Never buy anything from the man co store except 5 dollars woth of keys to get you premium, everything there besides the keys amd mvm tickets is overpriced and you can trade for it, for a much smaller price


Ok thx


Don't listen to the guy above. You don't need to buy $5.00 worth of items. All that is required is that you need to buy **anything** from the in-game (mann co) store. The cheapest item is $0.74, but is almost worthless for resell value, and the best deal is a mann co ticket or key (keeps almost all resell value). Again, you don't need to buy $5.00 worth of items, you just need to spend any money in the mann co store.


Ok... Thx


I agree with the first guy, you can buy a key and go to scrap.tf website to trade it for weapons or cosmetics that you choose You can also sell your items if you get more than one on that website Also be careful that the websites you go to to trade arent scams because the economy in this game can be transferred to real life money (sometimes even thousands of dollars) so there will be scammers if you have expensive things (which you dont so you dont have to wory about it) So basically even though you will have to pay like 3 dollars, its way more worth it to get keys


You need steam unlimited to chat, just buying something will give you premium but if you didn’t 5 dollars to your wallet before, you’re stuck with a free steam account and you won’t be able to talk. I suggest adding 5 dollars or equivalent, buy 1 key, buy a second key from SCM and then spend the rest on other shit


The jungle inferno contractor is also useful tbh


well then it should be a tour of duty ticket, because it can be sold any time with minimal loss. or one key, come on 2$ is nothing these days, yet you can get all the unlocks for it.


I believe the reason people say $5 is because the minimum wallet fund deposit amount on steam is $5. If you're purchasing a game for $3.99, you have to purchase $5 in wallet funds. If it's $7, you don't need to spend $10, you can pay for it in exact money. Just under $5 is where it forces you to do that.


I spent my five dollars on the amputator


You can get weapons for basically nothing in scrap.tf , never buy off the Mann co store


I used it to buy my rights


I don't think I can get the taunt I want for any cheaper sadly


Bien amigo, primero que todo tienes que configurar tu tf2 a tu gusto, instálale cfg si necesitas mas fps, cambia de hud si no te sientes cómodo con la preterminada entre otras cosas, también trata de jugar calmadamente a veces hay que ser estratégicos y hacer buenas jugadas con el equipo y no ragees. (también te recomiendo tener el juego en ingles, los nombres, voces y demás suena mejor en ingles, **solo es una recomendación).** Voy empezar a hablar de la estrategia básica de algunas clases según mi experiencia. (+1000 hrs) **Scout**: trata de flanquear el enemigo o atacarlos por la espalda, ya que si atacas frontalmente morirás fácilmente tienes poca salud, también usa la velocidad y el doble salto a tu favor, como scout debes tener buena puntería/aim. **Soldier:** no es complicado solo es saberle al rocketjump y tener buena puntería, también usa las armas adecuadamente( rocketlauncher=medio alcance, shotgun/meele=corto alcance), no olvides de usar la shotgun con los pyros. **Pyro**: solo es saberle al m2, tener buenos reflejos y usar armas adecuadas(para mi es la clase mas fácil pero la mas difícil de dominar). **Demoman:** como demoman debes ser bueno con las pipes/granadas trata de atinar todas, usa las stickies tanto ofensiva como defensivamente se ingenioso con las trampas(no las pongas en todo el piso para que el enemigo las vea nadie va caer a eso o bueno la mayoría) y no te reúses a usar tu meele la vas a necesitar mucho. **Heavy:** ten buen posicionamiento y buena puntería, siempre revisa tu espalda y no mantengas en lugares abiertos por mucho tiempo, como por lo general vas a lidiar con muchos enemigos debes clasificarlos por importancia de la siguiente manera: \-Heavy=mas peligroso \-Sniper=no van estar en tu línea de alcance, si lo ves trata de no darle la cara. \-Soldier=no es tan peligroso a veces pero te mata fácil \-Demoman=lo mismo que el soldier \-Spy=es peligroso si solo eres desprevenido \-Pyro=a vces es solo inofensivo \-Scout=si tienes buena puntería no te molestaran \-Medic=solo si va con buen equipo \-Engineer=solo si va con buen equipo Bien no cuento las demás por dos cosas, me canse de escribir y aun no se manejar bien las demás, espero disfrutes cada cosa de este maravilloso juego. **Hasta la proxima**


Ostia... Muchas gracias por todo esto me viene muy bien... Si no lo has copiado de ningun sitio te digo que te lo has currado a tope solo para ayudarme... Gracias


I have no idea what are you talking about but it feels helpful, thanks i guess


Yeah It's very helpful that is the rwason why I gave him an award


Media hora de uncle dane en un comentario, vaya


As engineer buildings are like your children hit them to make them work harder.


