Trump called crowd gathered before Jan. 6 riot 'loving'

Trump called crowd gathered before Jan. 6 riot 'loving'


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They just wanted to give Pence a big hug... yeah, that's the ticket!


Around his neck....


With a rope...


This is literal gallows humor.


A nice, warm, ***loving*** rope!


We just wanted to hang him,er hang out with him , yeah that’s it!


Yeah, you just couldn't hear the "out with" in their chants between "Hang" and "Mike Pence." And the people trying to find Pelosi just wanted to take selfies with her. Totally peaceful! /s


Forget about it. He's insane 😳 like half of the country 😳


Kudos for a 90s SNL reference no one will get besides old Beezers like myself.


I heard the recording and it highlights one of trump's common ploys. He can say the "mob" was loving because of select examples like two people in the crowd caught on camera hugging each other. But, it's all part of his con man deceptive nature that tries to convince people by painting a picture in his best interest. It's shocking how many gullible people are falling for his BS. The rest of us, who are inclined to believe what we see, know to dismiss trump's tactics and focus on the violence at the Capitol that developed Jan. 6 from trump's nearby speech. We learned how people died, were injured and arrested. This was not considered a peaceful event expressive of love. However, by extension, what ALL of us need to see is trump watching the violence that day and while he's under oath, state that's what he considers "loving". Trump is a master of disillusionment whereby he is able to manipulate people who are susceptible to how he perfected his craft. It's important to note how much less relevance trump would have w/o the people he played.


They aren't gullible. They are as cynical and as participatory in this as he is. Only idiots would fall for this, and these people aren't idiots. They are dangerous extremists willing to ignore/shape reality to suit their needs.


Disagree. His followers really believe it. They are gullible as hell.


Some of his followers are that stupid but, despite being marks, many [think they're in on the con](https://www.salon.com/2021/07/12/trump-supporters-think-theyre-players--but-theyre-still-just-pawns).


Some of them are gullible; my grandparents for example, who believe everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth. However I believe it’s the ones who think they’re in on Trump’s scheme who are truly malicious because they were the type who participated in the chaos at the Capitol


Sorry for your grandparents, must’ve hard. My Mom is 96 and is fire spitting liberal who hates Trump. I’m lucky.


Good to see the older generations aren’t pure crap. My grandparents make me lose hope in humanity.


I’m about to turn 64 and I’m more progressive than ever.


You nailed it.


Funny enough, conservatives say almost exactly this. That the insurrection was actually a peaceful protest and that a few violent clips were taken out of context to sow discord and get views. They say that they're willing to believe what they see instead of being gullible and getting tricked by the media or getting distracted from the fact that election fraud harmed America. Idk what to do with this information, but it is interesting to see the exact same arguments being used almost word for word on both sides.


Republicans have been appropriating ideas and memes from the left for a while, and seem to monitor progressives just for this reason. Rough example is ppl calling out Trump & co as being fascists (which they are), and then hearing MTG talk about masks and vaccine passports as fascist/Nazi behaviour. The good thing is Republicans are always borrowing the memes rather than creating them, so are always one step behind. Bad thing is they are pretty successful in muddying the waters of perception from the general public.


Now if people were rational and saw this as the truth Which it is 100%


I still can’t believe the amount of pervasive gullible dumbassery in my country. I am naive.


>Trump went on to say that he did not mean to tell his supporters to go into the Capitol building, where lawmakers were gathered to certify President Biden’s Electoral College win, claiming that rioters were “ushered in by police.” Cheez-It Christ, that is some weapons-grade gaslighting in the face of all the evidence we have to the contrary.


It's also Standard Mobster behavior. "Look, I never told anyone to kill Jimmy. I simply pointed out that Jimmy was a no good dirty rat and someone should 'take care of him.' I meant pull him aside and have a chat with him. I'm shocked, SHOCKED that this guy misunderstood me and shot Jimmy!"


This is the first I'm hearing about Jimmy. Who shot him?


I mean he told them to go home and it’s time for peace so I don’t know what’s the problem here


How do the trump voters who believe Jan. 6 was ANTIFA square this with their narrative? Lol.


And we all know that if it was Antifa the Repulsicans would have been jumping on the boat to investigate that awful day. They know the truth; they know who aided and abetted; and they know that their insecure leader is a fraud.


Since when do they worry about consistency? If it weren't for doublethink I'm not sure they'd have any thoughts at all.


