Cleaning the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Cleaning the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

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Or 35 billion dollars per fighter jet... *Edit. They're 35 million I am corrected. Still a lot of money.


Is that was F35 stands for? 35 Million!


F***ING 35 MILLION?! edit: For clarification for anyone correcting me on price, I meant only that the F in F35 means F***ING and not that I was actually shocked at was or confirming the price.


The helmet was 1.5m alone. You could literally look through the bottom of the jet




Yeppers, external cameras fed video into the helmet.


So, not literally then?


Yes literally: > 2 : in effect : VIRTUALLY —used in an exaggerated way to emphasize a statement or description that is not literally true or possible Source: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/literally


Literally has been so misused that literally literally doesn't mean literally any more. I hate it.


Violence has been done to the language.


35 million, and 400k per missile. The training missiles only cost 200k though so don't worry, they're not wasting money or anything.


Shit, if they are upset about the cost of the F-35, don't tell them about the F-22 program. They are well north of 100 million per jet


Meet a flight instructor for F15. Said he could find F22 thermal by head scanning (helmet tells missile guidance where to look) and once you find the thermal you can lock radar even if signature is bird sized. So an F15 with updated instruments can shoot down F22.




Because it sounds real—these people really think USAF and engineers are complete morons I suppose. The engines themselves have some sort of single crystal alloy that can withstand excesses of 3400 F (actual number classified) without coming apart.


It's the vanes of the turbines that are single crystal, iirc. Thus, they have no areas where cracks can occur. It's pretty ridiculous. Cool engineering for sure.


Shhh no one speaks of *F-22s*


78m for the cheapest model, actually. Upwards of 136m for the F-35B.


The F35A (Air Force version) is like $78mn just for the plane. So, more than 2x the 35 mil mark.


This is what happens when massive corporations sell overpriced weapons to the government


It's more than $10mn more to train the pilot for an F35.


Holy fucking shit ._.


There's good reasons why they work so hard to retain trained pilots. Even the USAF training for a cargo plane is more than a million dollars. Then, there's a cost per hour to fly the plane - and the salaries of the (guessing) hundred or more people that are the logistics behind a single F35. War's a racket - a very, very profitable/expensive racket. All that said... The F35 is a legit awesome aircraft. Even with the cost, the overruns during development, the slow production start... Even with all those things, it has turned into one hell of a plane.


Or 1.3T on a single fighter jet development


The development of the f-35 was around $40 billion (not a terrible price considering it's going to be used by 3 branches) with a few billion pitches in by allies that want some f-35s too. Estimated $400 billion for acquisition of all expected aircraft needed (this is over several decades.) And finally an estimated $1.1 trillion for all maintenance, fuel, parts, labor, support equipment, and upgrades that are expected over the 50 year life span of the jet platform (and that is in future dollars not today dollars cuz inflation.) So the U.S. hasn't spent $1.3 trillion on the f-35 program, it's just estimated that's what will have been spent on it in total when the last one is retired in the 2060 or 70s. Keep in mind these aircraft platforms are very long term, the F-15, 16, and 18 platforms entered service in the 70s and are still in use today. The B-52 will be the first military aircraft platform to be used for 100 years. So these huge numbers are spread out over several decades.


You’re about x10^3 off with regards to the price. Clearly the JSF program had price overshoots but why make up numbers?


> The JSF program was expected to cost about $200 billion in base-year 2002 dollars when SDD was awarded in 2001.[52][53] As early as 2005, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) had identified major program risks in cost and schedule.[54] The costly delays strained the relationship between the Pentagon and contractors.[55] By 2017, delays and cost overruns had pushed the F-35 program's expected acquisition costs to $406.5 billion, with total lifetime cost (i.e., to 2070) to $1.5 trillion in then-year dollars which also includes operations and maintenance.[56][57][58] The unit cost of LRIP lot 13 F-35A was $79.2 million. [Source](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_Martin_F-35_Lightning_II) Going on ONLY producing 10 aircraft, we are nearing a billion in units alone, NO R&D included. This is both Boeing and Lockheed’s cost to the taxpayers.


