But outlook still doesnt spit out my emails through keyword search. Wthat the fuck microsoft


This is the thing that has never, ever, in the history of asking a question that you honestly want the answer to, made any sense. My manager asks what the latest is with the Williams account. My brain KNOWS there where two meetings on the calendar in the last month and a long email string with troubleshooting. I am not 100% sure what the latest is on that string so I go to outlook and search “Williams”. Answer: >The last five years of quarterly town hall meetings where William Acres was a registered attendee. Make this make sense. I’ve not done much programming, but it almost seems like a conscious decision to over-program the function until it has lost its function.


god damn you are not wrong. i've even fucking screen shotted my search showing that i'm lookin for an email with "XYZ" from "ABC" between two dates. No fucking results. Clear all searches and eliminate ALL filters and folders. Manually scroll to the date and FIND THE FUCKING EMAIL with all of that, clear as fucking day in the subject line of the email. About two-three years ago that search bar was a WEAPON. I was a fucking NINJA. now it is the bog of eternal frustrating sadness.


Weirdly enough in the web browser version of outlook this all still works fine and dandy


Because it is backed by Elasticsearch or similar. Desktop would require actual effort to index keywords.


I even started to put a distinct 16bit PIN code on certain emails so I can specifically search for them again. NOPE. Every email ever that matches 3 of the 16 INDIVIDUAL numbers populates now. WTF.


I know that using [tag] works - but it’s exhausting and frankly fucking BACKWARDS. I would rather write shut down by hand


If you use the desktop version it could be that you need to rebuild your search catalog. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/fix-search-issues-by-rebuilding-your-instant-search-catalog-213a2728-0ef4-427a-9bb2-aed329a59b17


Fucking hell im so glad its not just me. Every mistake i made at work so far has been due this fucking shit exactly.


This is the support group I didn’t know I needed. Just started a new job and I was issued a Dell laptop and an Outlook account. I’m a lifetime Mac and Gmail user but how hard could this possibly be? Fuck me man, if I didn’t know better I’d think Microsoft was trying to get me fired. My personal favorite is when I recently searched for an old email from a colleague and it brought up a new series of unread emails that I’d missed. As a test of my sanity I spent the next 30 minutes trying to find those emails in my inbox and they could not be found. I expect my review will say “Doesn’t respond to emails” but that’s fine because I’ll never get that email.


I’d wager they are in “clutter”, the most asinine “feature” microsoft ever made. Best to disable that.


I find that functionality really helpful when the brain knows what to search for and can come up with two or three different keywords. Only the emails from Williams- from:Williams I think to:Williams works in sent items too. Then before O365 sub:”keyword” was another to search in subject lines. It kind of works with multiple keywords too, at least gets me what I need, like- For emails from Williams containing the keyword “account”- from:Williams “account”. The drop-down next to the search box in outlook these days has the search context selection options too. Edit: Teams has a /find command too, for the search bar. Lets you select a chat or a group chat to search keywords within.


I send my boss a weekly update every Friday that’s an excel file that breaks down all of my projects and their statuses. No matter what I do, if I look for an email it without fail pulls 87 “weekly update” emails instead of actual communications




Outlook for work is a devil we all have to face from time to time, but Outlook for personal use is just self-punishment. So many better, lightweight options imho.


Can you recommend a good lightweight email client?




For personal use? Who is paying for email for personal use?


people who don't want to be advertised to and don't want their data sold or used for manipulation.


Unfortunately, in this day and age, even when you ARE paying, the only one you're PROBABLY getting away from is being advertised to. At least, I'll never believe anyone that tells me I'm avoiding the latter two.


Doesn't protonmail fit that bill? And isn't it free?


I’m a big fan of Spark Email personally. Keep everything remote so you don’t download all your emails.


And still the most useless spam filter that has ever been created. I get up to 5 clearly spam emails through to my inbox every day, e.g. - C0ngra tulations on WiNNng prise", "Men wanna knoww how to grow penis", "USERNAME_Your_Order...", "HEy I have ben traying to contract you..." etc. I have no idea how such a massive company can be so truly absolutely f**king s**t at spam filtering when they own Outlook, who basically run 99% of company email apps.