LMAO Kids work in every macth


Advice in what part of the game? Cause i could go on for hours with advice otherwise


Everything pls... I like medic a lot... I give 12000 of health per macth


I don't know a lot of medic but: Try to spread heals as much as possible, stay with team, prioritize yourself, don't die trying to save 1 guy. Overheal as much as possible especially soldiers, demos, snipers.


Dont ignore overheals, its very important to give teammates like scouts and others who you arent actively healed some extra health, if someone hasn't taken damage for a while you heal them like 3x faster so its not even usually a hinderance to you. If you uber and its running out and your ubered teammate isn't backing up then you'll need to leave him, you're more important than them. This applys to anyone you are healing who is pushing too hard Also get the crusaders crossbow whenever you can, its a primary for medic and it allows you do shoot crossbow bolts that can heal teammates from a distance, also get the ubersaw if you can its more useful than the bonesaw. ​ If you see a sniper in the distance stay out of his line of sight because he will prioritise you. If you have uber and you're about to die don't be afraid to use it even if its on a scout, its better to use it than not use it and die. If you are ubering someone to destroy a sentry move forward in front of them and crouch and make the sentry hit you instead ad the person targeting it will get knocked back otherwise.


Thx for the advices


Heal everyone when you r not in a fight, build Uber and when 1 player os over healed, heal someone else or your Uber build rate is will be cut in half. In a fight mainly heal the power classes (pros, heavies, soldier , demos) but if you can get the scouts and spies out of the red zone(above 100 hp). If you see your engineer always overheal him(unless in a intense fight) then continue healing the power classes. If you see a lvl teleporter at spawn, switch to engie class and upgrade the teleporter to lvl 3 using the spawn resupply. Then switch back to whatever class u were playing. Just because someone has cool cosmetics doesn't always mean he is good


Go to the extra settings and turn on "healing without holding the shoot button" or something like that


Nunca usa "Tu Eterna Recompensa" con el "Duplicante".


Por? Y que es?


Mi español no es tan bueno y no tengo tiempo para explicar detalladamente, pero son armas para el espía que no van bien juntas.


Ok... Gracias por el consejo y por habermelo traducido... Thank you for the advice and for traducing it to me


de nada :) estoy estudiando español en colegio, y pensé que usaría lo que he aprendido


I need to practice my english too XD... Where are you from?


soy sueco :)


Nice... Why do you study Spanish?


Because my school forces me to do it :) I still have a lot to learn


Oh... If you need something tell me and I could help you


isn't spanish only mandatory here up until 9th grade? how the shit is yours so good??


1. Uso google translate 2. Aprendo en mi tiempo libre B)


here’s some things to know: if you ever see a bunch of snipers/heavies spinning in circles with a copypasted name, it’s a bot. Unfortunately casual is overrun by bots and valve isn’t doing anything about it. But if you leave and join a new server, you’ll probably find a safe one without bots. Make sure to fix your viewmodels and fov, there’s some tutorials about your settings that you can find on YouTube. Never buy things from the Mann co store, except when getting a premium account i reccomend you to buy a key or a mvm ticket since they have almost the same amount of resell value. Try to buy things off of places like the steam marketplace and marketplace.tf, my personal favorite is mannco.store. if you ever wanna get into trading there are good websites like backpack.tf and scrap.tf. I reccomend to not sell things on scrap.tf cause you probably will lose value.


Thank you for the advices... Today I found a match full of those bots... They copied my name... And thx for giving me the trading website names :)


There is also an alternative to Casual, which is Community Servers. I often frequent European Uncletopia servers, but those might not be suitable for a newbie.


I suggest before starting actual gameplay try using console commands to customize your game better. Heres tutorial: https://youtu.be/9668VxNfDYQ




You're welcome. If you need anything help. Just dm me.


