Sounds like anxiety. And as it seemed to develop after the casual sex encounter and he has since developed a crush the most likely reason is that he has developed feelings and now worries himself about what you think and feel about him. If that is right it is not a simple matter to tell him that you share feelings. He may have worries that he cannot articulate. Worries that he will disappoint you sexually. Worries how he compares to prior partners of yours. Worries that he won't maintain an erection this time, which makes him worry about disappointing you all the more. Worried about an unintended pregnancy. Who knows!? So many options! So how to help? Get naked with him with no notions of PIV sex. Enjoy sensual touching and sexual release via manual or oral touch. Communicate with him with him that you want him and want him to cum. Smile as you get him off. And work back up to PIV sex. And even if he does have erection problems again just roll with it and move on to some other sexual activity that is not dependent on an erection. Don't make and issue of it.


Are you......ya know....not so fresh down there, maybe?