teammates absorbing melee hits and rockets


They should disable melees hitting your teammates at least in DeGroot Keep because one immortal demo sitting in the corner on last cap chopping everyone down is just not fair.


Always gotta love the fat heavies absorbing all your hits and you both die.


Is that why this happens!? I thought it was only rockets but this makes a lot a lot of sense


Eplosives dont collide with teammates If they do its a spy


If they collide they just unspawn


Melee is technically a form of hit scan, which is also absorbed by your team. It's probably a case of Source Spaghetti, rather than an actual intended mechanic


For melee, yeah, it's terrible, but for rockets, isn't it made so you can't just stack soldiers in a tight space ?


IIRC it actually doesn't work when your rocket hasn't travel far enough, so in a way its the exact opposite of that I think.


Well why shouldn't you stack soldiers in a tight space?


Because they could all get blown up by explosives, it's better to spread out


god i fucking hate this one for rockets especially


Imagine this: You're top scoring, the game's almost over, and you're capping the last point. ​ "You are now defending! The teams have been auto-balanced" ​ "You Failed!"


Remember when they removed auto in Meet Your Match thinking it was no longer necessary? I blame MYM’s failure and the dilapidated mess the TF2 matchmaker is in now for us having to deal with this mess. *Again.* MYM was this game’s worst major update, period.


same update where you get cooldowns for ABANDONING CASUAL MATCHES


When I’m top scoring and get autobalanced. The team I get autobalanced to always kicks me.


Do you play sniper or spy? Because those classes generate some major salt


Scout. I use to mge and beat the top comp players quite a bit. So I kind of understand why they get salty over me. But it still sucks that getting autobalanced almost always means I get kicked.


Do you go lime scout or laugh taunt? That can really tilt people


A good Scout is almost impossible to beat 1v1, so it doesn't surprise me that people get salty over it


"Ah yes today I feel like playing the Demoman from Team Defense Fort 2...oh, nevermind, they have three scouts." And a pyro.


**Laughs in engineer**


A sentry with perfect tracking is not a 1v1 lol


Sentry is created using PDA, a tool that takes weapon slot. It's like special ability of the class, same stuff like Spy's watches and knife, Medic Medi Gun, Sniper's sniper rifle and others, so it counts as weapon and not companion or minion that turns duel into 2 vs 1 Engi was also designed that way: a guy who helps other classes by providing heal, fast movement and area control/cover. His special traits is that he is pretty standart speed, low health and has more gun. Leaving him without his speciality is like leaving scout without double jump and speed(haha fat scout). We have to take each part and trait of class to judge their abilities and power and do it fairly So it's fair duel, 1 vs 1, in which engi wins


Engineer mains when someone says fighting with a aimbot is not a 1v1


Nope. I go default or gibus. I only use the laugh taunt when someone is getting salty over me in chat.


I miss when the game asked you if you want to join the opposite team, cause the player number isn't balanced instead of just random picking somone without a warning.


Unfortunately that system also sucked because it basically meant there was no autobalance, like who actually said yes


I would. Losing doesn't bother me, and I like being the underdog. Joining a team that's way behind and even getting close to evening that score by the end is fun. Plus, if someone on your team is annoying you, and autobalance suddenly moves you to opposite teams, shooting them in the face is now not only possible, but encouraged.


it’s a necessary evil that it’s sudden. even when it gave you a choice, i bet 95% of people said no and the system was forced to swap someone over randomly. all it did was save your own skin. at least now (and before) it cuts the middle man.


Well you also gotta blame the players who leave before the round finished. They’re the ones who even let auto-balance happen in the first place


I have no issues with autobalance, I just have issues with getting auto-balanced RIGHT WHEN THE GAME IS OVER


ey, if I'm not having a good time I see no reason to stay!




They need to make it so that in the last 30 seconds you can't get autobalanced




there should be a thing that you can't be balanced while the cart is moving or while the cart is in the 2nd half of the map.


Or when the timer is like.. less than 2 minutes or something I dunno, balance me in a new round sure, but not near the end after I worked so hard :/


To be fair I think auto balancing is a necessary evil since I recall they changed it to where it was voluntary and you'd usually end up with extremely lopsided teams, it got so bad they eventually changed it back.


f2p chat they cant edit: I'm one of em


this is another example of valve's utter incompetence. they couldnt be bothered to fix the bot crisis, so they just made majority of people not able to talk just so a small percentage of bots are not able to spam. what kinda logic is that?


