Surrogacy questions.

Surrogacy questions.


Noncompensated or altruistic surrogacy is legal in Michigan: 1. It can be EXTREMELY expensive to go down that route if you go through an agency (in a different state) 2. If you have someone you know be the surrogate, know that at any point that person could end up keeping that baby, it happens A LOT and the court usually gives favour to the one who gave birth to the child because lawfully in Michigan no contract of surrogacy is enforceable. So be absolutely careful with whomever you choose if this is your final choice 3. Adoption might be a better avenue for you both to explore


No suggestions as to the agency. I'd recommend going for a somewhat smaller one though, as larger agencies with thousands of surrogate profiles are a bit colder and "all business". You may have difficulty getting answers quickly, and you may have more than one person over seeing your case. Smaller agencies tend to hold your hand through the process. Matching with a GC may take longer but will also improve the quality of the experience. ​ Cost will vary. If you are using your GF's eggs, that will require an egg retrieval process, which requires medications(costly) and multiple monitoring appointments. Not to mention the cost of anesthesia for the procedure. It can take more than one cycle to get healthy embryos. (anywhere from 6k to 20k per cycle depending on how it goes and what medications are used if you are also freezing embryos) Using an egg donor will be all of those costs plus a fee for the donor and whatever program you are donating from. (Sometimes fertility clinics have their own program, which can help). If you use donated embryos, the cost may be vastly lower as these are embryos being donated by other former clients, but there will be no genetic relation to you or your girlfriend. The cost of the surrogate can vary. There will be: an agency fee (20-30k) Legal fees(5-15k) Medical screening, medications, and transfer fee(8-15k) Surrogate fee for prenatal care and delivery, considered 'pre-birth child support or compensation for time and discomfort(40-60k) Insurance for surrogate if needed can range from 500-800 a month and starts before medical screening through 6 weeks post delivery Thats just an average of base numbers. MISC things will apply like any travel, PGT testing on embryos to rule out defects, maternity clothing allowance, etc etc. On average surrogacy will cost 100-150k in the US using an agency. For the love of all that is holy do NOT just use someone and do it yourselves with no contract. No matter how much you trust them. Even if they are family. Contract is the MOST important step, get separate lawyers for yourselves and the surrogate should you ever get to that point.


Thank you. Unfortunately who knows if I’ll be able to afford all of that, It’s disheartening but good to know.