Nice humblebrag Weller. I’m thirsty.


I’m gunna keep buying weller while it’s still cheap. I’m always amazed by the price here. Seems like a better bourbon for the cost


I need to know where this is…..the great communistwealth of Virginia makes this stuff near impossible to get.




It's all over Ohio. Its absolutely no where in Florida where I currently live....


I think it’s made in MI but I could be wrong, so that would make sense.


Frankfort Kentucky


That’s odd that everyone on the east side of the states can’t get it


Tough to find in Canada too


Fellow Floridian here, can confirm, no weller.


Well then take a drive to Maryland and pay $100 for Special Reserve!!


Can’t find it in WI either


Ohio. Can I ship you a few bottles?


I’ll take you up on that if you are still willing to ship them?


Pm me. I might be violating some laws but I’ll look into it


You are allowed to ship alcohol in under certain quantities. I shipped cognac home for my dads birthday.


Appreciate it! Shipping bourbon is a PIA though. Enjoy your smoking and bourbon this weekend! I will do the same a few states west.


For the price, I’m not sure there is a better bourbon. I’m in Mississippi and it’s pretty hard to find here.


I was coming to make the same comment! r/casualweller


350 on the wings start to finish is the way to go


Yep, this is the way. Make sure the wings are pat dry really well, gets the skin crispier.


Frying to finish is a good idea on the wings. Soggy skin wings is just sad 😢


I prefer a 10 min convection bake at 400 on both sides after smoking. Much easier cleanup than frying and you keep more of the rub taste on the skin.


Air fryer finish is awesome. I read about this a while back here and I’ve never gone back. I did try oil frying at first but it does remove some of the smoke. Just under cook the wings a smidge, throw them in the air fryer (convection oven /same thing) to get the skin crispy AF. Sometimes I like to toss them in a little wing sauce and then in the air fryer. Dries out the sauce and leaves the flavor. I don’t even dip them in dressing they’re so good.


I use rub on my wings. It's simple and delicious. Mix up 1 part salt, pepper, and paprika, then double that mix with regular granulated sugar. Rub them at least 2 hours before smoking. I do overnight. The sugar in the rub is going to give you a sweet to balance the flavor of the pepper, salt, and paprika. You're also going to get a great crispy skin. No need to fry. The best part about this rub is that it's delicious enough on the wings to eat them plain. Or you can add literally any sauce you like and they're still delicious. Learned this trick from my buddy Lance who's dad owned a BBQ restaurant in Texas for 4 decades. This is the run they used in their wings.


So is that 1:1:1:6 salt:pepper:paprika:sugar? Or 1:1:1:3? Or something else and I’m just dumb/ intoxicated?


1 1 1 3


Same though. "Double that mix" could mean double the mix including the sugar. Or put double the amount of the mix in sugar into the mix.


My buddy did a similar rub. What temp and how long would you recommend?


Just rubbed some wings with this for Canada Day BBQing tomorrow. Excited to try it out they look great.


Save a few pieces of pulled pork for the pup.


You know I will


Any poultry you should brine for at least 24 hours for best results. Salt , water, and whatever other seasonings. Then season and let dry before you put on smoker. Wings are super easy on smoker, 250-300 for like 2-3 hrs. Then coat in a sauce if you want for another 20-30 min. I like dry wings but when you let the sauce cook on wings for a while they’re not super wet either


Quality answer!


brine wings for 24 hours? That seems way too long. I would think overnight, 8-12 hours max for wings - and 3 hours smoke? This sounds more like *thighs* than wings.


Any chicken or turkey I plan to smoke I always brine that long . Never had a problem. The time frame was approximate, you just smoke wings until they look good. 2 hours is usually how long it takes for me, depending on where I put them in smoke chamber


The last time I brined a spatchcocked chicken for 24 hours was on accident and it was so damn salty even after a solid rinse off. I mean, to each their own and I'm not hatin' on you, but from my own experience, for me, 24 hour brine for wings would be too long. Cheers!


How bout just good dry rub and higher heat while getting smoke, creates the fried effect


With this route, I suggest adding baking powder to your rub. The skin will become crispy at the same time the internal meat is done. This works in the oven too, btw.


Very nice


I've heard about this method and letting them sit overnight too?


What degree would do that for me? 250ish?


To get it crispy you have to go north of 300 degrees. I do mine at like 200 or 225 for an hour or so (until internal is around 150. Then I pull them off and throw them in my air fryer until they hit 175 or so and look crispy


Hold up, are you talking Fahrenheit? If so you’d be in [the heart of the danger zone](https://www.fsis.usda.gov/food-safety/safe-food-handling-and-preparation/food-safety-basics/danger-zone-40f-140f) for that whole wing smoke. Never smoke meat that low, *especially* chicken. Basically not doing much more than cultivating bacteria. I would smoke at 250 for an hour/hour and a half then finish hot around 400-450 to crisp the skin.


No. I was thinking low and slow. 100-150f to get it close to temp then fry em


Way too low for chicken. Just asking for food poisoning. Really too low for any meat, cause it’s too low for the meat to cook and it will just dry it out. 225-250 is generally what people mean when they say low and slow.


Really? I’m brand new to smoking so excuse my ignorance. I’ve seen some posts about smaller meats on here getting cooked liked that. Not a good idea then?