Who tf even cares about bots spamming. It's annoying, sure, but Valve doesn't seem to realize that they can instantly headshot you too.


It was never really a good idea in the first place.


I mean yeah there were better options, but at the same time, it wasn’t an unreasonable patch on the problem.


It didn't even work because mic bots are still a thing (though less common now, it seems)


i always wanted to say "random crit funny" but i can't :(


im actually glad you cant say that tbh


Like Valve please at least let us have voice lines to warn of spies or ask for healing


This I REALLY don't get. Like fine, I can get the text chat maybe, cuz ya know, bots, but the voice lines can't even be spammed that much.


Legit djdnt even stop the bots from using vc or binding in chat, it was just like one big middle finger to our comrades in gibbus


They really saw the opportunity to make buck and took it. Bet this “temp” restriction will never be lifted.


Yeah of course I need to spend money in game as well to talk, the 25+ games I payed for in my library don't count


yes this was sooooo annoying. my steam account is a decade old, and i recently came back to tf2 after maybe a 1-2 yr absence. i was so confused for like a week straight because i couldn't talk in chat at all.


Contracs not saving when your kicked


Contracts should be saved after 10 minutes just in case the match is 5cp or some shit and it keeps going back and forth


Or 2fort of course


Lmao i did my 2fort contract a while ago and got kicked so many times for trying to end the gane after 7 hours. I fucking hated it


Holy shit 7 hours. My longest 2fort is only like 2.5hrs. I can’t imagine dicking around for 7 hours


My longest one was 9 hours i think. Worst part was that i had an exam the next morning and only slept like 4 hours. Lmao


Gotta get those late night trickstabs am I right?


I think i never played serious after 2 hours. I always just train trimping or be friendly and chat


The lack of team scramble. I’ve had so many casual games where my team got utterly crushed, hardly able to leave spawn or capture the first point! So frustrating when the matchup is just completely doomed.


We had that function before but literally no one ever voted yes so it remains unused What annoys me is they fucked up voting so bad now, before everyone on the server can vote to kick someone or not, so enemy team can actually do something if there’s a cheater on your team, now you join a game and see a bot, you can’t even kick until 2 min in when more bots join and swarms the server with f2.


Seriously! The 2-minute wait is the absolute worst. I think that was implemented to counter bots calling false votes, but it only made it harder to get them out of the game. The fact it seems like they can lag games again is scary...


Team balance just 50 exp is fricked up


Its 500 exp i think. Now it sounds better tho amiright?


Reminder that the xp literally is useless anyway.


Just like wins and losses in casual.


Not wrong.


Dopamine vs no dopamine is kind of a big deal


Wow you’re rank might level up because everyone cares about that right?


Boss spawn ramp up. I don’t understand why being quick about killing Merasmus means he needs to come back twice as fast next time. Fuck Ghost Fort.


Fucking skeletons on any halloween map. They are dumb, annoying to fight against, have the most annoying laughs possible and they aren't even that satisfying to kill. I hate these motherfuckers more than anything from thus game.


Also depending on the class you're playing, theyre either stupid easy to kill or absolute hell to even damage


I was just thinking about that. Playing as Demo I just pop a sticky down and detonate it, freeing myself from the skeletons. When playing Scout I just cannot hit them for the life of me and just have to flee or die


God forbid you're sniper, spy, or med


As a medic main, it's the worst, but I guess I deserve it, considering how I lost my medical license.


Also as a medic main, they're just fukin annoying, you can easily outrun them but that takes sooooo much pointless timeee


And outrunning them usually means you're more likely to end up in an undesirable spot on the battlefield.




They're an auto spy-checker because if you're disguised and dying to them but not fighting back, you're obviously a spy.


fr, would be less annoying if they at least had a health bar


Skull issue.


I’m probably the only one but I dislike a lot of the things that come with Scream Fortress in general, the Skeletons are annoying, bosses can be fun but spawn way too much (Looking at you Monoculus on Eyeaduct.) and a lot of the spells are outright unfun to fight, like that one stupid spell that can stun lock you… who thought adding that was a good idea?!


There was a match I played on Ghost Fort where Merasmus was coming like less than a minute after we killed him… we got to Level 10 (I think?) before one team finally won. Everyone in the game was kinda annoyed but we were all laughing about it.


