Ah yes but the real question is how many times will Ellie step on a pallet in the HBO show?




Something else I forgot to mention, Ellie’s rendition of Take On Me will forever be in my Spotify playlist! Ashley Johnson is so talented!


Her True Faith cover is also amazing & Through the Valley


Same. I thought I was the only one that enjoyed her singing so much


I loved it, it was out at the correct moments too. It never detracted from then story


whoa, that's been a hell of a ride, you must be exhausted, I know that I would.


Honestly mate, I also played both of these games over the past few weeks for the first time and they were absolutely incredible. All those negative reviews are so mind boggling to think about after actually playing part 2. It was an incredible ride


Part 2 is and always will be my favorite game. I'm glad they did part 1 because after finishing it and left behind, I have a reason to play part 2 again lol


I recently played TLOU Part 1 (played TLOU on ps3 on release, and TLOU2 on release), and then played TLOU2 on my PS5. Such amazing, gut-wrenching storytelling. My perspectives, on replay: - TLOU2 makes better use of videogaming as a medium of storytelling. There’s no better way to force you to empathise with Abby than to spend a few hours in her shoes; - TLOU1 is a tighter, narrower story, with tighter, narrower gameplay - I think the story on TLOU1 is ever so slightly better; - TLOU2 has much better gameplay - the ability to dodge and go prone is super important, and you really miss it in TLOU1; - I really hope we get TLOU3. I have some thoughts on where they could take the story. I’m not done with these characters or this world.


TLOU2’s gameplay is so superior to the first, my estimation of both games completely flipped after playing them, and I loved the first game enough to watch several versions of it while learning a second language for like… years 😂


Read the American Dreams comics


I wish I could play these games for the first time again.


Gunplay is so good, I'm trying to convince people who've never played the old factions to get hyped for the new one so I have some partners to roll with. I'm kind of hoping for some battle royale style modes in factions to get more people attracted to it.


I’m hyped for it!


We got the HBO show next year, Factions mulitiplayer announcements (and hopefully release) next year, and apparently the script is already written for Part 3. Likely getting a show teaser trailer on the 26th as well