Behind his back, mmmMMM?!


Same voice actor for Yoda


*"Pass. Or pass not. There is no run."* ~ Andy Reid, probably


That would be puppeteer Frank Oz Yes I'm a nerd


Same voice actor as Grover. Not a nerd, Grover just kicks ass.


Probably Mahomes will be practicing it all weekend.


I like the idea of Mahomes browsing Reddit each week to find inspiration for new tricks and plays.


The original Chris Berman whoop


Behind the back with accuracy is one thing, and it's difficult, but to put that kind of strength behind it is incredible


Yeah that just made my shoulder hurt watching it lol how the fuck


There's a video of Marino doing some crazy behind the back throws in practice.


[Here you go, everyone.](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cPUfQ1SLBfo)


But see, even in this one, Marino rotates his whole body as follow through. I have no idea where that other guy got that much strength from.


Right - Marino is essentially doing a standing discus throw with a football. The other guy hardly even shifts in this throw.


Thank you, I found it earlier and meant to post but then I smoked a big fat joint and went down a Wikipedia rabbit hole about the annunaki and ancient civilizations.


Sea people 💙


Arguably the most pure QB arm talent ever.


That went 0-100 *real* quick


That spiral


When did the league stop using oversized jordan almonds?


The modern size/shape was introduced in 1935


Confirmed: NFL has used various sized Jordan almonds.


There's some [great info about the history of footballs, here](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ball_(gridiron_football\)) (EDIT: fixed the link. Damn those wikipedia links that contain parenthesis!)


Came in expecting manningface, left informed 👍


Wow! Interesting. Makes sense, but learning the shape/size of the ball influenced the game to focus more on passing rather than drop kicks was something I never expected.


They also painted them white in this time period because the lights were shit and so much mud got on the ball you couldn’t see it flying through the air


Jamar Chase approves


Reminds me of when Peyton Manning tried to wear black hi-tops to honor the recently deceased Johnny Unitas and the NFL told him no. https://archive.seattletimes.com/archive/?date=20020914&slug=les14


Reading that made me unreasonably angry considering it happened 20 years ago. I guess the NFL has been out of touch for YEARS


No fun league


Always has been.


Same as it ever was.


Say it'll change but it never does


Same as it ever was.


I remember that and was mad about it too. The Baltimore QB Chris Redman did wear black high tops and the league had threatened to fine him but I couldn’t find if they actually did or not.


The NFL’s uniform rules are so stupid. They regulate sweatband colors, sock heights, basically anything a player can do to personally express themselves is against the rules


Its a slippery slope to another "She Hate Me"


The ball is the same size. The players just got bigger.


What a baller.


These comments are dumb. This forward passing will never catch on. You’ll see.


Why forward pass when you can dropkick?


Belichick is running that this weekend


Do you think Belichick would run the Triple if it could have any success in the NFL? I certainly do


His dad wrote a book about football in the 50s, so yes, I do!


There is nothing he wouldn't run if it could be successful


I’d still like to see it at least run once. Not even a whole game, just one drive, to see what it looks like in the nfl


What’s the tripple?


[Here, if you’ve got a few minutes this will explain it better than I can](https://youtu.be/oCguAbUA48g)


We're on Reddit. Everyone has a couple minutes


That's Doug Flutie's music!


Nice Going!


Belichick seeing this and implementing it into their game plan for the Titans


Seeing it? He's had this bad boy framed on canvas in his bed room for 20 years, just waiting to pull it out


*annoyed grunt* Brady and Edelman couldn’t pull it off. I’ve been waiting 20 years to get Mac Jones and Jakoby for this


belichick could probably give you an oral dissertation about every player in this video


“The blocking by left guard #20 is how you define pass blocking against someone with a strength disadvantage towards you.”


you see, number 20 is what i believe to be the beginning of the modern block. his name was phil henson. he was a phenomenal player that played 12 years in the league. i've been watching a lot of his film recently actually and try to show the players a true legend in the game.


I guess this is real...if so, that defender should have "smeared" the QB, not the pass. Also, you don't see teams line up like that anymore either. haha


I see that in high school football quite a bit, Penn state ran that some this year too.