I'm fairly sure I was in that game lol


I hate that one fireball storm spell. Cause it's practically a insta-kill. It's especially annoying on Carnival of Carnage where it's the only thing capable of killing you while you're teleported to the middle.


"But muh caputus crepitus"


They also have such low FPS compared to everything else in the game, it really looks off!


It would be a lot better if shooting them had more impact than a wet paper towel.


wanna know whats more annoying? tiny skeletons, i swear to fucking god you could shove 12 point blank shots from a shotgun up their ass it it does no damage WHY ARE THESE FUCKERS IN THE GAME


"You are now on red/blu!"


There goes the sentry nest I spent the past 3 minutes trying to set up


Alternatively, you just destroyed the enemy sentry nest that was holding back your team, and then you get auto balanced.


I think engineer and medic are the worst classes to be autobalanced as. Not only for how long it takes for you to set up, but also how you feel more personally attached to the team that is trying to help you.




You were on red. Now your on blu. You thought you were winning? Well get kicked for it too!


Grenade launcher having 6 barrels


Just give the Grenade Launcher 6 pipes, see? I have fixed the problem and there's no consequences to this whatsoever


The Loch n Load having 2 barrels


Loading in one and shooting with the other


Demo's drunk, that's why he only loads 4


That's actually a really good explanation and totally something one of the comic writers would say


Coming from using the pre-built TF2 version in SFM, demo had 6 pipes, so this version likely existed in a beta form or early version of the game. Loch and load used to have two pipes up until 2014-2015 (since the damage buff back then was supposed to compensate, ended up just being OP), where it was extended.


That's game design not a game mechanic. The reason, if you're curious, is that he used to have 6 shots but they changed it prior to release and never changed the model.


I'm pretty sure demo actually had 6 pipes when the game launched


The Back Scatter's accuracy penalty


Seriously, this thing would see comfortably more use if the accuracy penalty was gone. The clip penalty was enough in the first place. In fact, get rid of one of the penalties and leave the other. I don't care which, just get rid of one and I'll be content.


Yeah, I wanna have actual fun with my penis gun


For me, it's the fact that teammates can be hit by melee in fights.


I love it when there's a demo sitting in the corner on DeGroot Keep last cap taking 0 damage while everyone tries to smack him.


Probably backstab registration because you can get backstabbed by very wacky situations


I once saw someone who probably was just making his internet be absolutely terrible somehow to basically cheat as spy in a 10x server.


Spy in 10x servers are basiclly cheating


Yeah but this dude had a average of 830 to 880 ping and definitely looked like he knows what he was doing.




Frustrating for sure, but the more you know about backstabs and hurtbox registration the more it makes sense. It seems like bs but good spies are baiting you at every opportunity to face the wrong way. Spies that raise interp settings have a special place in hell though.


Crits being givin to a team that just captured the intelligence


"You're doing really well, and already destroyed the enemy defenses! Here, now you can sweep the floor with them for absolutely free!"


i think the idea was that the responsible players'd be on the other side of the map but it just... didnt work


Yeah I never understood that, if anything the team that just lost the intel should be getting the crits instead to push out the team that just capped.


I think it’s so they get rewarded and that the other team can’t push on them for risking it on offense, but that’s stupid


If you’re too close to your Sticky Bombs, they will kill you first instead of the enemy.


They should legit decide that they would kill everyone including yourself if your near them


Random bullet spread


i swear once i was playing scout and it took 5 shots to get this one afk player, i mean i running around him and firing like a bitch but im just gonna blame it on bullet spread to save me some embarrassment


I hate bullet spread more than random crits


Obvious answer: Random crits and bullet spread Less obvious answer: How they handle melee. I dunno of a more efficient way of doing them but the current way surely ain't it cheif. We've all had those had one moments where that melee definetely hit, hit sound and all but it just didn't register. It happens too much, the melee is broken. Skymin probably explained it best.


I agree, though the reason melee makes a hit sound is because the client aka you, hit the opponent on your side, but the same didn't happen server side. If there's one thing I'd change, it'd be to change it so the sound plays when the server confirms that you did indeed hit them.


Also whenever someone hits you with their melee when you’re very obviously behind them or to the side of them, I guess that’s more of a spy issue (since I’m pretty bad at matadors and I’m still trying to learn them) but I feel like sometimes there were times where my butter knife should have been a backstab but then I get hit while they’re not even looking at me


On the other side of the spectrum, I think most have seen crazy melee hits that look like they never should have connected, but do. I have a post with one, as a matter of fact. That's always fun, too.


