OMG love the new album! Anyone else have a listen?

OMG love the new album! Anyone else have a listen?


I like the singles sooo much, god I LOVE them. I’ll say that upon first listen, the rest of the album didn’t blow me away like her previous albums did. I think the first half is stronger than the second, but I also think some of the songs will grow on me. Apart from the three singles, I liked Lessen the Damage best. As an artist myself, I hate to be boxed in, and I try not to let genre limit me in creating new music. I love that Poppy does what she wants to as an artist, and you can really hear her heart in this music. She said this was a very personal record, and I feel that deeply. I’m excited to listen to the album again. I love that it’s different.


Love how each album is different! Shes come a long way in terms of growth and music. Every album is great and special :)


with an album this short i wish she didn’t drop the 3 singles beforehand. those are insane. the 6 other songs are just good to ok imo. bloom is top notch tho ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 probably the most adventurous of the non singles? all in all i’m happy and this is a good addition to her discog


I really enjoy it. Some parts of some of the songs give me old Poppy vibes which I love since I've been a fan since the beginning. Not as groundbreaking or unique as I Disagree, but still some good stuff here.


The la la la’s in hysteria remind me sooo much of Interweb


YES! Hysteria in particular reminds me a lot of older Poppy. It's a great song


I like the album, but after a full listen it seems my 3 favourite songs are the ones that were released as singles, I was hoping the rest of the album would have the same punch.


Nothing has blown me away on first listen this morning - but the singles did have to grow on me aswell and now I LOVE them all! 'Her' being my favourite. I'm sure the other songs will grow on me with more listens 😊 Definitely a more personal album.. And just realised it kinda gives me Superchick vibes?


I'm with you. It's pretty average. If this was my introduction to Poppy, I would have not been a fan. I'll give it time to grow on me I guess.


As strange as it seems makes me melt, I love it so much




Bloom caught my attention as a drummer!


Very unique, very different rhythm but I loved it!


It’s not bad, Lessen the Damage is great and the singles sans So Mean are good as well. I’m just not crazy about the new sound, it’s a little not crazy enough for me. But then again she’s never predictable so I guess it’s warranted. It’ll grow on me.


On first listen, my fave of the new songs are definitely As Strange As It Seems & Never Find My Place!


Only early days, but first listen Bloom, Lessen the Damage and On the Level hit me straight away. Lessen the Damage will go off in the Mosh Pits across the world that's' for sure!. Bloom has that beautiful sweet Poppy voice I love so much! And On the Level has those blast beats coming from nowhere, so that was kind of different in a good way imo.


I am not feeling it and actually will skip a few songs on the playlist. I thought the first three new songs were decent but the rest felt like filler. I am still surprised she put this out so quickly instead of riding the momentum from I Disagree a little bit longer. Do not kill me with down votes for I am still a fan of hers and will see what is next. I will be very interested in seeing more reviews and how sales go on this. Really. I wanted to like it a lot, but think it is okay.


I wasn't a fan of the singles and so far on my first listen it isn't anything special. I'll give it a 2nd chance though.


I’m into it—cute, fun, clearly very personal. It’s definitely not EAT II. Like if Bubblebath & Am I A Girl had a baby who grew up and shacked up with I Disagree. Feels like her debut. 🎵 someone on the level, level, level, level, level 🎵


I think it’s great! The raw alt/grunge sound really suits her. Good vibes listening to it.


i love it! i wish it was longer thooo


i am in love with this sound... LIKE SERIOUSLY😭😭 this is going to be my album for the fall


I am astonished by the lukewarm reception I see this album getting. I absolutely love it and have had it on repeat since it dropped. I think I'm a little older than the average Poppy fan (ugh lol) and so much of this drops me back into the emotionally raw mindset of a teenager, scratching the itch the music I listened to in the 90s/early 00s did. If you've been in an abusive relationship, there's no way you can't relate to the lyrics - even if you do have to read them to understand what she's saying. Strange As It Seems is the absolute standout for me, but this is a no-skip disc, incredible, to me her magnum opus! And yes I've been a fan since the Bubblebath EP and enjoyed everything she's put out. Flux is on another level for me though.


Extremely mediocre album unfortunately.


Was worried this would be a disappointment after I Disagree (one of my all time favourite albums) but I'm pleasantly surprised. I think cause I grew up with this kind of music it struck a chord with me.


Missing Chris Greatti’s influence rn :,(


But he co-wrote all but 2 songs , so he is there. The band are not credited to any songs which is a little strange imo.


Yeah I more-so meant his production, but looking at the EAT EP, he wasn’t credited there either as a producer so perhaps he didn’t have as much influence on that as I thought.


yeah, she produced that ep hersef which is pretty cool


What cant the girl do? She has proven everyone wrong who thought that she will be nothing after the split.....Poppy's videos she has directed are all fantastic imo,


I love it. I've been into more chill music lately so it definitely hits the spot for me personally. I agree some songs are just okay and the album itself is very short but I would love to just go on a drive and pop it on for some good vibes


If I was willing to listen to her bubblegum pop album, then I can listen to this 🤷 I may have to clean out my earholes with some Nile afterwards though.


Why even comment on this post if you are gonna be a rude ass? I don’t see you makin music, however I do see you being a satanist lmao. Go sell your soul like all you do.


Lol, I didn't think people would take it so personally. I like the album, but I'm a metal head who got into Poppy because she did metal stuff. Omg a Satanist! Aaaaah You're a poptart, poptart.


Imagine only liking the music someone makes and not the amazing person they are.




the singles, lessen the damage amd especially Strange as it seems will be on repeat for a long time. The only song i thought was meh is On The Level


I love this album. All of the non-single tracks I’m in love with. Such a chill, dreamy vibe permeates through this album.


Just listened to the whole album on Roblox (I wish I was kidding). Not bad. Lessen the Damage is my favorite of the non-singles. Hysteria, Bloom, and On the Level also stood out to me.


Really love As Strange As It Seems. It's got a shoegaze vibe that i hope she does more of. Otherwise I was underwhelmed as everyone else is saying the three singles being released beforehand was kind of a mistake in my opinion. Still like it but not my favorite of hers.


on my second listening through I was already totally loving it. Titty who?!