It’s one of the benefits of gaslighting! You don’t need consistency when you can just convince the other party they were wrong.


Well, based on many of the statements made by those arrested, they are either delusional cult members or simply brain damaged.


Someone should have told them when they were kids that paint chips aren't candy.


Nothing needs to square with anything for them. That's the major issue.




He’s not wrong. They love fascism.


But hate tyranny, go figure?


I guess those loving people always bring a gallows to their rallies.


Some pointless reasoning below; pointless because you already get it, or you never will. So if Trump knew the crowd was 'loving', he knew they weren't antifa. He surely would've called them out if he knew they were antifa. It could be they were antifa and he didn't know, but I don't think anyone believes that. If antifa was at the rally and Trump didn't notice, would they cheer him and do nothing at all to disrupt the rally, because they knew in advance that Trump would suggest his followers march on the capitol? If so how did they know? He told that same crowd to march down to the capitol, that he was with them. So, it was this same crowd that arrived at the capitol. What if the crowd at the capitol wasn't that the same as the crowd at rally? Well I guess that crowd didn't listen to Trump, they said "Yes, I support you all the way, but I'm not going to the capitol on your word, because... I know antifa will be there and I want to avoid them." ?!? TL;DR suggesting the capitol riot was antifa makes Trump look like an idiot; also that couldn't have happened.


Why do you find it so hard to believe the fascist anti-fascists would engage in a loving act of fascism like overturning the result of an election that went in their favour? Dumb lib. /s


Why continue to report Trump’s words as claims when they are provable lies? Extremely irresponsible.


Sick of hearing about Former Guy. Just let me know when he goes to prison.


He is a piece of shit


They are very special


Because he LOVED what they were about to try and do for him.


Yeah, he would call that collection of misfits "loving". Look at the misfits that that spawned and raised little Donny. He's a product of nature and nurture.


Whenever he uses the word “love” to talk about something, it demonstrates that he is truly incapable of feeling or understanding the concept as a whole. Remember when he said that he and Kim Jong-un fell in love?


He means the mob all loved *him*. He doesn’t care if they love anyone else. That’s a waste of good love they should be giving to him. Loving the USA is the same as loving Donald Trump in his eyes. Attacking the evil mean Congress is an expression of love, in Donald’s eyes. The only love he recognizes is love of people serving and adoring *him. *


Fascist loving, that is.


To him? Absolutely. Loving, caring, crazy, moronic, idiotic, mentally incapacitated, cult-like. All I can come up with for now.


Brian Sicknick begs to differ.


It's that special zip-tie kind of love.


The kind you clean up with a mop and bucket.


This is what happens when you have spineless Republicans who refuse to condemn him and hold him responsible.


Treason lovers


>“There was a lot of love, **I’ve heard that from everybody**,” he continued. “Many, many people have told me, ‘That was a loving crowd.’” Yeah just ask the security officers who were injured/killed that day how much "love" they felt from your supporters.


I could see how Trump could conflate violence with love and affection, considering her beat and raped his first wife.


They were loving. They loved Trump and fascism and rioting. They hate democracy and most Americans.


Makes sense. Jim Jones also said his followers loved him - until a few defected and then chaos reigned at the airstrip and at Jonestown. Cult leaders are like that.


When he is convicted, can we please sentence him to a full psychiatric evaluation and publish the results?


"rigged at a level nothing has ever been rigged at before" you say? Shall we start with Trump University and go from there?


Well, Trump is a serial sexual assaulter of women, so maybe that kind of violence is what he thinks of as "loving".


They sprayed cops in the face with love spray and hit them in the head repeatedly with love sticks. Makes sense now.


They were chanting that they wanted to “Hang out with Pence!”


Calling that love I understand why he has so many divorces.


You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


In his defense, Donald doesn't have the mental capacity to experience actual love since he's a narcissistic sociopath, so you can't really blame him for not knowing what it means. To him, being worshipped as a cult leader is probably a good guess as to what love feels like.


Steamed hams,Seymour?that’s what you call hamburgers. Loving ? That’s what you call gun toting traitors? Agent Orange?


As only a freak would.


Well then he should be first in line for the 'loving' gallows they built.


I think they meant "riot loving"


Hoping for the day thatt crowd turns on him and shows up at MarLago


When you live by the sword you die by the sword.


Trump-Loving, Gun-loving, racist-loving, cousin-loving “patriots”


So that’s Giuliani covered, now do Jared!


Loving? Loving who, loving what?


is anyone surprised that violence looks like love to this septuagenarian?