Windows search engine is garbage, that’s why. Outlook has shit metadata indexing as it uses windows search. I don’t have this issue on the web or macOS version. Maybe when they finally kill off the old outlook and move to the web version you poor windows people will have a better search experience.


outlook is a clunky, shitty piece of rag software that barely works. Its a fucking email client FFS how hard could this be?


I’m not even using outlook currently and my blood pressure just went up a few ticks.


Did you try binging that?


Have to wait for GPT-5 for such advanced things. :)


Nor does it actually show me alerts when it's supposed to.


Watch them put undeniably better tech into bing than Google and still have no user retention


if bing starts offering what google used to do for the average person (give actual searches that are relevant, and not just whoever paid the most money to have their results show up first) then i can see a small minority of people starting to use bing.


"how long to cook chicken breasts at 400" *first 10 results are the fucking War and Peace of chicken breast cooking*


"Whenever I cook chicken breast, I'm reminded of a story my Grandmother would tell me as a child. The year was 1941 and my Grandmother was a young French maiden living in German occupied France..."


For context, we must discuss the life of Archduke Franz Ferdinand…


This story, for context, occurs in Europe, which deserves its own paragraph before we get started. I just love European history, starting with the High Middle Ages, and moving on into the Cold War. So buckle up!


I love the low level anarchy that is Bing


About 18 min in an air fryer. Give or take based on thickness. Flip it half way




The amount of ads on Google's search is absolutely bonkers now. It's almost all paid ads until 2/3 down the page. I would be very happy to switch to something that didn't have ads or maybe just 1 ad on the top.


I don't mind the ads, it's the BS fake pages that I hate.


Yeah, the results aren't good anymore. Most of what I find are ad based sites with 16 paragraphs of filler until you find the one paragraph w the actual information the article says it's about. Especially recipe websites. I do not give a shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit about Cindy's Italy trip. Just tell me how long to bake some chicken, Cindy.


Not just ads either, it’s impossible to tell what’s promoted and what’s not, and half the results are pictures of unrelated things. I really dislike using google.


Damn im lucky if the first page has anything at all


I use bing


Are you small or a minority?


I'm Spiderman.


no hyphen, busted




They're a porn fan


For porn


I don’t think there’s any coming back from how stupid “I’ll Bing it” sounds


This sounds as stupid as "I'll google it" sounds. We all just got used to later so it doesn't seem stupid to us anymore.


Right, that's how language works though, here's a list of other verbs/nouns that started out as trademarks: Onesie Kiwi Fruit (Kiwi) Zipper Windbreaker  Jet Ski Escalator Tabloid  Hula Hoop Crock-Pot Band-Aid Ping Pong Dumpster Velcro Scotch Tape Yo-Yo Zip Code Auto-Tune Popsicle Thermos Granola (and Granula) Frisbee Tupperware Wite-Out Realtor Playbill Rollerblade Super Glue (or Krazy Glue) Jacuzzi Bubble Wrap Trampoline Laundromat Google Sharpie Q-Tips Ziploc Chap Stick Kleenex Powerpoint Photoshop Play-Doh Coke Vicks Vaseline Jell-O Jeep Post-Its Slinky Speedo Walkman Polo ​ So it's kinda late for complaining.


Jeep? Do people call vehicles not made by Jeep, Jeep?


Colloquially that type of a vehicle is often times referred to as a jeep - it's definitely a thing in Poland. For jeep - [https://pl.wiktionary.org/wiki/d%C5%BCip](https://pl.wiktionary.org/wiki/d%C5%BCip) \- 3rd meaning is 'every off-road vehicle'. Another curious one for Poland is a bicycle is called 'rower', from the British automaker Rover :) (in Polish, w is the same as English v).


The word “jeep” was military slang for a GPV-General Purpose Vehicle. It got shortened from GPV to just GP and when you say it out loud, it comes out as jeep. https://www.studebakermuseum.org/blog/the-jeep-in-world-war-ii/


Ha, so this one almost belongs on the inverse list, products that started out as a general term then became a brand…


In my country at least, “jeep” is a category of vehicles. Mostly deigned for off road.