Ran the wing T in high school, run about 5 pass plays a game lol


speed and misdirection are OP in highschool football


That's cause most dudes can't throw lol


It's actually got a lot more to do with your blocking and timing and shit. Most highschool lines aren't giving you a clean pocket to throw from long enough for a route to develop in a way that you have a better chance of completing the pass than you would if you just powered it up the middle. Like it's a whole combo. Defenses are better at playing the ball in the air than they are at tackling. Blockers are better at run blocking than pass blocking, and then finally, you need to have somebody capable of throwing. Then even on that you can throw great all day in practice. It's a lot different when you have to do it live with a rush and then you probably aren't capable of making multiple reads across the field so it's a lot more dumbed down route wise. Idk, it's a lot of things. Tackling and blocking, then reading the D more so than not being able to physically throw the ball point a to point B.


Everything you're saying is true, but find me a high school quarterback that can consistently throw a ten yard out either with or without pressure and I'll show you a quarterback with a full ride to a D1 school.


That is incredibly fair. That throw is a lot harder than it looks on TV lmfao.


I was about to say the QB when I was in high school could do that…but he did get a full ride to a D1 school, lol.


This makes a lot of sense, in HS you'll have Olinemen playing guard at 170lbs, it's a lot easier to run block with short arms and slight stature if your leverage and technique are good vs having to sit back and take a bull rush, and even moreso when the offensive scheme gives you additional leverage with down blocks and pulls.


Hmm, maybe my experience was not the norm then lol


I mean it definitely varies by HS, but mine was a top 20 public school in a decent football state and our Olinemen were from left to right 220, 210, 230, 170, 235. Usually you'll have one or two guys who are massive, but for the most part at non-football factory high schools you'll have a range of sizes on the lines. But in a wing-t offense you use a lot of pulling guards and down blocks to create leverage and what you really need is athleticism and technique from your lineman. Even passing the ball in a wing-t usually involves a play action rollout with two pulling guards to reset the pocket.


Also QBs tend to not be very accurate.


Our longest routes were 10 yard outs or TE seam passes


As a WR, fuuuuuck the Wing T.


As a hs wr on the left side of the field for a right handed qb, fuck every offense. It was really just running sprints all game with occasional run blocking when the cb even bothered to lineup within 10 yards of me


Fuck HS offense in general lmao In the humblest way possible, our 2 best players on offense were the QB, and me. Yet instead of throwing even 5 times a game, we just ran it with our 5'10" 145lb RBs because "wInG t"


I played WR and I remember that's when I decided to check out when our coach who had always been dedicated to a spread offense decided one summer to switch to the triple to save his job because all the truly talented players were transferring. It was obvious from day 1 installation he didn't really understand it beyond just knowing it could help a less talented team. Obviously the team still ended up being awful.


when i played in high school there were at least 2 high schools that ran a wing T and like 4 more that ran a variation of it


Yep, it worked pretty well too. Really strong on the goal line where teams are expecting a sneak


Navy does


Ah, military college football. Running the same offense since WWII.


Lol to everyone’s high school comments. We ran triple option in hs and won state my senior year here in Northern Illinois. It messed people up.


It can absolutely mess people up if you do it right. The only time I've ever seen it get completely shut down at the high school level is if the other team had a D1 bound defensive lineman or linebacker. It's one reason why here in NC you don't see many teams in 3A and especially 4A run it anymore because that's where most of the talent is. 2A and 1A definitely do and are still successful. It's a great equalizer for some areas of high school football.


Please let Mahomes see this. He will try it all the time


Even If it only works once it doesn't matter it will be literally every highlight reel from now til the end of time.


Deservedly so. Behind the back pass that goes more than 20 yards? First ballot Canton.


Just like when DK Metcalf ran down Budda Baker on that long interception. That play will never stop being brought up. 😩


Interesting how his most iconic play is something a WR wouldn't ideally be celebrating. A 90 yard interception return still really sucks D:


It's like that Larry Allen interception rundown highlight. Yeah, he was an absolute freak of nature with that size and speed, but that was still an interception returned for a crap ton of yards


Ben Watson was more impressive


We need to bring back [Marino](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPUfQ1SLBfo) to do it in a game.