To be fair, his understanding of love is nothing but pain, cruelty, and humiliation. So, in that context, they were loving as hell.


No surprise. Completely consistent for an abuser.


Why do people keep posting things about the disgraced former president trump? Does anyone still care what he thinks or says? He’s just some old asshole now, can we stop hearing about him now. Please and thank you.


Trump loving and that’s all that matters to him.


DT isn’t really the or an authority on the L word unless you mean lie


What do we say, to the “God of Death”⁉️


They love only you Donald, you inspired them then left them out to dry.


Trump has a long history of being unable to distinguish "loving" and "fucked."


Get this fkn moron off my phone screen, I’ve gotten used to not seeing his big ugly orange head.


They've got nothing but love for their god emperor. Everyone else, not so much.


Far too Many Many voices inside his head! Somebody ought to test Trump for that Long Hauler side effect!


That says a lot about his state of mind and motivations. He wants to be loved, and they demonstrated their love for him.


Loving v. US


Those were love IEDs left in DC.


They loved him, which is the only thing Trump cares about.


Stop reporting on this fuck


They sure do love to hate and be afraid of everything


People died. Explain the “loving” part, please.


Who cares? Wake me up when he’s been indicted.




Loving antifa fbi crowd kissing cops


You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.


Well, the capitol grounds were breeched 20 min before his speech even ended so....yeh not the same crowed


Yes Trump. They love that butthole shaped mouth of yours! Squeal like a pig!


And Democrats called BLM arsonists "mostly peaceful"


I highly doubt anyone called an actual arsonist peaceful. People explicitly separate the violent from the peace. I’m sure you realize people are referring to the BLM movement at large, which demonstrably is mostly peaceful. A single person can start a fire that destroys an entire building. Using something like that to describe the actions of millions of others is folly. If they weren’t mostly people, there would be *far* more destruction, just by virtue of the numbers.


And yet that's what you're implying in this thread about the crowd who listened to the speech. Even though in all official timelines the grounds were breeched 20 min prior to Trump's speech ending and it's about a 30+min walk to the capitol from where his speech took place.


Where did I imply that? And what does that have to do with claiming democrats called arsonists peaceful? Either way, you are absolutely correct in that timeline, but it’s inconsequential when considering the several prior *months* of him pushing the stolen election rhetoric daily, suing states across the nation, and inviting those people to DC on the 6th.


The article and thread implies that, I should have said what **is** being specified, not you directly. Again there are hundreds of tweets and videos of democrat politicians and media calling for increased violence as BLM and Antifa rampaged all summer. Can I hold them all accountable then for the officers shot in Dallas? What about when Bernie went on a tyrade about republican healthcare stance and James T. Literally targeted senator and yelled "this is for healthcare" Can Bernie be held accountable for that? Because all I'm asking here is a equal standard across the board. https://thepalmierireport.com/rand-paul-scalise-shooter-yelled-this-is-for-healthcare/


I’d love to see some of these tweets and videos of democratic politicians and media calling increased violence. I’ve never seen it. Just one or two of the hundreds. If Bernie is responsible for that shooting, then Trump is *definitely* responsible for fabricating a stolen election, using it daily for more than two straight months to make people angry, telling them who to be angry at, and inviting all the people he angered to DC on the 6th to express said anger. You aren’t making the point you think you are.


Here you go, it was the first link... There is a entire list of articles, but I'm sure you don't actually care enough and I'm not going to waste my coffee break to make you roll your eyes. https://thefederalist.com/2021/01/07/28-times-media-and-democrats-excused-or-endorsed-violence-committed-by-left-wing-activists/ **If Bernie is responsible for that shooting** I'm not saying he is, I'm of the opinion neither is responsible and just pointing out the double standard. Which of course if there's a double standard there isn't actually a standard.


I appreciate the link. I read through them, and none is “calling for more violence.” Not even close. The example of Bernie and the softball game shooting highlights how incredibly different that is to the 6th. Likewise with your “hundreds of democratic politicians and media calling for more violence” nonsense. Politicians/the media didn’t create the BLM/antifa stuff. That was all borne of the people, and the list you linked shows reactions to these things. Most of them are nothing more than opinion pieces, games with semantics, and relating it to riots from the past. You’re obviously trying to water down the 6th and Trumps demonstrable responsibility in creating the entire problem by forcing this false equivalence with people who did *not* create the BLM/antifa situation.






Slow news day?