👌 :)


como médico, no debes tener biast, cura a los que tienen menos salud y luego, una vez que todos estén en buena salud, ESO es cuando comienzas a seguir a la gente a la batalla (ten en cuenta que no hablo español y esto está usando el traductor de Google)


Thank you for the advice... I like medic a lot so that is a good advice for me... I usually do that and when all are good I follow a heavy


Change your settings to make you see


I'm not blind aand I don't like the graphics to be very high... Thx for answering me btw


No I mean sort out your viewmodel settings and fov settings until you feel you have enough visibility


Aaaaaaa.... Ok... I'm Spanish and sometimes I don't undertand things.... Thx for the advice :)


Nah I just worded it wrong. No problem though.


Okay i think the best way to get good at tf2 for me was to find helpful guides for the game by reliable youtubers like uncle Dane, big joey, Arrayseven etc. next was to just practice in offline mode. Finally was to just get into matches and play, even if you die or make mistakes remember that practice makes progress


Yep... Thx for the advice... I think I don't need too much practice because in most matches I'm better than people who have more hours :v


I see you've medic as your flair, and I personally think it's the best class to start with, so good for you! The simplest and most effective advice I can give you is to try to always be with the bulk of your team, that way: -they can protect you (hopefully!) -they can guide you around maps while you are still learning them, so you don't get lost (you can just follow them and they will take you the right way!) -by looking at them play, you will slowly learn how the other classes and the game in general works Another very important thing in my opinion: try out every class for a time, even if you feel like you can't get anything done on them First, because you might find other roles you like a lot; But most importantly, improving at any class also makes you better at the other 8, and at the game as a whole


Thank you... Yep, I try to protect my whole team... But it's difficult because I heal them all... At least I learn new spots and ways to kill enemies... And I think I want to main medic or soldier


Nice, good luck and have fun! I love medic, it's my second main, and soldier in particular is a blast after you start learning to rocket jump


I want to learn how to rocket jump... Advices?


Simplest way to rocket jump is to jump, look backwards at the ground, press the crouch button in the air (it makes you higher), and then shoot a rocket at the ground. It will hurt you for a little damage, but it gets you far and when you eventually learn the box spawns, you will most likely be jumping near areas where a health kit will be nearby so you can replenish your lost health. I would have written all of that in Spanish, but I have the writing skills of a 1st grader in Spanish, I can only really speak it properly. I hoped it helped though!


As the other guy said, the summary is to crouch, jump and shoot at the same time. The hard part is to learn where and how to point your rocket, it takes a lot of time to develop the speed and precision to flick your view in the right angle, and to learn what the right angle is! My advice is to not beat yourself up too much while learning rocket jumping, it is VERY hard at first. Try a little of practice when you feel like it, stop when you feel frustrated. A practical advice I can give you is to download and use (or look for servers that use them, there's many) the maps jump_academy and jump_academy2 Ignore the "Easy" tag on 2, it is normal for those courses to be very hard if you are starting out. At first, I think you should practice the "Walls" course on jumpacademy and the "Strafe" course on jumpacademy2 (strafing is a very important mechanic that allows you to change direction mid-air, vital for jumping)


If you want to play on jump_academy, check out community servers that run **[jump_academy](https://teamwork.tf/community/quickplay/map/jump_academy)** (or search by [gamemode jumping](https://teamwork.tf/community/quickplay/jumping)) [view map screenshot](https://teamwork.tf/images/maps/jump_academy.jpg) ___ *Beep. Boop. I'm a bot and this message was automatically generated.*