$35 million. Not billion.


Know how we know where the plastic is? Satellites. Knew where the computer you are using to browse reddit came from? Space Program. Know where the money spent on space programs gets spent? Middle class jobs here on earth... Educate yourself. https://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/files/Benefits-Stemming-from-Space-Exploration-2013-TAGGED.pdf


And dollar for dollar, NASA is the best bang for your buck. Everything they spend gets pumped into the economy. What’s better, is that it pays dividends too. Medical technologies, computer technologies, materials sciences - all fields have benefitted from the space program. NASA’s budget is also waaaaay less than people think it is. It’s $20 billion, which is less than 1 new fighter jet program for the military. Compare that to Medicare - which cost $924 billion last year. Hell even the State department at 33 billion got more money than NASA. If anything, NASA is severely underfunded.


I feel like the same people who want to take money from NASA are also the ones who think NASA is going to pull itself up by its bootstraps and save humanity when a giant rock is hurtling towards us. Maybe just maybe they need money to spot the fucking thing first. And maybe just maybe they need the money to properly test out their theorized solutions. It has taken us this long to get to a point where NASA can test out the possibility capturing or deflecting, imagine if we had actually given them serious funding over the years. There's no reason we can't do both anyway.


Exactly my fucking thoughts, just dont make 20 missiles… stop at #25 of fighter jets… defund hospitals… okay im kidding about the last part but in seriousness all it takes is 1 less of something in the military budget to greatly help our space program. Also something to note is china is *SPRINTING* to the finish line of the space race meanwhile we’re tying our own shoelaces as we smash on mcdonalds.. ie soon we will be passed up in this *very* important race.


I don’t think so. Most of us older folks LOVE NASA as a huge pride point. The only bad thing is a lot of people erroneously believe NASA’s budget is WAY bigger than it is.


NASA is great. Billionaires flying private dick rockets while harming NASA are not.


AKA Bezos and Branson. People act like their companies are nipping at the heels of SpaceX, but Blue Origin hasn’t even achieved orbital flight yet, which SpaceX did over a decade ago. Their “Let’s send Bezos and Capt. Kirk to Space” bullshit is basically just a longer lasting version of the vomit comet airplane. Blue Origin probably won’t even have their rocket putting equipment in orbit until the middle of this decade, by which time, SpaceX will have Starship - a fully reusable launch system with more payload than a SaturnV. SpaceX has also brought down the cost of launches for NASA and private customers. We’d still be paying the Russians $50 million a seat for a launch on Soyuz. SpaceX brought manned launches back to the US way before the dick rocket gang (which ULA/Boeing has still failed to do, despite having all the plans from the Shuttle, and stealing old shuttle engines with the plan that they will be consumed every launch). Then there’s Starlink - which is amazing. High speed internet to even the most rural parts of the world, and the cost is no more than paying for cable in the suburbs. Think how many kids have lagged behind in education in the US and other countries - all because they didn’t have access to the internet. So I’m all for bashing Bezos, but I just hate that people lump all the billionaires with rockets together. With as much propaganda as Bezos pumps in to the media, his company is NOT the same as SpaceX, don’t let him fool people into thinking they are.


I agree. But I rather have someone, anyone attempt to compete with spaceX before they have a dominate lead and a monopoly on space travel. The point of these flights is to prove that the rockets are stable and can be used to get to suborbital flights, as well as to get data to see how they perform. Rome wasn’t built in a day and you’re not going to make a rocket go orbital without suborbital flights.


Hey competition is awesome - but Blue Origin isn’t the competition. Boeing / ULA would be the closest competition. Or some of the small companies like RocketLab and their innovative battery powered rocket (the pumps are battery powered instead of being turbine driven). Both of those companies have achieved orbit. Blue Origin is an amusement park ride, and has yet to deliver an orbit capable rocket, or engines for an orbit capable rocket.


Fair, but Bezos isn't launching suborbital flights to prove technology before going orbital. He's putting celebrities on them and making them pay up for it. If you want to see what actual technology-proving tests look like, go look at basically everything SpaceX has done in the past decade. It's pretty easy to hate on Musk but you can't deny that SpaceX is leagues ahead of Bezos celebrity dick rockets.


