I absolutely loved Abby’s part after hating it at first & it has some of the best moments in video games for me. Watching another side to the same events I already knew from another perspective was so god damn interesting. Absolutely loved her relationship with Lev & Yara & found the change in gameplay to be the little spice I needed for many more hours of gameplay. However if you just don’t connect to it, you just don’t. Totally understandable & if done not in a way that worked perfectly for me, I probably would’ve had a hard time connecting to the premise they wanted me to with Abby’s side.


There are some who will get really defensive in their responses to your post and others who will use your post as proof that TLOU2 is a shit game with terrible writing. I think it's fine that you are feeling the way you are. Like you said you've had a full game of build up with characters like Tommy, Ellie, and Joel and nothing to that extent with Abby. That's where the ambitious side of the developers show their face because they expect/hope for us as players to be able to empathize with Abby as we do as Ellie. I don't think you should try and force it and i think you already know the answer to your post. Like you said yourself, this game is encouraging people to face different perspectives and empathize with others. You relate more with Ellie because of a whole previous game + stuff going on in your personal life/personal history. It's possible that overtime as you experience more in your life, you may find yourself relating more with Abby, but it's also highly possible that you don't. I think your feelings are sort of what the developers wanted with their game. You can understand and see things from Abby's perspective and don't hate her, but you just happen to have your preferences with who you identify more with which is all you can ask for really when it comes to empathy. Just because I'm empathetic with someone doesn't mean I will "love them" or "switch sides" with them. It just means I can understand more of who they are and be more considerate with them. That's all you can ask for in real life I think.


I feel like part of the problem is that you spent like 10 hours killing all these people and then Abby’s section tries to get you to get connected and invested in those characters after. “Oh so this is Mel? Well I already killed her so I don’t care about this character” and it makes that section less interesting because you can’t get invested


I kind of hear you. I enjoy Abby's section, some of the gameplay is crazy good and I like the story progressing ... and some of the set pieces, like the forest, are insane. But it doesn't give me the feels the way Ellie's does.


I feel very similar. I went into my first playthrough really interested in Abby's side of the story and felt really let down in the end. Abby feels really bland on some level and the longer I played the more I started to dislike her. I don't hate her and I'm totally fine with how the game ended but I'm not really interested in seeing her ever again. In comparison I found Mel to be a much more interesting character because her internal conflicts feels real. I totally agree though that Ellie's side of the story is so much more interesting because the details spend on exploring her trauma and how it changes her as a person is just amazing in both acting and writing. And obviously there is bias involved because I care about Ellie as a character right from the start. And once I understood what was happening to her I cared even more. For Abby there wasn't really that much there in comparison. I never felt for Abby struggling with what she had done because there wasn't any struggle. Just some vague feeling of having done something bad. Didn't help that Abby and Lev kind of feel like "discount" Joel and Ellie most of the time. The symmetry makes sense on a narrative level but doesn't really work that well because it's so on the nose at times. To sum it up I don't think there is much you can do. Either you get invested in Abby's story or you don't. If it's the latter then the whole part of the game feels like a chore. It's unfortunate but that is also a side-effect of the way the story was told. Personally I think the original plan for the story with Abby being a victim of Joel during his hunter days would have been much more effective as that motive would have made her more relatable and justifiable.


I think you’re right. You can’t really change how you feel about someone on a personal level. But I do disagree about Abby and Lev’s relationship, I actually love their dynamic. I can see how it can seem like just another Ellie and Joel, but I personally think it feels entirely different, more of a sister-brother relationship than a father-daughter. I also wouldn’t mind seeing them again. Abby at the end of the game is a entirely different person compared to the beginning, and I wouldn’t mind seeing how she’s changed and how her past has effected her, it could be really interesting and change my thoughts about her entirely. But of course, I’d still want Part III to primarily focus on Ellie.


I don’t think that’s odd at all. You’re not going to connect with everyone in life, even video game characters. I am not really interested in or connected to the story of either character in the second game; I loved the first game’s story, but the overall arc rather than specific characters. I do like Ellie’s section a bit better than Abby’s, because of all the stealth you can do.




Good points but I think it might feel rushed because they didn’t have a whole game just half of a game to build on lev and Abby’s relationship. I don’t think it feels strange I mean he saved her life it’s kind of a big deal:/


Abby’s section suffers A LOT from what I call “The Sidequest Problem”. In short, it feels like nothing really matters because you’re sent here for a side quest, another place for another one, and it doesn’t really connect you with the characters all that much. Some could empathize despite it, but others will be scratching their head as to why you went on a 3-4 hour journey for Yara if she’s gonna die soon after anyways.