Si ves al gordo del juego del gordo y sus amigos agachado con guantes navideños o un sanguche son amigables no te mataran dales un X + 2 y puede que te curen Ni se te ocurra comprar nada de la tienda Mann Co. (solo los mancos compran ahi ok no) las armas se pueden obtener gratis o por tradeos y los cosmeticos se pueden conseguir mas baratos en otros lugares) lo del status premium creo te lo explico otro en la thread escuchale a el No borres la gibus (la chistera noseque), la pyrovision ni la medalla de mercenario Solo porque un arma es de un logro no significa que sea mejor que las default Las flechas en los mapas grandes no estan solo de decoracion, siguelas y llegaras a donde tengas que estar Como ingeniero NO PONGAS TUS CONSTRUCCIONES (Sentry sobre todo) AL LADO DE LAS DE OTRO INGENIERO, NO ES BUENA IDEA, cubre otra area para estorbar mas al enemigo Los Ingenieros tambien pueden reparar sentries aliadas, ayuda a ese albañil muerto, estara agradecido! Activa la consola y bindea una "kill bind" (no es dificil, son 15 segundos leyendo una guia) creeme 90% de lo que hace este juego especial son las interacciones que involucran esta tecla Si te aparece el cartel de que seras autobalanceado en 5 seg escribe en la consola "retry" para reentrar en la partida, perderas todo el puntaje de la partida pero es mejor a que te condenen en el equipo perdedor Sabele al chitpost Recuerda utilizar el chat de equipo cuando estes planificando planes con tu equipo en vez del chat general El Pyro puede apagar a aliados en llamas con el click derecho (le salvaras el dia a un compañero, puede que no lo muestre pero estara muy agradecido) No borres la gibus Si ves un scout aliado medio lento NO ES UN SCOUT ALIADO ES EL EMPRESARIO ENEMIGO DALE UNA VERGIZA De hecho si ves a cualquiera de tus aliados caminado de manera extraña (no disparan/atacan, se mueven raro, tienen cara de gil) son espias, no les dejes vivir, matalos, arruinales el dia, taunteales, cagalos a puteadas en el chat, ve a sus casas y prendeselas fuego (ok a lo mejor no da para tanto pero recuerda es peligroso ignorarlos) Clases como el Spy son bastante divertidas y adictivas pero tienen una curva de aprendizaje MUY ALTA, lee unas guias y prueba su movimiento general en partidas con bots antes de llevarlas a un server normal, no te desanimes si fallas, mucha gente sabe bastante bien como hacerle counter al empresario **NO BORRES LA GIBUS** Cada navidad dan (entre otras cosas) una expansion de inventario para poder tener mas items, si te quedas sin espacio deshazte de armas repetidas o que nunca uses y como ya he mencionado... ^No ^borres ^la ^gibus Tambien las expansiones de mochila se pueden comprar, seguro que si escuchas a alguien mejor versado en trading las puedas conseguir bastante mas barato Perdon por el dump de informacion, este juego es demasiado complejo y me emociono facil, si tienes alguna duda pregunta y no, no estoy usando traductor, escribo para el orto nada mas.


Muchas gracias... Te hablo por md todas mis dudas




Thx... That is anice guide


To determine if an enemy is being friendly: -See if they have their melee out, or an item that doesn’t hurt a player. (IE: Sandvitch and Sapper) -If they’re taunting or slowly walking while crouching, they’re friendly. -It’s usually looked down upon to kill a friendly in a pub, but you don’t have to listen to anyone. -Killing a friendly is acceptable if it’s a taunt-kill, but be sure to do it only once so they don’t think that you’re farming points -Be advised that killing a friendly may anger them or their entire team. **-If an entire server is being friendly but you want to kill, it’s advised to quit and join another server, more competitive server.**


Set your weapon viewmodels FOV 70 and also try using mini viewmodels to see if you prefer that over regular ones. Also I reccomend downloading mastercomfig if you ever experience FPS drops. It does a great job of optimizing your game.


Thx for both things... I take notes :)


No problem


How can I get that character name under my name... I'd like to have medic too


Go to the home page of r/tf2, click the dots in the right corner, then “select change user flair.”


Thxx i have it




I'm going to check that sub... Thx


No problem!


Ok... Better... Because I was searching new rgings xd


Turn up your volume


I use headphones of 80 € at max volume... Sometimes my head hurts


Play who you enjoy and how you enjoy


I like medic I don't know why... People thank me for healing them... But I don't deal a lot of damage... But I prefer helping... And my other favourite character is soldier... It's easy to use


Stop here while your at at it


Never stand still. Medic, spy, engi, sniper, you gotta be on your toes. As med it'll make you harder to headshot, spy it'll make you blend in better, engi it'll help you react to spies because they won't be able to read you as easy, and sniper same as med will help on sniper 1v1s


Thx for the advice :)


my 1st advice woud be settings guide because you do wanna change change some stuff which is going to help you with overall gameplay and most likely performance for more enjoyable experience. 2nd since you're a medic main, do not feel pressured to play only him, you're allowed to switch classes if you want to 3rd stock = best (in most cases) 4th welcome to community :)


Thanks... Tomorrow I'm going to do the settings changes... And I have 1 hour with soldier... 2 with medic... 1 with scout... 1 with heavy... I think


Don't exclusively play the same class or use the same weapons/playstyle. You'll get burnt out of the game a lot faster if you do that.