I believe they are referring to billions going on space joy rides rather than helping the planet they live on.


That’s a stretch, The rocket dildo by Amazon is maybe 18 mil expense


And even then, they are developing a hell of a lot of good tech from that project. Consider launching tourists as a way to fund a test program instead of "wasted money" and it makes a lot more sense.


Some people are so stupid that they think that when billionaires go to space the money they spend to do it just evaporates. Like you are saying, the money gets distributed to many salaries and r&d etc. I wish more billionaires did stupid expensive ecentric stuff instead of just hoarding their money off shore.


This is an equally bad take. SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin didn't develop their rockets so that their billionaire owners could take a ride into space, they are developing them as a company, and using the rides of taking the owners up as a promotion for the company. The goal isn't to take their owners up, it is simply a side effect.


If we actually tax the rich of the world and the big corporations properly we can fund multiple space programs, more green energy programs, and massively ramp up planet cleaning efforts. We don't need to choose. We just need to actually make them contribute their fair share to society.


I don’t trust my government would actually do that if it had the money


Yeah I must have missed the memo where the Reddit hive mind decided to hate space.


I’ve noticed people have really taken a disliking to science in the past few years. It’s fucking weird.


And add to that the fact that you need to be very very very resourceful in space, because space is a very harsh environment where you can't come by the stuff so easy we as humans need to live. Guess where these technologies and advancements are used. You guessed right, on Earth! Space research is the very last thing we should stop funding. There is a lot of useless shit we can stop doing before that.


My wife is assisting with research into space food at the moment. It has huge implications for closed loop food production and storage methods on Earth. really interesting field.


Know where solar panels were invented? NASA.


Thank you. I’m ducking sick of people shitting on space programs when they have provided so much in return.


This is such an ignorant comment, lol.


And all the kids who have been understandably jaded by Bezos and Musk’s, shitty space race, without knowing any other history, are upvoting it


The fact that it hit 1k is pretty said. I get we got no back up planet, but people act like we are just throwing money away without knowing why in the first place. Even worse when they ignore other industries, military, with a lot more funding.


Why not both lol, barely any of your money goes to space and that’s if you’re from the US, anywhere else you probably don’t even have a space agency


Well that “space program “ is the reason half of tech in your house exist asshat not to mention that trash it’s getting stored on land now it’s the same thing clean the ocean just to dump it some place else


>is the reason half of tech in your house exist The best part is that the space race produced all that technology without a war. Back in the day the cost of a great technological leap was the death of six million Jews and another thirty five million randos. Nasa got that down to twenty or thirty handsome engineers. That's progress.


I hate folks who think space travel is somehow the problem with spending. Nasas budget is 1% of the miltarys in the US. The miltary industrial complex is where all the money is being sunk. Not Space Exploration. Both Space Exploration and Enironmentalism can co-exist and i support it. I just can't fathom the thinking , seeing this postive video and coming to the conclusion we should take all the money out of space exploration. WHY ? it won't change much at all on the climate side of things and on the human and tech side it stifles progress. Edit : thanks for the silver :) , also "hate" was a strong opening word ,i more dislike the notion than "hate" the people per se.


Nasa's budget should be 3-4 times what it is.




Garbage opinion. Witless.


That is where you are wrong and it is people like you that have caused our space travel to stagnate…. So thank you for being clueless and stupid


And the most stupid comment of the day award goes to...


I don't know how it's the top comment.


Holy shit... anyone that thinks space exploration should be cast aside because of their own feelings of jealousy and inadequacy need to fuck right off. We are finally getting back into it after decades of stagnation and then I see people upvoting a comment like this. Fuck you. If Bozo and Musk spent their money cleaning the ocean, then people would ridicule them for not taking care of the homeless. What makes me think this? Because for years as we finally were getting rovers out onto mars or seeing the rings of Saturn up close, people were complaining more money wasn't going into space programs. Now that two rich wackos are doing it, suddenly it's bad. Kiss my ass. I still hope to see a real probe go out to the ice giants before the end of my life and if cancel culture hits the space programs, I'm going to be so fucking pissed.


