[No Spoilers] It took me two years to conquer my fear! I hesitantly bought this game on 10/27/2019. I finally beat it on 10/15/2021! What a journey!

[No Spoilers] It took me two years to conquer my fear! I hesitantly bought this game on 10/27/2019. I finally beat it on 10/15/2021! What a journey!


Proud of you, congratulations!:) i finished it on august 12th


Thank you! This game should be marketed as a horror survival. Perfect sounds, perfect music, perfect atmospheric terror.


Indeed! Also, take a break and then start below zero. I started it a week after i finished, i just couldn’t wait longer. Below Zero is great in a different way.


I totally agree! Definitely worth checking out below zero.




Excellent job. What were you afraid of specifically? I wish I could delete my memories of the game and be afraid all over again. For me it was swimming at the surface in deep areas after dark. Made me feel very small.


For me it was going down the big hole near the mushroom forest that leads to the lava zone. I had gotten almost everything in the game and had never even attempted to go down there.


Yes! I remember when I first found that, I was so excited. It’s still one of my favorite places in the game. Now I head down there at the earliest possible point, (I prioritize making the prawn and then the first depth module to get me to 1200) to get the ion battery blueprints from the power plant. It’s like my pilgrimage every time I do a new playthrough now. Once I’ve built everything and am ready to settle down and build I always use that entrance to take my cyclops down to the sea dragons cathedral and build a permanent base. It’s my favorite place even though it’s pretty bleak lol


are you talking about the hole that was next to the aurora? because i think that got removed several years ago. if thats not the place your talking about, please tell me because i have no idea otherwise.


I was trying to figure that out myself. I only know of entrances to the lost river but none that currently exist that go directly to the lava zones. Only one that would be anywhere close to the description would be the lost river entrance in the northern blood kelp zone which is not very far from the mushroom forest that’s between the blood kelp zone and the dunes.


I have a fear of deep waters irl and this game captures everything perfectly. From the sounds to the depressing loneliness, the music and atmosphere... Every creature terrified me. The first time I heard a reefback I turned off the game... You could imagine what happened when I first encountered the reaper leviathan... It took me a year to venture into the lost river and another year to go into the lava zone... Just for the record SCREW THE LAVA ZONE AND EVERYTHING IN IT... except the lava mantas. Even though I knew I was safe cause it was only a game but it's helped me overcome a lot of my fears of open waters... I still can't get on a boat but it's helped me venture out to beaches and dip my toes in the waters.


Good for you mate. Be proud.


Now, play it in VR. Then BZ in VR.


No way... Nope. Not gonna do it in VR... Nope nope nope.


How is this not a spoiler


How *is* it a spoiler? It's a screenshot of one bank of computer panels inside a particular area, with no further elaboration or legible spoilerish info visible.


Thats true


Maybe the platinum achievement award, signifying that he finished all achievements? Including the very last one getting off the planet?


I suppose that argument could be made, but is it a spoiler to know that the game is going to end, and that the player will be rewarded accordingly?


That's completely fair, there should be an achievement for completion. I was simply saying that it's silly to say it's a random room with instruments because if you get that achievement it's kinda obvious is some kind of launch terminal. But I don't think people who haven't played the game lurk this sub often so there's really no harm done.


Ah, I see. I suppose it could be inferred to be a launch terminal specifically, but I confess I don't see it at first glance (not having built one of "those" in probably a couple of years or so).


I’ve never seen this panel before 🧐


I bought it in early 2018 and beat it a few weeks ago as well, good job ;)


Good job my friend Good job now is time to come home to Earth


And pay his 3 trillion credits




Sweet. Now for Below Zero....




Beating Subnautica was a true feeling of accomplishment. They really did a solid job making the game feel like a long, difficult journey.


Hell yeah, I've completed it in creative but not in survival and since my laptops been broken for a couple weeks I've probably lost my games lol, not that big of a deal since I usually restarted it anyways




Now hope into a new game in creative and go conquer your fears of the deep by diving alone.


Can't... I need prawn suit... I NEED IT!


jus finished below zero, much easier than the first one imo! hope you enjoyed it 🤙🏼


We finished on the same day! I finished it the morning of Oct 15 as well (already the 16th here). But it took me just over 3 weeks I think. I also have a healthy respect for deep bodies of water but this game gave me the opportunity to boldly go where I wouldn't IRL.




Congrats!!!! I beat it a few months ago after taking a huge break from the game. Went back, screen shared to my friend and he watched me finish it off hahaha. I loved the ending to this. Before I finished, I had a lava base and it was so cool but very creepy haha. The second one is really good btw. the ending I found a bit cliff hangey but apparently it was meant to be that way. I personally think it was because they were rushed, but nonetheless still AMAZING


I feel you!!! Big congrats!!! I've had it more or less for a year, I think I'm not mid game yet... but I keep trying!


Congrats! I still have no idea what I'm doing or where to go




\> [no spoilers] \> shows ending


i once spedrun subnautica in 6 hours (with cheats on tho lol, gonna replay normally)


How many hours did it take?


1 day 18 hrs... Which doesn't seem like a lot... In my defense I have a paralyzing fear of deep waters. I'd turn off the game anytime anything hit the hull of my Cyclops or prawn suit.


That is not a lot for this game


i have completed this game but cant think where that picture was taken, please tell me?


It's from the cockpit of the Neptune rocket


of course it is. thanks for putting me out of my misery


I managed to beat the game without having a real encounter with the reaper leviathan, I had a few close calls here and there, but never did one interact with me. The closest I came was one destroyed my sea moth very early into the game while I was scanning something. I played below zero and found nothing managed to grip me with fear quite like the roar of a reaper, I went back to the og game and still found myself paralysed by them. Often sitting in my sea moth gazing into the abyss masochisticlly hoping to catch so much as a glimpse of one. Often ide make out a silhouette and turn tail immediately. It was only a few days ago that I confronted my fear and interacted with one, after coming to grips with his behaviour and patterns I managed to kill him, this devolved into a crusade/genocide and I promptly continued to clear areas of the map. Doing this killed the magic and I became desensitised but in terms of accomplishment it felt great, this is when I knew I had finished the game.


Dude the game is fucking free how did you buy it?


Maybe 2 years ago it wasn’t free?


Oh yea i am blind i deserve those downvotes


Where is it free rn






That doesn't look very free to me I just turned my pc on for nothing


Damn i am really a dumbass