There's a couple clips of him messing around with that throw. Here's one. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jv-02qoVRvc](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jv-02qoVRvc)


That one's a bit different cause it goes behind him whereas the one from the OP is basically a normal pass but at a weird launching point to dodge the defender. Still cool tho


Motherfuck these videos with the longest fucking windup. time code link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jv-02qoVRvc&t=42s It's a damn loop of a one second video. An *absolute dime* of like 9 yards.


Seriously. 2 seconds of content in a minute and a half video


Youtube babyyyyyy


In case you are wondering who performed which: Carl Brumbaugh laterals the ball to John Doehring, who proceeds to pass it behind his back to a in stride George Corbett for a 50 yard Touchdown. This was on November 24th, 1932(oddly, 89 years ago) against the Chicago Cardinals. Bears won 34-0.


Can we take a moment to appreciate the camera work for 19 fucking 32?


Legal, but still surprising.


Not that surprising, 32's husband was busy at work and 32 was just laying out at the pool that 19 was cleaning. Topless.


Why was 19 cleaning the pool topless? sounds unprofessional imho


Guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do


Well done. Risky, right on the line, but in good taste. Solid.


Lmao thanks for the laugh.


I thought it was a scrimmage footage.


I agree. In [another comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/r1b4s3/highlight_a_pass_so_good_i_had_to_show_mama/hlz0pkn/), I listed a few reasons why I don't think this is from a live game.


better than PAC-10 games


I'm still wondering how they got this frame rate lmao. Looks like 120+fps


It is on film


Film still has a frame rate


They had mechanized cranks that could handle up to 1,000fps on film in 1930. It was expensive AF, but they would really only need about 80fps to get footage this smooth when slowed down.


It looks like it was originally shot in slow motion, it's called overcranking where they literally just run the camera faster to capture more fps.


Beat ‘em so bad they renamed the team after them.


The Chicago area had two teams at the time, the Cardinals and the Bears. Cardinals moved to St Louis in 1960.


Chicago does seem big enough for two teams. Surprised they've had only the 1 for so long.


Probably don't want the north and south side arguing over more then baseball


I think they already argue over way more than baseball


I don't really get the point of two teams in a city tbh


NYC had 3 very popular major league teams at the same time for about 50 years. If you can consistently sell tickets, cross-town rivalries can actually be symbiotically boosting for a sport as a whole. Rule of thumb for major population centers is 1 team for every 2 million residents.


I mean New York is bigger than 3 Chicagos. It makes perfect sense.


There are a few things that make me think this isn't from a live game: * The camera appears to be on the field. * There doesn't seem to be an official on the field. In the 1930s there were just 4 officials so it would probably be harder to spot one, but from that angle you would expect to at least see the back judge (who, at least according to wikipedia, started being used in the NFL in 1929). * If this really was a Bears vs. Cardinals game from the early 30s it would have likely taken place at Wrigley Field and that really doesn't look like Wrigley Field. For example, by [the late 1920s you can see large bleachers in the outfields and trees and large buildings along Waveland and Sheffield Aves](https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/cubs/ct-wrigley-field-chicago-cubs-aerials-photos-20160331-photogallery.html) and you definitely don't see that in the video. * The defender doesn't even look like he's trying. He raises his hands and runs at least a foot or two to the left of the passer. Even as he's running by him he doesn't even look over to the passer.


And you would be absolutely correct. This clip is from a 1934 short film called *[Pro Football](https://i.imgur.com/MeXmt1f.png)*, which is a showcase of the Bears performing trick plays and re-enacting moments from their championship run the previous year. Think of it as like the Harlem Globetrotters with footballs. It was filmed at Loyola High School in Los Angeles (the city probably isn't surprising given Hollywood) when the Bears were in town for a series of offseason charity games. [The full movie is available on YouTube](https://youtu.be/dKbQ5mhqk2A)


Excellent observations. I'm thoroughly convinced now that this play, albeit very technical, has not taken place in an actual game.


Fun Fact: Carl Brumbaugh is one of five Bears QB's to start every game in a season more than once, doing it in 1930 and 1931. The others are Joey Sternaman (1922, 1924, 1925), Ed Brown (1955, 1956), Billy Wade (1962, 1963), and Bob Avellini (1976, 1977).


