I’m getting it too. This app’s advertising is way too aggressive. You can’t block annoying/irrelevant/offensive ads, and I’ve heard of people getting banned for their first time reporting an ad as “offensive”. I understand the need for ads. I even agree with companies for implementing them in their apps. But when it gets to the point where your decision to open an app is swayed by the annoyance of seeing relentless ads, then the people making that app are doing something wrong. We need more relevant and less incessant ads


Thanks for your feedback. You might [try adjusting your profile's ads personalization settings](https://i.redd.it/j2edhuo42yg41.png). Adjusting these settings may change the ads that you see on Reddit.


I'd also be interested in this from an advertiser perspective. I hate when my ads are shown to an audience that simply doesn't care. A simple auto-placement cutting feature would work wonders to filter out subreddits that would never make a purchase.


I'm not that knowledgeable about advertising software, but selecting ads that fit the subreddit shouldn't be impossible. Just put subreddits into categories and have advertisers pick suitable categories. If i were advertising gardening supplies I'd target gardening subreddits maybe pet related subreddits as those often cross over, and avoid finance/gaming related subreddits since they often don't care about it.


Your ads are annoying asf. Doesn’t matter where you put them, nobody likes them. Get off Reddit


I hate it when your ads trigger my eating disorder so I guess we BOTH get to hate, only mine involves more suffering. 🖕




Your ads are fatphobic and harmful, perhaps you should consider not advertising at all.


\*powerful advertising montage\*


You are using sponsored "influencer" "sock puppet" accounts for advertisements on Facebook, so they still show up after telling Facebook I don't want noom adds on my feed... So you are activley doing stuff to show your advertisements to users who have zero interest... (And an eating disorder) So this is hypocritical AF


Whoever is working in the paid ads section at Noom needs to be promoted to customer. Dieting ads in a Reddit forum for plus-size people? In forums for people with eating disorders? Where's cancel culture when you actually need it, literally yikes.


I don’t think they get to decide what specific sub their ads go to my man…


As more than 70% of advertising fails to make RoI expectations, as well as being a vector for viruses, I would suggest utilizing uBlock Origin. Also RSL depends on new player churn for its profits. It's not a good game.


Yeah you can get mistreated and in a hurry if your not careful …