Who upvotes a comment that is this ignorant? I’ve been on Reddit for about a decade now, I’ve seen a lot of shit in that time, but this is the stupidest comment that I’ve ever seen get the most upvotes in a comment section. I’m highly disappointed by just how stupid this place has become. Whether or not we need a Space Force is arguable, but having a space program and all the research that goes into that more than pays for itself multiple times over. I’d gladly vote to give NASA 10x their current budget. Open up Google Maps real quick on your phone, that shit only works if we have satellites in space. Space is our future as a species, it would be stupid to ignore it. Are you one of the teachers from Interstellar, who thought space was a waste?


Dogshit take, legit embarrassing


Or wars…


Literally the dumbest comment I've ever seen. Pay for this instead of killing innocent children around the world. Pay for this instead of pumping money into the military industrial complex. Pay for this instead of giving tax breaks to your rich. Pay for this instead of bailing out too big to fail corporations. Pay for this instead of giving fossil fuel companies subsidies. Pay for this instead of monoculture agriculture subsidies. Pay for this instead of sibsidizing suburban development.


Or overpaid politicians and their political parties.


We can do both.


We can and have to do both.


We don’t spend much on space programs or foreign aid or many of the things people complain about. We spend a ton on weapons. So Space Force has to go. Apologies if that is what you meant.


Space programs are quite literally the future…. How about we start cutting back on the trillion dollar military budget? You could replace the entirety of our energy grid with half of that money.


Our money isn't really going to "space programs" have you seen NASA's budget?


No you don’t know what your talking about if you want to defund space flight


Bruh you're using space program technology right now to post this comment.


This is probably the most short sighted thing I’ve ever read.


We also need to spend money on space programs. Idgaf about rich space tourists, but if their willingness to spend money on it means we get to further our technology as a species as well as create a new space age that inspires kids to higher education then I'm all for it. I'd call it a necessary evil (when viewed in the context of better things that money could be spent on). Technology is what is going to save our species and planet in my opinion. People won't give up their comforts and rich people won't just give away their fortunes. We have to save our planet by doing something that is exciting and profitable - technology. That is why I get pissed at people talking about electric cars produced today not being environmentally friendly when all things are considered, because they don't consider the future of technology and electric cars and how that will help solve issues.


What an absolutely shit take.


"Our" money isn't going to space programs since they are almost completely privatized bc *checks notes* the government decided to stop spending "our" money on it.


*Garbage Force*


This and space programs. Not in to the US military. Trillions of dollars just to run away from 35,000 inbred Isis fighters.


Eat your words. Stopping climate change gives humanity time to grow and adapt to its precarious reality. Exploring space leads to the eventual spread of humanity from its original, fragile home to distant worlds over the coming billions of years. We’re one asteroid away from near-total extinction of humanity. That’s unacceptable.


Of all the useless things you could say that we waste money on you chose space programs ... that is actually one of the most useful and beneficial thing we do for the advancement of science and technology, and solution finding for our ongoing struggles.


Wow, this is an incredibly uneducated statement.


So by putting space programs in quotes, are you claiming that space is fake, or that we aren’t doing anything there? Space research is a frontier which often results in discoveries or technologies that help us here on our rock. Also it’s funny that you seem think that the most atrocious government waste of money is NASA with its 0.48% of the national budget in 2020.


Space is cool as well, there we need to be as efficient as possible or we die. We could use that same technology here


So much ignorance in one sentence... Space program's benefit are helping you everyday of your life, even if you don't realize it


There's nothing wrong with space programs. We can do both things.


TIL the ocean is filled with laundry baskets.


Yeah for real, look how great condition some are hell I could reuse those


There's some bowling balls In great condition there too


Bowling balls are actually pretty expensive. £50-80 for a decent one.


