how are you guys feeling about the betta light filters??

how are you guys feeling about the betta light filters??


I hate everything about the bettas!! My CEL and I literally keep logs to show how many bettas die vs sell each week (it usually 2x-3x amount) in hopes to at least get them bigger containers. We give them water changes every other day, moved the females into a planted tank, and don’t adjust out during counts so they don’t keep sending us 20+ when we haven’t sold the ones from previous shipment. And we still lose the many that we do. I can’t even imagine the loss vs sell in other stores that don’t have the time to do this. You would think it’d probably be cheaper at this point to invest in proper small tanks connected with an airline like my LFS does and avoid all the flack Petsmart gets from the fish community but corporate doesn’t care :( Sorry little rant lol I love betta fish.


this is interesting. we only experienced a large die off of bettas when we first got the new fixture due to the lights. after we kept the lights off, we only have maybe 3-4 bettas die a week. and we only do our water changes as scheduled


There could be dead ones pulled when you aren’t there, that is why we started keeping logs to keep track. I think my store’s DC is doing something very wrong though because we get a lot of bettas that have columnaris or come in already with ick spots. If you test the water just a day with no change the nitrates are already at 40ppm, so I strongly suggest water changes every other day if you can. I understand they don’t give us a lot of time to work with though to give proper care :(


when I used to work there, it was a huge store and they sent us over 200+ bettas a week. Usually only one person in Petcare, so the bettas were *lucky* if they got fed/cleaned once a week. Usually once every two weeks was the average... I was one of the few that tried to put in extra effort to get them done more often but they fired me for stupid shit.


Wtff 200 bettas?? That would be so difficult to keep up with, our store only carries 70-100 at a time. There has been so many changes recently and with the hours cut, it’s been more difficult to keep up with pet care too at my store. I didn’t even have time to do reptile deep clean only could spot clean this week because they pulled me to cover register half my shift. I am planning on leaving but I’m scared for the animals & fish health if I do cause I know for a fact I’m the only one who takes care of the ISO tank 😑


Surprisingly we have had our deaths drop since we got this endcap. Definitely think supplier is big factor in all this as well


*Laughs in "We never got the fixture in the first place"*


us with our new reptile fixture we were supposed to get two years ago that “just shipped”


We don't even turn on the light anymore lol


Since we've kept the lights off, the bettas are doing much better, less algae and fewer dying. We have had as many as 200 a week , we average about 125. However, with it getting colder, and our betta display is near the door, I expect to see the deaths increase. By November we usually have to move them away from the doors and to a cart in aquatics.


About what now? Whatever it is we don't have it. Our Bettas get a shitty small cup on a shelf and that's it.


they should be in your sign kit! they’re stickers to go over the betta LEDS to help with the algae growth