You forgot Dildo.


I knew I left it somewhere


Wait, do New Zealanders call a Kiwi fruit by some other name??


Kiwi was primarily the bird, and the fruit was originally called Chinese Gooseberry, but the government rebranded it to kiwifruit.


That’s a hell of a rebrand!


Bing is still stupid.


i disagree. the 2 syllables in google do a lot of the lifting. imagine you’re in a heated argument with someone and you yell at them to look something up. “GOOGLE IT!” has much more oomph than “BING IT!”




Bing still sounds 1000x worse lol


> This sounds as stupid as "I'll google it" sounds. I grew up with Google when I heard about it on ZDTV/TechTV basically as soon as it came out. I'm not sure how "Google it" exactly came out, but it didn't sound stupid when it was spreading word of mouth. It'd always go like this "Google it" and "What's a Google?" then you'd happily show people a search engine that didn't take you 10+ pages of search results to find something on the internet.


Brb, gotta bing me up some recipes


Bing it on


Gonna throw some search terms out into the cloud and see if they bing off of anything


Binging the heat to this search query


Bing yourself


Bing me up, Scotty


"googling" something sounded just as stupid back then. We're all just used to it now lol


Maybe. But bing isn’t exactly a young search service lmao. It’s been around… what? 15+ years?




Actually it hurts google to use google synonymously with search, because it undermines the strength of their trademark claim.










I remember back in middle school i heard of a website called Google and I thought it was a baby clothes website


Good for porn


Remember when porn ads were more intrusive than YouTube ads? Those were the days


I think people are at their breaking point with google. The SEO spam has made their results fucking useless. Bing has a shot here.


I’m using ChatGPT frequently at work now, if this is that but better I’ll use it all the time. Conveniently enough for Microsoft, it’s actually a great tool for looking up how to do stuff in excel. Most search results for that are just SEO engineered ad sites now.


If this works as I think it's meant to, if goog doesn't offer the same thing immediately people will switch to bing overnight. This is a completely different deal than traditional search, your are instead cutting out the search part and just asking it how to do or find or answer something. From what we've seen of chatgpt the responses can be incredibly humanlike. The vast majority of google users don't really know how to get the most out of the search results, how to weed out the obvious misinformation or other shit, getting an actual response back instead of a list of pages is so much better it's hilarous. But there are tons of ways it could fail terribly; we've sen chatgpt is great at producing stuff that sounds perfect but is actually complete bullshit. If AI Bing has even a small chance of repeating that, people will get sick of it quickly, so they will need to bake in a level of fact-checking. The issue of CPU use also seems like a big one, because chat-gpt has a whole different kind of software stack going on behind the text prompt. Nobody has any experience building out that platform to the huge scale you need to satisfy global search numbers. If it takes 10 minutes to return it's answer, it's dead. Having been using internet search since 1993, when you'd be lucky if the page you want was even on the first 5 pages of results, when google came along it suddenly got 'good enough' and nobody has been able to do better. If google can't get this idea working before anyone else, this could reveal a big chink in their armor.


So true


Bing just looks trashy to me. Don't know how to explain it, but it does.


In order to retain users them must adopt it first. I still don't know anyone who uses it that doesn't have to.


In my opinion (which isn't really worth shit) they need to change the Bing name. It hasn't stuck, it won't ever stick. No one is ever going to say "just bing it".


Bing badly needs a rebranding/new name if this is to succeed. Start fresh and ditch the stigma that comes with Bing and I could see this taking off big-time.


It should be something akin to 'searching' like say 'explore'. And something to reiterate you're 'exploring' on the internet (as opposed to on your phone or desktop locally). Hmm...


Maybe something like “Internet Explorer” 🤔


Naw. That’s too ridiculous. They’d never use a name like that..