Speaking of melee, it's utter bullshit that the melee damage completely disappears when you hit a team mate. Like you're fighting someone and your team mate comes in the way and none of your hits register. It's so bad that a single person can abuse this when fighting multiple enemies and he could have the advantage. To really see this in action, go to those zombie medic vs engineer servers and see how an entire army of medics are defeated by a single dispenser placed at a door because the medics are hitting each other instead of the dispenser with their saws.


That jetpack pyro can pick up the intel


But sticky jumper demo cant


In their defense, Thermal Thruster isn't nearly as spammable as Sticky Jumper


Right, but all you need is to get halfway, then you've basically got it.


That is what we call a “ThermalThruster” moment


I'm surprised no one has said backstabs. There were sooo many times I was directly behind an enemy and the game said "yeah no, that's not a backstab".


The Back Burner is also a bitch about when you are and aren’t behind an enemy


backburner and holiday punch are just needlessly more restrictive than backstabs, backstabs register on the entire 180 degrees back hitbox, whereas backburner and holiday punch require facing the same direction as the person you're hitting


>whereas backburner and holiday punch require facing the same direction as the person you're hitting i get that for the backburner because flame particles can ricochet but the holiday punch? that shit should have *more* leniency than backstabs, imo


That comes down to lag and your network config mostly, but unfortunately, it's not something you could even fix.


Random Bullet spread, why should we be punished for shooting?


Yes, this makes the panic attack which has fixed spread or any shotgun that fires only one pellet superior to shotguns that have random bullet spread


Melee mechanics, any spy/demokhight mains know that Also rondom critics


Don't remind me.


Stun & slow down effects, you can probably guess why I feel that


Natascha goes brrrrr


Last I heard, Natascha goes YATATATATATATATA


It’s bugged and the slowness doesn’t take effect if they spam A&D


You poor scout. No worries, I know that feeling, too.


Nah. Slow is required to deal with some stuff (Demoknight and good Scouts) Stun, like what ghosts and the old Sandman used to do, were broken as fuck, and I hate it


Casual. ( not because of bots ) You wait to enter in a game. Once the game is found, you are in the loosing team where every one left, 20 seconds remaining. Then, after a few seconds, the round ends and you get killed by the enemy team. Then we wait 60 seconds for bugged map vote where only few players can vote. Then the map load, and finally you will soon be able to play ! Just let's wait for 60\~90 sec for players to connect. Ok, the warmup end, and now we can finally start the 60 sec setup time..... And THEN we can play the game !


Why don't we have the option to choose wether or not we join mid-game? Like MvM have that, why doesn't Casual?


I usually go to community servers like Skial to experience the pre-casual system. Gone are the days of 20-19 round games of Valve 2fort


and then when the new match loads you find out everyone left and then a dozen sniper bots join


add valve servers back to the server browser


random crits


Friendlies blocking your melee hits. FUCK THAT


The fact that you can see the outline of your team for a few seconds after respawning. No idea what the point of this feature is, but it's a pain in the ass for spies.


Stun effects (slow is ok; stun is ok on taunt kills). Luckily, these stuns have mostly been removed (the old sandman was fun to use but a chore to play against).


don't even try to tell me the natasha's slow effect is anywhere near fun to fight


I preferred the old sandman to Natasha


At least The Sandman required you to be precise, Heavy’s Miniguns are incredibly easy to use and as such you can just stunlock someone at close range without giving them a chance to run.


It is annoying, but I don't really take issue with it. Just retreat and come back into the fight unnoticed by the heavy. If you are pinned by it, you were out of position anyway and should be punished for that, imo.


The way damage is calculated, you and teammates take priority for your own explosives somehow, it's weird. Soundsmith talked about it in his demoman videos.


This is a pretty small thing, but i like collecting full strange loadouts and i hate how strange skins have the color of the skins rarity instead of that nice orange.


Other people have already said this, but end-of-game autobalance is the worst by far. Random crits take #2, regular autobalance takes #3, and VAC takes #4.


