I still can't believe PCGamer gave Battlefield 2042 an 80.


And don't forget this quote from them too: "the series has refocused on its original pillars". So basically, they had someone review it who never played any of the originals lol


They also gave Dragon Age 2 a 94.


Wtf a 94!


Reviews are opinions, and this is just another one. Plus, I've long felt that different review sites tend to "role-play" a bit. IGN, for example, seems to be more generous and casual-minded, while ArsTech comes off as jaded and worn-down. In this case, I've noticed that PCG sometimes like to play the contrarian.


Opinion: Some opinions are worse than others


>review sites tend to "role-play" a bit. That's a funny way to spell bias. While I agree that such bias is nothing new it still doesn't sit right with me that many of them came from conflict of interest and ideological tribalism. Not that I think 6.9 is severely unjustified though, personally I'd give it a 7.5. A bit more of polishing and price adjustment would've easily made it 8-9. 30 bucks is a bit hard to swallow when you look at others in same genre like Muse Dash.


Muse dash is 30+ though if you want the full package


I haven't played this yet, but I learned a long time ago to stop paying attention to PC gamer. I took this as a nod to finally get it installed on gamepass.


Friendly reminder that pcgamer gave Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance an 82.


It’s subjective as all hell. Every review is. The best bet is to find a reviewer who has similar taste to you and read/watch their reviews. I tend to find that most PCGamer review doesn’t align with my taste. That doesn’t make the site biased or bad, it’s just not for me. (The site can surely be both biased and bad, I just don’t think it’s the reviews alone that makes it this way)


They gave this game a barely better score than Forspoken (65/100). LOL Is Chai dull as described in the review? I think he was pretty funny in what I've seen so far.


Obviously it's all subjective, but for me personally I was surprised how much I enjoyed the banter. It managed to nail a self aware snarky tone without being annoying, which is pretty rare.


He's stupid and dense, but the game laughs at him for it. The tutorial hint robot even called him out when I tried to skip the hint.


The two reviews are by different writers. Do people seriously think review outlets are this singular voice when they have a bunch of different writers, some of who are freelance? 🤦


They get published under the same label, so one would expect that the review is representative of PCgamer themselves.


That’s not how any of this works.


How does it work?


So the review seems indifferent to the aesthetic callbacks of yesteryear, dislikes design decisions it attributes to that era, and criticizes the selection of music as not being good enough to carry the game past the opening chapters. Also pegged gameplay as being unremarkable for its genre, despite having a neat rhythm mechanic, and acknowledged the supporting characters were good, but didn’t excuse the player character being a goof. Sounds like the reviewer didn’t have a good time. That’s too bad. Anecdote: I played the 360 version of The Force Unleashed recently, which is *arguably* a hack n’ slash (it has a combo meter and button combos) and has a 65 overall on Metacritic. To my mind TFU warrants the score. It’s buggy, the story premise is cool but the execution doesn’t quite land, and the movement feels kinda squirrelly. Point is, I look at that game compared to this one, and think Hi Fi Rush would score *at least* an 80 going purely by comparison, let alone Rush’s unique take on gameplay.


pcgamer doesnt like fun (._. )




Not when the same site gave Forspoken 65/100. [https://www.pcgamer.com/forspoken-review/](https://www.pcgamer.com/forspoken-review/) and they described it as a mediocre game.


They’re two different writers with two different opinions. Mind blowing stuff.




I’m saying that a 6.9 is a mediocre score for PcGamer, not a good score as you implied.




You're right in a sense, but incorrect in the real world unfortunately. The 1-10 scale is pointless in modern times because numbers 5 and below rarely ever get used. 5 logically is meant to be the 'it's ok' but that usually hangs around 7 with most review structures.


was kinda taking the piss


6.9/10 isn’t good by modern review standards, it’s basically a 2/10.




Delayed the review as well so the clickbait score gets more clicks. Game isn't long enough for a large reviewer like PCGamer to take this long.


This is what happens when you don't buy the priority review package (comes with a minimum 7 score).


Thats part of the overall hype/marketing preview package that the shadow dropped so egregiously missed ​ For real though, gaming media/journalist industry does not like shadow drops, it takes away easy content / $ leading up to release. *They* view themselves as the kingmakers that are able to influence public opinion on games prior to release.


These people gave Halo Infinite a 78%, for reference.


That's a pretty fair score for infinite


At launch?


Thats slightly more than I wouldve given it.


Halo infinite is good. So....


Seems like a reasonable review. Dont see the need to bash it tastes are different and he didnt like it as much. At least he beat the game...


Waiting for someone to mention the Dragon Age 2 review, yes-yes