Yeah, smoking low and slow usually means 200-225 range. Your smoked stuff will be plenty good if cooked in that range. I’ve never smoked meat below 200-225 except salmon which I start around 140ish and gradually bring up to keep it from tensing up too much. You could maybe sous vide at a lower temperature, since it won’t dry out there, but again 120 is always going to be too low for chicken. Things like cheeses can (should) be done low, or cold smoking fish/jerky.


Based on the suggestions here. I think I’ll go high temp to crisp the skin and cook for 1-2 hours


Your wings would need to be cured to safely smoke at that low a temperature.


Any advise on curing?


Don’t cure them. That another ball game completely. Go with 225 until you get a sexy color. Pull them and fry when ready to eat. The brine is a good idea but you don’t want anymore than a 1.5% brine. Hit me up. I have some tricks


Smoke for about 45minutes at 275-300, then turn over smoke another 45 mins. Melt stick of butter in saucepan, add a bottle of Texas pete and mix to combine. Pour over wings and bake at 275 for an hour, basting every 20 mins. Best buffalo wings IMHO.


Damn this community has so many good ideas. I love this!


Always find it best to toss them in a sauce and fry them quickly right at the end


Don't forget to look up Alabama white bbq sauce recipe to dip them in. Worth every calorie.


Switch the pineapple for peaches I promise you that you will it be disappointed and neither will your guest!!! https://www.charbroil.com/recipes/pineapple-habanero-chicken-wings


shit. i'm gonna make pineapple habanero wings now!


I see a good boi, I upvote


Your dog is my dog's twin


Does anyone else love how often the "dog in the background keeping an eye on the situation" happens in this sub?


Size of them wings is scarry


The dog looks like it has plans of its own for that butt and wings 😂


I like parboiling, drying them off, throwing on rub, and then tossing them on a hot grill. The oils released during the parboiling help crisp up the skin. Also, weller - good choice


Also, if anyone has any marinade or brine ideas, I would love to hear ‘em.


Mirin, rice vinegar, sake, togarashi, salt. Edit: also a mix of molasses, dijon, red wine vinegar, tamari, rosemary, and cilantro works insanely well if you're planning to get a bit of char on them. By far my favorite marinade for lamb loin, but works great on all meats. I've got a more detailed recipe if you're interested.


My personal favorite marinade recipe: 1 bottle zesty Italian dressing, 1 bottle of Cholula, few dashes or Worcestershire, few dashes of soy sauce. Great flavor and works with pretty much any rub, adds a little heat in the background but not overwhelming. I shoot for about 24 hours in the marinade then smoke over apple and cherry on my WSM, letting it go as high as 300-325, done in about 1.5 hours and crisps the skin up quick


For wings on the grill smoke at ~250 till around 155-160 then crank up the heat to 375 or 400. They should get crispy and pull them at 180 so they will be bone tender


Liquor goes good with butt stuff


I smoke them for roughly 2 hours at 200ish. Last time I also smoked tallow with them and then put it over the coals till it hit 360. Fried them in the smoked tallow once they hit 145-150. I really like just salt and pepper wings, but I've been adding good mirin and a hint of sake, rice vinegar, and togarashi. Usually over applewood.


I like the internal temp of wings closer to 180-185 because there’s a lot of connective tissue that needs to break down. 165 wings don’t taste right to me.


I dry rub, smoke around 200-215 (they don’t take that long) then grill them to sear. Serve fry with a killer homemade wing sauce and veg. Everyone loves them every time. Make sure they are super dry in the smoker, pat em good


Dust your wings lightly with baking soda before cooking. Gives them crispy skin and works awesome. Google it, it’s a real thing. Happy eating.


baking POWDER not soda


You are right. Thanks for the correction.




Honestly for wings I just grill or air fry. You can use bbq rub seasoning and throw some wood chips on for smoke early on if you grill.


Salt 1 hr prior to cook. 400 indirect, 25 minutes and flip, cook another 20 min until IT is 200. Rendered chicken and crispy skin, everyone loves it.


Use apple wood in the wings!!!! Thank me later 😉


Omggg forget the butt, share the weller


I have had pretty good results with this mix 2 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp chili powder 2 tbsp smoked paprika 1 tsp cumin 1 tsp onion powder 1 tsp garlic powder 2 tsp kosher salt 3 tsp fresh ground pepper 1 tsp cayenne 1 tsp corn starch (helps crisp the skin) Put all that in a gallon baggie with a couple dozen wings and mix it all around then throw in the fridge for at least 2 hours. Smoke at 250 for about 2 to 2.5 hours. The crank up to high heat for and ~15 minutes at the end. Lots of good feedback without even adding any sauce.


You want hot a quick with the wings. Not enough render-able fat to justify low and slow. So id recommended an hour at 300-350, rolling some fruit smoke hard. Temp check ‘em and then fry/bake if necessary. Good luck.


Smoke the wings hotter. Smoke them for about 20 mins then finish in deep.


I always like to do wings hot and fast. About 350-400F for 45min to an hour. If they aren’t crispy enough after that pop those suckers in the fryer


Used this recipe several times without fail. Great wings even though the recipe is based on using a BGE…https://wandernorthgeorgia.com/big-green-egg-chicken-wings-recipe/


That’s cool, but with the Weller there, I’d go for smoked. Spritzed down with the Weller during the cook and either served skin crispy or sauced with more Weller added to the sauce.