I just bought my second synth ever at a flea market, a Roland SH-3. Just wanting to know more about it, whats it worth, artists that have used it etc.

I just bought my second synth ever at a flea market, a Roland SH-3. Just wanting to know more about it, whats it worth, artists that have used it etc.


Hey guys! I just got this today at a flea market for 725$ Canadian, I've read that it's super rare with less than a hundred ever produced. I'm posting here to see if anyone has any info on it at all! I've tested it out and everything is working amazingly apart from the odd click or pop. More or less I'm looking for some info on how this thing works and how to really get into it. I have a Korg R3 which is also pretty rare and weird but it's 40 years newer than this thing and I'm still figuring it out every time I use it even with the manual or find YouTube tuts. So I'm hoping that hopefully someone here knows more about this roland synth because I can't find any tutorials or info on it really at all. Cheers guys thanks! Edit: Also any trivia or music from/about either synth would be really cool, I'd love to know which artists have used these in their music so really any info at all would be super cool!


The SH-3 is the Roland Equivalent to the ARP Odyssey MKII 2810 with the #4035 Moog clone filter. Both manufacturers were forced to cease production (after just a few hundred units by ARP and even less than that by Roland) and do a filter redesign due to potential legal action from Moog for patent infringement. I've never had the opportunity to open up an SH-3, but I'd bet the filter looks just like Moog's transistor ladder design. I do have an Odyssey 2810 with 4035 filter and it is on an entirely different level sonically to the Odysseys with the #4025 or #4075 filter. Nice score, you have a rare bird there. I'd hold on to it. Probably needs a power supply rebuild and new key bed bushings ASAP!


Opposite. SH3 has a diode ladder filter and the SH3A has a transistor ladder filter.


Ahh got it. Thanks for the clarification!


Thanks so much stranger, yeah I'm trying to see what I can do to get it sounding better, it is a little bit rough around the edges. With the Korg I haven't needed to do any maintenance so I'm brand new to this. As far as repairs go would you recommend a YouTube channel or site to go to learn more about fixing synths?


markusfuller, bradthx, synthpro, synth chaser, and GOLT! are all good youtube channels that cover synth repair.


I also have a behringer 404 audio interface! I'm trying to set everything up to have a friend come over and we can jam, I had a question though. I have a mic that requires phantom power. Only the first 2 inputs use phantom power, I have ins 3 & 4 being used for my korg, in 2 for the Roland and the first in for my mic. The mic needs phantom power but will having phantom power on the input for the synth damage it in any way?


I would definitely not recommend connecting the SH-3 to an input with phantom power on.


Decent yeah, I'm pretty sure it's just the xlr ins that have phantom power I've gotta delve into my behringer manual for once


Xeno & Oaklander used one on their first two album's, you can see it in this [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HABC_2y5FdQ)


Although actually I can't tell if its a 3 or 3A...


Cool monophonic synth used by: Kitaro, Human League and Vangelis.


Always wondered what Kitaro's gear looked like




Here is a Comparable on reverb: https://reverb.com/item/36192274-roland-sh-3-not-sh-3a-1974-diode-ladder-filter-pro-serviced?utm_source=rev-ios-app&utm_medium=ios-share&utm_campaign=listing&utm_content=36192274


Awesome! I messaged the seller to see if he can shoot me any links. You know much about this thing? I've had it all but 2 hours so I mean I'm sure I'll find something online but the info is pretty scarce!


Yo that Big Ed picture is classic.


I'd imagine that it is identical to the SH-3a in every way except for the filter circuit. So any info you find on the 3a should be quite relevant too.


Looks pretty straightforward tune the oscillators and rip! Great Find! Edit spelling


the inspiration to digitone keys


Equipboard.com https://equipboard.com/items/roland-sh3


which Canadian flea market??


The main street flea market In Vancouver!


If you’re ever selling DM Me !


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