$200 for new ones that come out all the time from big brands like Storm/Roto Grip, Brunswick, and Colombia 300


I feel like having your own bowling ball crosses some sort of line Edit: Some of you got really defensive and I wasn't even saying anything bad lol. Also it was a pun, read it again.


Yeah, mark it a zero




I mean, graduating from shit house balls to your own ball is a nice feeling. A hobby's a hobby. Then there's getting your own shoes.


You do know that, non rental bowling shoes just look like normal shoes right? They only make the rental shoes ugly as fuck so people don't steal them.


that's weird because I think colorful rental bowling shoes are a look


They're probably buoys not bowling balls.


Nah man, bowling balls definitely float /s


Those are mooring balls, FWIW.


I’m guessing those are actually for fishing not for laundry. Probably went overboard and no one bothered to get them back out.


Looking at that collection I'd guess at least half is fishing gear or fishing related.


Look closely and you'll see that it's mostly fishing junk.


I thought it was all plastic straws? /s


Yeah most plastic in the ocean is fishing stuff that got abandoned, and most plastic in the ocean is also in particles far too small to pick up in nets like this


Seaspiracy taught me that roughly half the garbage in the ocean is a result of fishing.


But why? Why couldn't they have called it conspira-sea? It was right in front of them!


Because their first documentary is called Cowspiracy.


Those are fishing boats accessories, you can see nets, buoys, and a full ton of plastic barrels. Sadly the fishing industries doesn't even care for their source of income, they think it's infinite.


One of my favorite yearly news stories is fishing industry reps complaining about catch limits because they "have such a hard time making ends meet." and "there might not be another generation of fisherman in Gloucester (or wherever)." Yeah, dumbass, more than half your problem is there were no limits for more than century of industrialized fishing and the fucking ocean is depleted. And the rest of the problem is environmental damage.


The laundry baskets were a surprise.


Actually what’s surprising about the high number of laundry baskets is just how much other shit has sank to the bottom. I wonder if the laundry basket frequency will go down as they collect more stuff…as in things will spend less time out there and therefore less will have sank.


Laundry baskets are commonly used by fishermen. That's why they are so common in sea trash.


So I used to work on fishing boats up in Alaska as an observer and we actually used those baskets to collect our fish samples. It’s unfortunate to see them in the ocean.


Every single corporation should have to pay into this.


They'll pass the bill onto you.


I actually would be okay with that if the result was a clean ocean for my kids and grandkids. And I am not a tree hugger. My pleasure car gets 8 mpg. But at some point, some generation needs to step up.


Me too.


Vote with your wallet. Your words mean nothing. These problems exist because we all want them to exist. If enough people voted with their wallets against issues like this they, by definition, wouldn't exist.


Again bullshit argument. Decades and endless people telling them/ showing them they need to change. But because I live it’s my fault. Try and live in the society without buying products that don’t have excess amounts of packaging.


The opposite of this isn't true. When a corporation saves money by lobbying the government to cut back on their taxes, they keep the extra money. The cost of goods is only as low as to compete with their rivals. They don't "pass the savings on to you" that's a slogan to sell matresses.


There's only so much they can pass unto the customer before it becomes unviable for the market. At that point, it becomes an incentive to stop participating in whatever practice ends up producing this waste, because it will drive the cost up too much. That, or they'll commit fraud, of course.


Earth is fucked unfortunately


Only in terms of humans living here. Earth will be fine but humans are fucked living here if we don't change


Look at a geologic timeline. We are a brief, temporary infection of this planet. When we finally f--k ourselves into oblivion, the planet will recover in a geologic instant


Behavioural change regarding climate will only take place when humankind is with the back against the wall.


We need a stronger plague. Humans don’t deserve this planet. All we’ve done is crap all over it.


I volunteer this guy as the first sacrifice ^


I volunteer this guy as the second sacrifice ^


Guess who’s up next


You, you’re next


What are we all standing in line for?


A brief temporary infection. I am going to blatantly steal that.


There will be a point where the earth slaps us down. It will do it’s thing for another billion or so years and another species will rise. I hope they have a better understanding of what they have than we do.