Yeah... I want to play this game as much as possible because I like it... That is because I sometimes change of classes... But I still haven't use 3 of them


USE. MAX. FOV. You will hurt yourself otherwise. And always stay aware of situation on battlefield. As a sniper main, which is the most vulnerable to tunnelvision class in the game, i learned that zoning out for a second or two too long may end tragically (or comically, tf2 is random af). But mostly, play and observe other players, you'll get the basics quickly.


Ok... Thx for the advice


If you want to make your loadouts look nice, use [loadout.tf](https://loadout.tf/) to plan your loadouts I should mention that you can only use 3 cosmetics. & not all cosmetics are going to be cheap or available. Oh & loadout.tf only works on Windows PCs. No phones or MACs work


Thx for the advice




Play with bots in training mode to get basic knowledge about classes and their basics.


Thx foe the advice


hay que mover el cacharro


Que cacharro


[hay que mover el cacharro](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1BcKKFzLpk)


Bonito cacharro


**C A C H A R R O**


Don’t invest in unusuals. Not only are the value of them going to slowly deplete, but they’ll also give you a huge tatical disadvantage since snipers will be able to headshot you much easier


Un-Smart Advice: Go to your settings and change the crouch button from CTRL to Shift. This made me rocket jumping easier. Smart Advice: Open the dev console and change your viewmodel with tf\_min\_use\_viewmodel 1" and viewmodel\_fov 75


accept that you will die. you will die a lot. too many people get really heated really quickly. once you can get past that you will have much more fun with the game.


the tf2 wiki is super useful when you want to know something specific (for example, the stats of a weapon you don't have), they also have video demonstrations for weapons, cosmetics, etc on youtube.


Thx... What wiki? Wikipedia or Wiki fandom?


I was talking about wikipedia, but fandom should be useful too.


cosmetics are worthless, give them to me >:]




jaja el ibuprofeno


Whoever you want to play there is tech or advanced mechanics from airblast jump too simply the fact the heavy shoots out of his mouth that can help you improve.




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If you really want to get to a decent level, watch many tutorials on each class and rocket jumping(especially tutorials on engineer, spy, and medic. However, even after that just play the game a lot. The more maps you play and the more classes you try out the more you'll understand how people are going to react to specific situations, and where they'll go on that map. Not to mention in most situations it's crucial to know where health or ammo is at. Almost goes without saying but soldier or scout will be the easiest to play, although, if your team has at least 2 or 3 of those already then play something else. Being a crappy engineer is more helpful than a 4th scout. Lastly, don't listen to the in-game tips, many are outdated or aren't too helpful.


Remember unlocks are fun but alot of them suck stock always the a solid pick (mostly) Also when playing medic don't stand still and keep your heal target at the max distance to not get hit by the mini crit rocket that pryo just sent back at your teams soldier other medic tips Stock: puts holes in defense legit they can't kill you under Uber very good against sentry nests and pretty much anything else Quick fix: heals fast charger is weak but is built fast you don't get much over heal tho great as a #2 medic or for when your team is struggling to protect you/ team is struggling to stay alive Krits: it's very good at killing player as it gives your heal target crits but it does nothing to keep you alive it's a great option for defense as the slightly quicker charge time can be an advantages Vaccinator: hard too get used to it's the most different of the 4 but by no means bad its 4 mini charge make you very strong to one type of damage(fire, bullet, explosives) but don't do anything the one that's not currently active