Too many maps have horrible chokepoints


The removal of the vote to scramble teams; and changing which team you're on


every one saying meele, or outobalance, but fuck that. want to know the real worst mechanic? soundmakers. or noicemakers. the 2 of them that are infinite, and vuvuzuela (aka, the only noicemakers left in existance that don't cost 20 dollars) They make noice, pretty anoying and useless, but want to know something? they have limited uses! it's just an useless feature honestly.




[deep breath in] ####***MISLEADING*** ##***MELEE*** #***HITREG***


Random crits




Any kind of movement negation mechanic (e.g. Swarm of Bats spell)




Crits and bullet spread at number 2


One thing I don't see people mention very often in the random crit debate is how it feels to be on the receiving end as medic. Ubersaw crits are funny and all but the amount of times I've then lost a full Uber to a random crit sticky or rocket at full health is painful


Oh, I know that feeling. Try running around with 40 heads and getting killed by a melee random crit. It is soul crushing.


Demoknight is honestly the subclass that suffers most from random melee crits. You choose to specialize in melee and earned critical hits only to have every battle live and die based on your opponents random melee crits. Its especially painful when you choose a melee with no random crits.


As someone who plays way too much Demoknight, I'm not at all pleased to tell you you're right on the money. Send help.




*swings wrench*


Another dumb thing about random crits is being the receiving end AGAINST a medic. You get behind the medic able to drop their uber and win the game, then the game chooses to invalidate your efforts and kill you instantly just because you wanted to kill the medic and they pulled out the ubersaw.


What I hate about random crits is they're not at all random. Like dealing more damage builds your chance of getting crits, so pro players are just going to be puking crits out constantly and cleaning house. Oh and melee weapons have a much higher crit chance, where the damage dealt can increase the crit rate up to **60%**. This is why we have medics who fearlessly run head first into a Pyro and kill them with an Uber saw crit because they're confident they're going to get a crit.


Random Crits. I love dying when I shouldnt of or getting an undeserved kill.


Don't we all. (Especially when I play Demoknight. Playing with no chance of getting a \*random crit for hours on end really nails in how much of a flaw it is to ruin someone's hard work due to something they could never have seen coming (and regret your subclass choice).)


Scotman's Skullcutter is your best friend. Random crits on a long range melee weapon.


Random crits without question Bring it on boys


Snipers potential. Having the ability the deal 150 damage instantly from anywhere on the map is something that no class should be able to do. Even if it requires an insane amount of skill


The devs obviously didn’t anticipate how good people will get at the game.


This is applicable to demoman's weapon arsenal too. Valve intended stickybombs to be used for traps and pipes for combat. But players realized that it's better to spam with stickies and right click because a explosive missed becomes an area denial mechanic and coverage strategy. Not saying that I hate this playstyle, because I use it and every half decent demo does too, but please people learn to aim pipes too! /rant


The difference is that sniper can keep on firing while stickies take forever to reload. In the right hands the sniper rifle is a lot more oppressive than a sticky spammer. There are a lot more counter play against sticky spammers.


Exactly this ↑ I'm tired when a high rank sniper main join the match because it's hard to counter that player and if he's on your team will steal and take all the kills for him and him only. When a high rank demo joins on the other hand and he's a pipe master it's sometimes fascinating how he hits those shots but you can still counter him.


Yep most snipers never charge their shot they just quickscope twice because it's faster than waiting it to charge The quickscope damage should be reduced, or the damage of the sniper rifle should decrease with range The closest the enemy is, the less damage it will do it


wouldn’t really say a feature but still #Voice communication is not available for this account. like holy shit just because im a f2p doesn’t mean i’m a bot


'Random' Crits. They are no more random than a lottery where people who won the lottery before get double the chance to win is random. It may be picked randomly, but over time the previous winners will win twice as often, thus predictable and not random. If it was random with a limiter on how long a lucky streak of crits could last and every noob and killstreak god had the same chance of criticals and not "you are playing better so we are going make you even more powerful". This would lead to lower ranked players being more willing to take on higher end players as there is always a chance that they might win the crits lottery and be useful to their team instead of feeling like they are playing against a hacker or a player they have no chance against and getting discouraged and leaving matches. Removing crits is fine for more experienced players or players on more balanced teams that are playing well together, or at least as well as the other team is. However when player skill level gets askew or tryhards slam casual players, or even a pub stomp is happening, No crits takes away a defence a lower skill or more casual player has.


Random crits, and auto balance sometimes. I’d also say telephrag but it’s way too uncommon to be considered OP or annoying


Nah telephraging is really funny