Dont be a Doomer, we have the tools to fix this we just need the Political policy, and more funding towards changes in how we package products and dispose waste. It wont be easy, but the mentality of just giving up is not what we need. Also we need to hold multinationals accountable for their actions!


This. It’s also problematic to characterize humanity as an infection or parasite. It reinforces the idea that earth is somehow separate from us. That we’re alien. We aren’t. We are as much a part of the earth as the mountains or the grass and remembering that is a key piece of shifting our attitudes toward sustainability.


being realistic is not being a doomer. you can't just shut down a point of view by saying they're too extreme and labeling them a doomer. there is no argument that if we continue our behavior as a species without changing course the planet will kill us. people are already dying. privatization is performing faster than politics. at this rate, conservatives protecting capitalism are going to drastically slow down if not completely stall any political agenda from truly funding projects such as these. americans certainly cannot reliably expect the government to step up and enact change.


We have paper straws. Have a little faith.


If every one thought like this, nobody would do anything too help change or fix it


I know a lot of that is just people being assholes and tossing crap. But how much is from the various tsunamis that have hit the southern pacific over the last few years?


A lot of it is irresponsible countries just dumping garbage into the ocean


Okay, but how much is from the various tsunamis that have hit the southern pacific over the last few years?


a small fraction compared to the dumping.


i kind of have the answer to your question. this article (https://ocean.si.edu/conservation/pollution/marine-plastics ) uses the 2011 Japan tsunami as an example, and about 5 million tons of trash moved into the ocean. that one event compared to the 150 million tons that’s already in the ocean (https://oceanconservancy.org/trash-free-seas/plastics-in-the-ocean/) seems pretty small, but i think taking into account all other south pacific countries would show that it’s still a large problem. that article also says we dump about 8 million tons a year (i also saw it could be up to 10 million a year), so tsunamis have a major impact on dumping if you look at it on a yearly basis. i think a lot of the plastic is there because of dumping before 1972 when MPRSA (marine protection research and sanctuaries act) was passed. then it became illegal. i think companies have a lot to do with dumping but it‘s probably not as bad as it was in the past. i don’t know how to make a hyperlink, im on mobile, so that’s why the sources are like that. oops. hope this helps lol edit: you didn’t have to award this but thanks lmao


80% of ocean plastic comes from land, 20% from the ocean. However a 2018 study shows about half of the mass of the garbage patch comes from synthetic fishing nets. So land based trash and fishing waste are two major issues.


Wait, the ocean is manufacturing plastic stuff now? When did this start happening?


Ariel and Flounder are up to no good.


A decent amount. The tsunamis picked up the litter that was on the side of the street and not yet in the water, along with a bunch of other debris that’s either already there or on its way to one of the garbage patches.




> you can't recycle it, because recycling doesn't work as a business model If a government makes it a priority, it can work as a policy model. Plenty of established government initiatives are nowhere near profitable, but they're still helpful to society. Use public funds to secure a project even if the project does not result in increased dollar signs, but because it brings more important intangible benefits. Free drinking water is a common phenomenon and is exactly this in action. But I agree, if you leave this decision up to private enterprise, it will go nowhere. Exactly for the reason you outline. It's not a workable business model.


Yes it is such a fallacy to believe that government needs to be profitable… it doesn’t work like household debt at all.


Idiots got gaslit by capitalism to only care if there's a profit incentive. It ain't new but it's pathetic and sad every time.


They're recycling the plastic, some of which they make into sunglasses you can buy to support the project. You could read all about it at https://theoceancleanup.com/




Not a solution. Also, [Futurama did it](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooB5iIqZnB0)


Seems like a good solution as long as we have a smelloscope so we can detect it before coming back.


It's much better to put this in a responsibly managed landfill rather than the ocean.


Why *not* bury it shallow or stack it on a mostly-non-porous ground where there are few living things? Nevada seems like a good option. It's a matter of least harm. I think having all that stuff stacked in the dry desert would be better for the planet than disintegrating into the ocean food web.


The garbage they just took out is like a drop in the ocean compared to how much water there is in the ocean, not to mention all the garbage, too.