Too edgy


Hmm.. consultation.. advisor.. hmm maybe more like a servant butler kinda thing.. British are known for such supreme culture... Make it an action.. verb+name, to make it clear the you're performing something with this persona... How about... AskJeebus.


> Start fresh and ditch the stigma that comes with Bing You have to put yourself in the shoes of oldass Microsoft execs. They’ll say Bing has brand recognition and other bullshit. Completely out of touch. I can find the exact MSDN stuff I want in the first couple Google search results, but not on Microsoft owned (and created) Bing.


I’ll use it if it’s any good. I hate Microsoft slightly less than Google.


at the same time google search is getting worse with time


You should try Bing now it’s always better


I use DuckDuckGo pretty often, which I believe partially uses Bings indexing. Google is borderline useless now unless I type “Reddit” or “StackOverflow” after my search.


>Google is borderline useless now unless I type “Reddit” or “StackOverflow” after my search. Lol I've been doing this too


Wait, what do you mean by “useless”? I feel a little stupid since I have little idea of what that means.


Because the search results are going to be a bunch of useless “top 10” lists generated by a bot.


Google just seems to me (and many other people) to not do very well with giving useful search results anymore. There’s a combination of reasons for that, their algorithm which pushes/hides certain results, their ad platform, Search Engine Optimization has turned into a competition by digital marketers, they censor certain topics, the web is constantly growing and changing. There’s a lot to it. I tend to have better luck with DuckDuckGo these days.


Their search results are filled with SEO spam. Reddit and stack overflow results are generally useful.


I disagree. They’ve always been filled with SEO spam. The problem is their algorithm is now designed not for the search query but for the result they predict you want or will click. It feels like an algorithm that pushes. And the best example is YouTube to see the direction Google has gone. Try searching anything political on YouTube and see if you can find it. Good fucking luck.


for the searches that matter


I use it for the Microsoft Rewards.


Why would you hate any of those two things


anti-consumer companies that either a) introduce software and make you use it forever or b) introduce software that you actually like and want to use and then cancel it as soon as you’ve migrated to it entirely i’ll let you guess which is which


Don't forget about the push to make the use of AdBlock akin to internet piracy. They've been trying for years to normalize pushing web ad content to windows explorer/ offline ui. Google has been doing the same on Android.


Microsoft is going to bing us all back to them.






Not againa




By market cap, Microsoft is a OOT bigger than Google. People have this weird idea that Microsoft is son has-been company, when it’s only second to Apple.


Bing it on


ChatGPT has pretty strict guardrails so does that mean bing won't be good for porn anymore?


Asking the real questions


The restrictions probably won't impact Bing, except for illegal/terms breaking content. The guardrails are enforced on the API of GPT, not the core technology. So itd be Microsoft's choice what they want to retain.


What exactly is an illegal term though? It's illegal to murder someone but searching murder is perfectly fine and won't get you on any sort of list unless maybe you preface it with, "How do I..."


Don't worry, there will always be porn


If you break the protocol and actually read the article you’d learn that traditional style search is still available through bing


Hey BingGPT, what's the best way of dealing with depression? Google: Call 988! Bing: First find a strong enough rope that can hold your body weight, then...


Aha, a news article about how amazing Bing is from… windowscentral. Of course


Because they should just bury their head in the sand a pretend it doesn’t work? ….. or what?




Well Microsoft did just invest $10 billion into OpenAI so this is to be expected


They've been connected with OAI for quite a while. Funny that OpenAIs transformer tech is based off a paper published by Google by Google engineers. A lot can be said about Google but not keeping that tech proprietary is pretty cool.


This is exciting - bing already isn’t a bad search engine, sometimes I prefer it to google, even, for things like image search and well, less clutter. But this will change - Bing will dominate if Google doesn’t have a similar competing offering. Mostly I’m just worried about Wikipedia.


Worried in that AI generated entries will dominate and replace the existing material? Or something else?


