and just rushes to the comments rather than reading the article. /s


The “bipartisanship” refers to America. He is criticizing Netanyahu for becoming too close to the GOP in America. He wants Israel to remain close to both major parties in the US two party system. Although I wish this was the case sooner. Netanyahu’s choice to align Israel with the GOP has resulted in voices on the American left aligning against Israel for polarized culture war reasons. It’s not the only cause, but it’s certainly a contributing factor.


More like multipartisanship.






co·op·er·a·tion /kōˌäpəˈrāSH(ə)n/ Learn to pronounce noun the process of working together to the same end. "they worked in close cooperation with the AAA"


I hope liberal Jews in the US aren't holding their breath because the Israeli electorate is fucking insane.


Compared to the very rational American electorate?


Ahhh goddammit that triggered me. Look Israel has no shortage of issues and political problems. Our system is clearly flawed considering all the elections we've been having, and there are many many reasons to dislike Bibi and the Likud. But the Israeli electorate has consistently moved to the center instead of polarizing. Big centrist parties like Kadima and Yesh Atid consistently do well. Importantly, Israel has managed to not stupidly politicize issues like: global warming, covid, abortions, healthcare, guns. These are all topics that are barely up for debate because everyone mostly agrees about them all. And this is in a region with serious ethnic and religious divisions, not to mention hostile neighbors and security concerns. The American electorate is split down the middle and fights over statues and bathrooms. So maybe let's be more restrained with phrases like "fucking insane"...


Relative to Jews in America, they are fucking insane, yes. The last coalition had Ayelet "kill Palestinian mothers in their homes so they can't breed more snakes" Shaked as the damn minister of justice, and now Naftali Bennett of all the disgusting slimeballs in Israeli politics has arisen as the peoples champ. You ever seen the videos of people sitting on the hills cheering as bombs rain on Gaza? That's your electorate. If it wasn't, you wouldn't be calling Naftali Bennett prime minister today.


You can take pretty much any democratic country, including the United States, and point to a worse leader they've elected than Bibi (or any previous PM)


You'd probably have to go back to the 60's in the south to find one like Naftali.


Yeah like that time when George Wallace's minority government got confidence and supply from the Black Panthers