They really haven't had a reliable starting QB since 1977? That doesn't seem right. I need to look this up. *edit* I just spent too much time on pro-football-reference.com looking at the Bears stat lines and holy shit does it appear that they have been a mess at QB for...forever? I thought for sure Cutler or Harbaugh has two complete seasons but nope. Cutler was close with a couple of 15 game seasons.


Smokin' Jay. Kind of miss him. Yeah the bears are in an endless pit of torment when it comes to the qb position. Fields looks kind of okay though especially if he had help. He also looks like he doesn't care which reminds me of Cutler. I'll take it.


Cutler had an OL that was guaranteed to get him injured for at least one game per year. His only seasons where he was healthy all year in Chicago were 2009 (his first year here) and 2014 (when Trestman benched Cutler for Jimmy Clauson in a last ditch effort to save his job).


Carl and John both died at 63 years old, George passed at 82. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Brumbaugh https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Doehring https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Corbett_(American_football)


Maybe Bears QBs can only throw completions behind the back? Worth a try.


I need some commentators to try to bring back "nice going" as a line. Collinsworth, looking at you.




Disgusting act! Nice going!


Getting away from the cop speed! Nice going!


Mitchell ... Mitchell ... Mitchell ... Nice going.


Now here’s a guy…


A broadcast that just sounded like *His Girl Friday* would be fantastic.


Isn't there that one (Dallas? New York?) reporter whose schtick is dressing up as an old-timey reporter and asking coaches and players legit questions in a hilarious 1920s fashion?


Scoops Callahan? https://youtu.be/wzPuK0iMueo


Haha yep that's it, thanks!


We just need an alternative broadcast thats in black and white with Conan O'brien as the old timey announcer


That's just a latera...OH! Holy cow, that's awesome!


That guy fucks.




Holy shit I did not expect THAT. Worth watching.


Everyone love Mahomes for the no look pass, but this shit was done 100 years ago and no one has even come close to topping it


And they say players are better now.


People greatly underestimate old-school athletes. Yeah, the guys now are bigger/stronger/faster, but I would argue that the skills are equal today and now--just not the raw talent. There were definitely a few dudes that played back then that could make in today's NFL. They'd probably be charged with attempted murder after the first snap, but they'd get there.


>On the last day of the 1905 college football season, Harvard hosted Yale in the 26th meeting between the two teams. At one point in the typically low-scoring affair, Harvard's Francis Burr trotted back to return a punt. As the ball fluttered through the air, Burr called for a fair catch. Then things got ugly, as things often did in those days. After all, this was the year of what the Chicago Tribune called college football's "death harvest." >Two Yale defenders bore down on the helpless Burr, one of whom, Jim Quill, punched him in the face, shattering his nose. The other player, according to John Sayle Watterson's College Football: History, Spectacle, Controversy, citing contemporary newspaper accounts, "delivered a body blow with his feet which knocked Burr 'senseless.'" That sounds an awful lot like a drop-kick. No foul was called on the play. >In his book, Watterson questioned the objectivity of the referee, Paul Dashiell, who as chair of the Intercollegiate Football Rules Committee had ties to legendary Yalie Walter Camp, the so-called "Father of American Football" and the author of an annual rules guide. This may well have been true. But according to Ken Crippen, executive director of the Professional Football Researchers Association, the referee still called the play correctly. "There was nothing saying you couldn't drop-kick or punch or anything like that," Crippen told me. "It was one of those things where, as a gentleman, you wouldn't do that. But they didn't write anything specific into the rules that you couldn't drop-kick a player." >Such was football in 1905 that the drop-kicking of Francis Burr wasn't even the worst thing to happen on that Nov. 25. Three players died that day. In a game against New York University, halfback Harold Moore of Union College tried to "buck the line," in the words of the The St. Louis Republic. He was knocked unconscious by a blow to the head and died six hours later from a cerebral hemorrhage. He was 19. >In Sedalia, Mo., 16-year-old Robert Brown was making a "run around the end," or what we would know as an off-tackle run, when he was tackled and "thrown heavily upon the ground, alighting on his neck and shoulders … paralyzed from the neck down." He died without regaining consciousness, according to the Mexico Missouri Message. >Several hundred miles away in Rockville, Ind., Carl Osborne of Marshall High School was killed instantly when a broken rib punctured his heart, according to The St. Louis Republic. >You'll see different figures cited for the number of football deaths of 1905. Were there 13? Eighteen? Nineteen? Twenty-one? To the people invoking it, the exact number doesn't matter so much as its readiness to be pressed into service of any argument. Sometimes, the figure is used to suggest that football is inherently dangerous no matter what anyone does about it. Sometimes, it's used to prove that football can adapt after a crisis. >But if the number of deaths remains a useful and malleable fact even now, 109 years later, the deaths themselves have been forgotten. How exactly did 18 football players—or 19 or 13 or 21—die in 1905? [Continue reading here](https://deadspin.com/did-football-cause-20-deaths-in-1905-re-investigating-1506758181)