I guarantee you Google has a decent response. A Google engineer, Askar Vaswani, wrote the paper that introduced the transformer architecture that gpt 3 and its previous iterations are built on. Google was developing AI four years before OpenAI was founded. I would be amazed if they don't have an AI on par with chatgpt. They fired that guy for saying it was sentient for christ sake. They *have* something you can talk to and I bet we see it before the end of the year. People think search engines will be replaced by chatbots, but that's not exactly what will happen I think. They are two very different things, and yes a lot of the things people search for now are better answered by something like chatgpt, but search engines will have their place as well. I don't think most people understand what these LLMs will make possible just like people didn't realize what search engines and the internet in general made possible. They are too big a part of our lives to suddenly disappear. Im extremely interested to see how Microsoft adjusts Bing to utilize this tech. Will they just completely replace the search box with a chat box? Will it be a combination of some kind? Will it be a whole new thing? One of the articles I read said that when it leaked it was just a chat bot box that replaced the search box and it responded conversationaly like chatgpt but also cited sources. It supposedly asks questions as well, which seems to be a game changer which is crazy because this game just started. It does seem like having a combination of traditional search and a LLM is the way to go, maybe with an additional model or two to readjust after the search. It's also crazy that gpt-3 is just one model acting on its own with a particular set of data and nothing outside of that. Eventually, and I'm guessing soon, models will be integrated with other systems and probably other models as well and become even more powerful. I don't see why that can't be done right now. I've been following tech pretty closely since I was a kid buying maximum pc and I haven't been this excited about anything since I saw the initial iPhone presentation. The only other thing was using the internet for the first time as a kid. I really think shit is about to get crazy. A lot of people that know the details of how chatgpt works tend to downplay the tech. "It's wrong all the time, " "It's just trying to bullshit you, " "It's just doing this..." "Not new tech" are all things I've heard said about chatgpt. It's definitely not wrong all the time, you just have to be cateful. It is kind of trying to bullshit you. What it's doing *is* very impressive. And if this is not new tech then the first iPhone wasn't new tech. All the things built into the iPhone existed before the iPhone. Apple figured out how to put all those things together in a very helpful way and literally changed how most people live their lives and I really think that is what openai just kicked off. Sorry to rant, but this stuff has me super excited. Wikipedia will be fine. The worst that could happen is that it's broken down into smaller subject wiki. I certainly got some stuff wrong so if you know where, please let me know.


What happens to ChatGPT if there's no Wikipedia is the more pertinent question, IMO. If this succeeds in taking down all the conventional knowledge sharing platforms, it will have nothing to train off of.


You are incorrect. Bing will never dominate anything ever


If you use VPN., Bing doesn’t make you do annoying captchas constantly like Google does.


Why not?


The no. 1 thing searched for on Bing is “google.” True story. Probably.


It doesn’t matter how good it is, if they keep insisting on calling it bing, no one will use it.


Change it to Der Bingle


Well, that’s not true


Sadly it kind of has some truth to it. Language is a powerful thing and being able to say "Oh just Google it" has qualities that "Oh just Bing it" doesn't when read or spoken. With few exceptions, most names follow a two-syllable pattern for a reason. Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (commonly spoken as Insta for this very reason). Snapchat sometimes gets called Snap but it's intended to be used as a noun aka "did you see my story on Snap?" and not as often as a verb, though possible. Bing is a one-syllable word that ends in a velar stop and allows for no creative license (a la Insta/Snap). If it can't be worked into a conversation seriously, how ever do you propose it works its way into the mainstream?


I was a heavy Alta-Vista user, as was pretty much everyone who had a clue, when Google showed up and was instantly far better. It was embarassing to tell people about this new search engine, they thought you were joking. Virtually everyone said 'oh they'll have to change the name, dumb students'. Now it's so ordinary nobody even thinks twice about 'googling' something. Bing's inability to overhaul google never had anything to do with the name.


I've seen a few people say this in this post but my own experience was different. Nobody questioned that it was called Google. Maybe you'd have someone make sure they heard the word correctly, but everyone in my time was happy with the name.


Wasn't Apple chosen because Steve Jobs had a borderline fruit fetish and Steve wanted a name in the phonebook that was listed before Atari?






Bing 2: Electric Booglu




Go wait in the car Dad


I agree with this. Bings brand has some serious issues. It may be appropriate for them to rebrand it now.


