Skyrim updates, then the released a hotfix for their update. SKSE64 is your script extender it's needs to update. That's why you are getting the error. Either down grade your Skyrim install, or upgrade your SKSE64. If the update just happened then it might take a day or two fore SKSE64 to update, but I just updated mine 3days ago so you should be able to get the new one just fine. Good luck hope you can get back to your game


What's the easiest way to downgrade? I did the update and immediately regretted it. Honestly I wish bethesda would stop fucking updating the game because either I play on an old version and can't use new mods that come out on latest or I play the current version and break some of my old mods.


Do a downgrade maybe? The problem is clearly described there.


Download the latest version of skse


You have to install a new version of SKSE64 for your Skyrim game to run. If your Skyrim is the anniversary version you should install the anniversary edition SKSE. https://skse.silverlock.org/


Upgrade your skse or downgrade yor game version. If you are using mods, i recommend downgrading the game before most of the mods get an update to bewer version. I still don't understand why Bethesda keeps upgrading SE if it's the same as 2014 unless the 4 free CCmods


Reinstall SKSE from Silverlock and re do the downgrade patch and let it pafch your game again


Run the downgrade patcher, it’s what I had to do