Veo que hablas español así que te lo escribo asi. xD Te recomiendo comenzar con Scout y Soldier ya que son los 2 personajes más sencillos de usar, tampoco esta mal probar otros personajes para qué tal funcionan, como alguien dijo en un comentario anterior puedes comprar una llave en la tienda del juego pero nada más que eso, te recomiendo transformar esa llave en metal a través de Scrap.tf y luego con ese metal auto comprar las armas básicas en la misma página, las armas no valen nada así que no debería llevarte más de 5-6 Refinados. Los mejores modos de juego son Payload, Capture Points y King of the Hill, te recomiendo jugar esos modos si quieres aprender a como jugar (El más recomendable es Payload). Como último punto mira tutoriales, cada clase es muy distinta a la otra asi que te recomiendo que veas como jugar con cada una. Y más importante que todo diviértete! :) Edit: He decidido darte algunos consejos más; -Scout: La clase más rápida del juego, corta distancia, baja vida y la posibilidad de utilizar doble salto. Es ideal para flaquear enemigos y es una de las mejores clases en batallas 1vs1 si una batalla no te conviene puedes utilizar tu movilidad para escapar de una mala situación, en general con Scout vas a estar bastante tiempo en las líneas enemigas, puedes utilizar tu doble salto para esquivar los ataques de los enemigos, recuerda siempre los spawns de vida ya que Scout tiene muy baja salud. -Soldier: Vida media, Velocidad Media, Alto daño en área, si se usa correctamente es una de las clases con más movilidad de juego. Soldier es muy útil como clase de primera línea, las 2 primeras recomendaciones que te doy es que no les dispares a los enemigos al cuerpo sino que a los pies ya que se te hará más sencillo darles de esta forma, y la segunda es que aprendas a hacer Rockets jumps ya que es parte esencial de soldier y te si se usa con sabiduría puedes llegar a ser más rápido que un Scout. -Pyro: Vida media, Velocidad Media, Buen daño en corto alcance con la habilidad de prender en fuego a los enemigos y reflejar proyectiles y empujar enemigos. Con esta clase no te puedo dar muchos consejos ya que es mi clase menos jugada hasta la fecha, lo que te recomiendo es que aunque no lo parezca Pyro funciona mejor defensivamente que de manera ofensiva, también que no se te olvidé usar el airblast para reflejar proyectiles ya que es una de las mejores herramientas que Pyro posee. -Demoman: Vida media, Velocidad Media, Increíble daño explosivo y control de area. Demoman es básicamente Soldier en esteroides, tiene una increíble habilidad para mantener chokepoints y para destruir defensas, es muy útil tanto defensiva como ofensivamente, al igual que soldier este puede usar sus explosivos para alcanzar grandes velocidades pero en el caso de Demoman no es algo tan efectivo. Recuerda que Demoman a diferencia de otros personajes viene con 2 armas ""primarias"", y por raro que parezca el arma que más debes utilizar es tu secundaria, en general utilizarás la Pipebomb solo para defenderte a ti mismo a corto alcance, pero si quieres también la puedes utilizar en ataque. También existe una subclass llamada Demoknight, no te la voy a explicar, pero puedes buscarlo en YT. -Heavy: Vida alta, Velocidad Baja, Buen daño sostenido. En general Heavy es el Tanque del juego, Su rol principal es concentrar el daño enemigo en ti en lugar de tus compañeros, es bastante útil en defensa, pero a pesar de lo que todos piensan es más difícil de utilizar de lo que creen, en general todo el gameplay de Heavy se basa en tener buena posición y como es muy lento atacando y moviéndose puede ser presa fácil para Snipers y Spys, así que siempre vigila tu espalda. -Engineer: Vida baja, Velocidad Media, Tiene la capacidad de poner construcciones. Engi es la clase más complicada de entender pero te la resumo, Engi puede poner 3 tipos de construcciones; un arma sentinela, un dispensador y un telepor de entrada y de salida, cada una te cuesta una distinta cantidad de metal siendo los teleports los más baratos y el arma sentinela el más caro, cada construcción se puede mejorar 2 veces, cada mejora cuesta 200 de metal, puedes recojer metal de las cajas de munición o de tu propio dispensador, el dispensador puede curar a tus compañeros y darles munición y aunque no suene que tenga sentido tu dispensador es la construcción que más adelante tiene que ir, de esa manera tus compañeros no tienen que recorrer medio mapa para poder curarse, luego vendría el arma sentinela, que tiene que ser de una manera que pueda proteger el área pero sin estar lo suficientemente expuesta como para que sea fácil destruirla, luego vienen los teleports, estos son la construcción más importante de engineer ya que les permite hacer llegar a tus compañeros al frente de batalla más rápidamente, recuerda mantenerla a nivel 3, fuera del fuego enemigo y no equivocarte al poner la entrada y salida. Engineer en general se ve bastante expuesto a las clases explosivas y Spys así que siempre recuerda mantener tu espalda vigilada y si es necesario huir. -Medic: Vida baja, Velocidad Alta, tiene la capacidad de curar y volver invulnerable a los aliados. Con Medic vas a pasar toda la partida curando a tus compañeros en general las clases que tienes que curar con más prioridad van en este orden; Heavy, Soldier, Demoman > Scout, Pyro> Engineer> Sniper, Spy. La idea es mantener el máximo tiempo posible a todos tus compañeros curados, intenta ir curando a todos tus compañeros a la vez, si hay muchos compañeros heridos intenta dejarlos a un 50% y curar a otros, aparte al curar compañeros heridos tu Uber se carga más rápido, también puedes darles overheal que es básicamente cuando sigues curando a un compañero aún teniendo la vida llena, esto es algo muy OP para todas las clases, sobre todo para clases explosivas ya que les permite hacer saltos sin perder vida.