Insisting? Just don't call it by name. It's not like you say "I'm going to Jetta over to the store."


I do.


I’m into any search engine that provides an actual, succinct, text-based answer instead of a half dozen 10-minute YouTube videos with an answer buried somewhere inside. Bing it on.


Ask Jeeves has returned!


This is the modern-day version of search engine battles like Alta Vista, Dog Pile and Ask Jeeves. 😱


Last I heard, 100% of Alta Vista's traffic was coming from Pawnee, Indiana.


If bing starts giving search results by relevance instead of who paid for SEO i’ll make the switch,


I'm excited for this. I already like using bing because I find the results I need, and I get the rewards for it. Google doesn't do that, but uses my data all the same. If I have no choice in the matter, I prefer to at least benefit from it.


What rewards do you get for using bing?




That’s interesting, I might have to make the switch


I used to turn my points in and get Xbox gift cards that I could use to buy Xbox live gold


microsoft bing, can you download firefox for me?


Wondering if other Bing based SE (DDG?) will also benefit from it


yes, "leak"


What else would they call their attempt to not take responsibility for potentially controversial market research?


This could be a game changer


Goodbye Internet. Hello force fed information with a new and improved taste!


> All info it references will be cited along the bottom of the chat bubble, so you can click into websites to learn more if you wish. Goodbye reading, hello imagining things from a headline and freaking out


Maybe rebrand Bing? I can't speak for others but Bing for me is a brand known better as a poor man's Google.


Nice’ I can’t wait to remove bing from my toolbar!


Sounds like Ask Jeeves


I already use bing cuz it gives you free points you can redeem for gift cards just for searching


So this is how we stop AI....bing


uh-huh "leak" sure m$, whatever.




I'd be totally willing to switch to a search engine that's actually a fucking search engine at this point, fuck Google. Their garbage ass flagship service that ignores your search terms in favor of serving you ads, or trends. Thing your looking for have a similar or SLIGHTLY similar name to something popular? Good luck. Not happening. You know it's bad when you can think back to Google a decade or so ago and realize the search engine was like, 20x better than it is now. Not to mention all the fake sites/grifters who use search engine optimization to hoard search results for their malware or spyware. So tired of this "you are the product" nonsense. I'd even be willing to pay for a search engine like that that doesn't fuckin exist to harvest my data and serve me no real purpose because it misses what I'm searching over half the time. The first day I had tracking protection on my phone turned on, Google tried to track me over 300,000 times. And they can't even have their fucking search work properly, in exchange for wanting that data on me in real fucking time.


Finally a legitimately good reason to use Bing! It’s crazy how Bing sucked so much for so many years and now it’s about to leapfrog Google by light years. Hater to lover


Oh shit, someone’s gonna use bing now!


How is Bing even still relevant? Go away Bing.


Better porn results.


Hey, his name is Chandler. He is like he is and It's clearly fault of his parents


That's Mrs. Chanandler Bong to you, sir.


Why do you care lol. It’s okay to have options for stuff. In fact it what makes things better even - mind blowing stuff I know


Yeah let's just monopolize, which is famously great for consumers


Why so much hate in all of you for Bing? No, really. Especially in time when Google search results only become worse and worse with each year.


do you know why google searches have steadily gotten worse and worse over time? they're a monopoly. we need more competition to make sure these companies aren't nickel-and-diming customers.


I don’t care if Satya comes to my house and gives me the worlds best sloppy, there’s nothing that’s going to make me use Bing


What if Satya paid Margot Robbie to give you a sloppy. Would you use Bing?


How do I sign up?


Why the fuck would I want to "chat" with bing?


Bruh… it’s not chatting. It can just use the system of ChatGPT to make searching significantly better on Bing. It kind of sounds like you don’t understand ChatGPT.


> New features such as natural language search, chatting with Bing, and much more are on the way. I'm talking about a specific feature mentioned in the article that sounds pointless and absurd to me, not the integration as a whole. It kind of sounds like you didn't RTFA.