Yeah, Teddy Roosevelt had to step in to save the game of football


Can you imagine a player in today's game just hauling off and straight up punching another player during a play. I mean, not afterwards like Captain Insano, but actually during the play. Shit was wild back then.


I've seen TJ Watt do that multiple times this very season


This explains why all the old school fans are upset with today's game. You had people literally drop kicking each other...no flags lol fast fwd to today, you can't even look at your opponents bench without a flag.


I have a hard time agreeing that the skills are equal back then as they are today. Back then these people worked jobs on the side so they didn’t have time to practice their skill set nearly as much as they do today. They also didn’t have specialized training and people didn’t grow up from the time they were five years old with all of their time being focused on becoming a professional athlete. I agree that we underestimate old school athletes, but their skills are not equal to what they are today.


They also smoked back then, so.. props


I dare you Patrick. Dont even think about it.


The OG mahomes before mahomes was mahomes


So.... Marino?


Marino and Mahomes are almost the opposite in how they kill defenses. Marino got the ball out before you could blink with perfect timing, mahomes likes to run around a bit before making a throw maybe four other dudes could make


Theres a clip of Marino doing this in warm-ups


[here's Sonny Jurgensen doing it in a game](https://youtu.be/6qjEtBGowV8)


Its so wild that he did this back in the before times. I always think of football players back then as just these big, brutish players devoid of finesse, and then I see this.


It's a bit of a letdown that the announcer doesn't actually say those words. I love these kind of voices from the early-television era.






Stephon Diggs! Scurrying down the sideline! Score! Exquisite!




And the forward pass has been bamboozled on the very line which marks the goal by Malcolm Butler! Cockamamie!




Nice going!


Fool any Defensive Back with this ONE weird trick...


DB coaches hate him


I have to imagine for it to be that smooth, the guy practiced his behind-the-back throws regularly


Don't give this guy rollbacks in beer pong


Does this accent exist anymore?


Google Mid-Atlantic or Transatlantic accent.


it's not really an accent I think they spoke like that over tv and radio so it's easy to understand. old voice recording and broadcasting technology wasnt that clear


Yup. There are bloopers of old actors dropping into their normal voices between takes and it makes it sound just like normal modern people doing impressions of them. I think I even heard one of Jimmy Stewart. He had a pretty distinctive drawl, but it was still built into the fake Mid-Atlantic accent.


Old Pappy Mahomes, making plays


Cool play but just a matter of time til this guy begins regressing to the mean


That should be the headline for all nfl stars


Why the fuck didn’t he just tackle Doering? I hate this DC.


yeah this looks staged


Why doesnt the defender light him up instead of being ole'd?


Fun fact: this video isn't slowed down. Everything just moved at that speed back then. Nice going!


Mahomes bows to this man


I was at this game, everyone went nuts when he did that lol


Mahomes in shambles.


Wtf that’s amazing


This is fucking awesome, I wanna see something like this happen in a modern day game


I would loose it if someone did this


Take some notes Goff


Clearly taunting the opponent there.


That was sick


Imagine if Mahomes pulled some shit like this, stadium on both sides would be awestruck.


Holy shit, that'll teach me to not disrespect these old-timey football players. Homeboy backhanded a piss missile FOURTY YARDS?!


Wow that's absolutely beautiful.


There's an extended version of this where he goes "and that's football in a large way" Does anyone have it?


I was looking for it a while ago, disappointed this one has it cut out