They keep on upscaling their systems and combine it with systems that “filter” rivers so the plastic won’t reach the seas. So don’t be too pessimistic, even the awareness they create can make some difference!


Gotta fight it on all fronts, pollution is a product of negligence.


Their River interceptors are awesome as well. I’m stoked to watch thieve efforts over the last couple of years


The stuff doesn't even look discoloured. Or covered in algea. It looks nearly pristine. And it doesn't look like trash. It looks like stuff. This is not at all what I had expected. I had, unfortunately, expected the sheer amount.


Three reasons it looks great condition: Most plastic breaks down due to UV light. Just natural sunlight will do it. The water blocks UV. The surface of the ocean lacks life, especially as you get further from land. You can think of the middle of the ocean like a desert. There are low nutrients and no infrastructure for organisms to grow on. Selection bias. This is a surface filter. Intact plastic floats. Broken plastic sinks or is too small to get captured in their filter.


Have China and other countries quit dumping into the oceans? Seems that should be the first step.


A lot of countries are exporting their trash. China has just recently closed their ports. Export to other countries have also been stopped in a similiar way. Turns out, the countries importing trash only did so due to corruption. And the trash was not really dealt with. Seems like not exporting trash would be the first step instead of blaming other countries. Ya know, holding your own people to your own standards instead of simply passing the buck. If you gotta start somewhere, start at home.


They have systems that are placed in rivers to make sure the plastic won’t even reach the sea in the future.


Other countries as in the US? Because this is a Dutch company, you know, that small country with a population 20 times smaller than the US. https://theoceancleanup.com/about/


80% of the plastic and garbage in the ocean is fishing nets and equipment. So really, by not eating fish, your not only protecting fish and also your body from consuming horrid waste toxins and microplastics found in fish now, but literally removing yourself from contributing to the industry wrecking the sea.


Microplastics are also found in groundwater by now. There's no escape from it any longer, unfortunately.


Yeah, a lot of people are worried about the air and forests. It is the oceans collapsing that will end us.


And illegal cruise ship dumping….


Yeah I love it but, there needs to be a better way after collecting trash,,, just dumping it all out and handpicking so many man hours and will lose momentum,


You could, you know, look up the project.


That’s true I just watched a great video explaining the awesome tech and how they are doing it and time frame and recycling etc. Super freaking awesome and I would like to go on one of the retrieval outings to see it


Can they compress them into wall-e cubes and have elon musk send them to the moon? Seems like it could be a win for space-x/rocket science and a win for the ocean. Not sure if it would be doable timeline-wise or if the added mass of trash on the moon would result in it crashing into earth, but since we're just passing the buck along to the next gen anyway it might be worth a shot.


Space doesn't want our trash either.


The cost per kg to send shit to space doesn't make that a worthwhile endeavor. Although SpaceX is indeed bringing that down significantly.


So what is done with it? Crush it into a cube and toss it back in?




Now this I can get behind.


Or in front of.


Or on top of






This isn’t really that funny but could you imagine how ironic it would but if one of those boats sank or capsized and it all got dumped back in


I'm trying to think of a show that would feature a gag like this. Maybe Rick and Morty? Then every time a ship capsizes, a bigger ship comes out to clean up the previous ship.


That’s where my kids left the laundry baskets !


A tiny fraction of a minuscule percentage, but we have to start somewhere...


Interesting fact: if the powerplants were refited to work with higher temperatures and good exhaust filtration, burning unrecyclable (which is above 50% of plastic garbage) plastic, could reduce the amount of plastic garbage, recover some of the energy invested into making plastic and reduce dependence on coal. But burning plastic sounds too anti-green, it will never get enough support


How do they ensure that only garbage and no wildlife is caught in the nets?


If im not mistaken, the company placed a considerable amount of resources finding ways to prevent any organism from getting caught in the crossfire. The great pacific trash patch is so vast it has its own ecosystem believe it or not. You should definitely read more from their website, the team has my respect and more


Honest question: What do they do with the garbage after they collect it? Does it just go back into a landfill and then back to the ocean?




Absolutely fucking DISGUSTING