solo diviertete xd


Si quieres cosméticos compra llaves, no gastes en la tienda de Mann.co


Only buy premium and and don't buy any starter packs. Maybe a key or 2 if you wanna start trading, but you've just started tf2, so I wouldn't.


Turnong your back against a spy gives you +60 defence


For a solid piece of advice, pick a class you like and stick with it and go for class milestones for a free weapon, when you get something different from stock, get a good grasp on its deviations from stock which will overall make you a better person


Never Trust a medic


Ibuprofeno? En serio?


I’ve got a collection of some [educational TF2 videos](https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhYcnDJi8gXKSh1aH3deefWEzNZ62pQVv) I made for a friend a while back.


Buy premium and spam medic! in the chat as demoman


If you want wepons you can get them off scrap.tf. Someone mentioned buying keys off of the store, if you have one you can buy all the weapons. you do need mobile guard though


The game is kinda broken expect bullshit (this might just be a me problem)


If you play Spy, remember that if you disguise as scout, you don't run as fast as him


If 't be true thee playeth spy, recall yond if 't be true thee disguise as scout, thee runneth not as festinate as him *** ^(I am a bot and I swapp'd some of thy words with Shakespeare words.) Commands: `!ShakespeareInsult`, `!fordo`, `!optout`


Fire is bad


I don’t play tf2. But I watch a ton of it on YouTube and can help you with mains. What I would do is try to main scout or engineer or split time to both


Always spycheck and never try to body block to spycheck, you'll just get trickstabbed. also beg for a pybro if you're playing engie or have an uber ready.


If you kill someone who should of killed you always taunt even if you’ll die it’s always worth it and also use the battalions backup it’s a great soldier secondary For sentry pushing and it makes you and everyone around you immune to crits during its duration


youll learn as you play


Do whatever you want lmao, im here beating people with the stock bat


Don't go flanking near your spy teammate, if someone will shoot at you it will most likely hit the spy as well, making them shimmer in their cloak and get them killed. So keep 6ft away from them, or choose different route all together


You can search for tutorials on youtube or other sites about your favorite class/main to get better or try original ideas


Always help ur team and they will help you.


You're gonna fail a lot. The learning curve is rather difficult to get a good grasp on, so my best advice I can give you is that you need to keep playing until it clicks.


Get steam authenticator regardless if you plan to trade or not. Mostly likely ur gonna need it for scrap.tf trades. Speaking of scrap.tf, use the scrap function there as it takes any 2 unique weapons of any class unlike tf2, where you need 2 weapons of the same class. Also, don’t make class tokens. Period. Buy weapons off of scrap when you have enough scrap metal to do so. If you really want hats, but a few cents worth of refined metal off of marketplace.tf, then trade the metal with scrap.tf.


Uninstall the game


Learn to Rocket and sticky jump, It can get you to the fight really fast but also get u out of It.


Best advice from a veteran, quit while you have a will to live


If you didn’t know, tf2s default settings suck. I recommend watching this video: https://youtu.be/rRxFpr5Javg


Ignore all hate, play for fun, don't become one of the ones that make the game unfun.


The longer the giant scout has the bomb, the stronger he will become!


Git gud