Instead, maybe they could use a couple of seasons to tell stories of what happened in the 5 years between Part 1 and 2, with Neil Druckmann in charge, I bet he'd want to share his ideas of how those 5 years went in a way that we didn't experience in the games. And once we get to Part 2, I don't think it'll be too much of a challenge, they really have put the work in for this adaptation of Part 1, they shouldn't have much problem with Part 2 once the time comes.


This is my answer as well. We need her to age up a bit unless they recast which I’m not really in favor of.


How much will they really need to wait for her to age up though? Right now she's already 19, they just try to make her look younger for the show. By the time they film season 2 all they need to do is just make her look her actual age.


I'm rewatching Community now. Allison Brie who's supposed to be 18 at the beginning is 27. These Hollywood actors can play any age.


Have you ever seen an actual 18 year old? She looks her real age in Community…


Lol right. I love that show and Annie and Allison but having her be 18 and talk about her last year of high school made me eye roll and laugh


I read that Harmon initially wasn't gonna have the kinda creepy relationship between Jeff winger and Annie, which is why her character's age was set so young, but then Joel and Allison had great chemistry on set so they wrote the psuedo relationship into the show lol


Yeah, all she'll need is a little hollywood magic.


they won't recast.


She's already the right age. She's 19.


Shes the same age IRL as Ellie is in part 2 lol


This is almost certainly what they'll do. A four-year time jump is jarring for a TV show when the second season comes out a year after the first. Not to mention, part 2's story can't be told the same way. Very likely we see season 2 pick up at the end of season 1.


>A four-year time jump is jarring for a TV show when the second season comes out a year after the first. House of the Dragons literally just did that from episode to the very next.


And it was extremely jarring like they said tbf. From quick skimming of reactions elsewhere I don’t seem to be alone in that opinion.


Yeah, exactly. It was jarring, and it was done specifically because the narrative of HOTD spans multiple decades. I would be absolutely shocked if season two was the events of the second game. Not least because they would then be in a position of having no source material for a season 3, and HBO isn't going to make that mistake again.


For All Mankind has gone 10 years between each season (and sometimes multiyear jumps midway through an episode) while keeping most of the same cast too. Not that it hasn't been without issues there.


Yeah but then look at the X-Men prequel movies. The 3 movies span 30 years with 10 years between each but every character looks the exact same as they did in the first movie. That was way more jarring than what HOTD did.


Magneto is supposed to be 62 in Dark Phoenix. [I want whatever moisturiser he was using.](https://images.bauerhosting.com/legacy/empire-images/articles/5cb5a949133d503e3a48e776/dark-phoenix-genosha-crop.jpg?format=jpg&quality=80&width=960&height=540&ratio=16-9&resize=aspectfill)


Something something perfect levels of iron in his body. That’s the bullshit comic book excuse id use.


That's unusual and even the HotD showrunners acknowledged it's unusual. Time jumps, heavy flashbacks and recasting leads for "aging" reflective of time jumps isn't common in TV.


In five episodes of House they jumped like 19 years! It’s incredibly off putting.


HOTD is telling a story that spans decades. Hell they already did some substantial time jumps in the first five episode. TLOU currently spans five years. And depending how the do seasons, they might not need to age anyone up. Or they can condense the story to a shorter timeframe.


We already know it's not what they're doing. The casting call explained circumstances around a particular character that made it clear season 2 is part 2. https://thegww.com/exclusive-hbos-the-last-of-us-character-descriptions/


Sarah recurring. Gonna get us some flashbackkkksss. or maybe some hallucinations.


This source is not even remotely reliable. Notice it doesn't say that these are the character descriptions used in casting calls, it just says "character descriptions". There are typos in the descriptions, and many of the characteristics run contrary to people who ended up being cast. Not to mention there's a description listed for Marlene, which would not have been necessary since Merle Dandridge is reprising her role. Absolutely nothing indicating reliability in this source at all. It's some hack site making shit up for clicks.


The source has been 100% accurate. Look at the filming dates. We know for a fact they were filming those exact scenes on all of those dates. This was posted before much of filming had happened at all. It's been entirely reliable. And Merle had to audition like anyone else. So yeah Marlene is on there too. This thing knew about other stuff before we did, like Frank actually having screen time for example.


Nah for anyone following the development we know its reliable. The shooting dates matched up perfectly. It had Frank as a character before we even knew he was a character.


I really don't think much would've really happened in those intermittent years. From what we saw in Part 2, it seems that we saw the most narratively important events such as >!Ellie's birthday trip to the museum sowing doubt in Joel, the argument with Joel after finding the infected runaways reinforcing her frustration and doubt, and finally her confronting her doubt and having it confirmed.!< Other than those major events, I think the majority of the events come down to routine patrols (moving from group to pair patrols) and relationship developments/Jackson drama. I really don't want to watch much of that, especially if it means having to watch >!Joel suffering and his relationship with Ellie faltering so much.!< Especially not since the series, at present, recounts much of Part 1's story with some extensions and extra stories.


I agree with you here. I think the only difference might be that the first couple of episodes of season 2 might flesh out the relationships between the Jackson characters and the WLF/Seraphites and Salt Lake Crew before the big event that really starts off part 2. Because it would be a show I think they might actually flesh out Abby as a character ahead of time. It might flow a little different narratively, and there might be a lot more weight to the people Ellie is killing because they would be fleshed out characters.


I don't think there is any possible way you could copy Part 2's story into a TV show by copying it directly. Part 1 has a very tight (and focused) narrative. It can easily be copied note for note into a TV show. They can certainly add things that would work better into the television medium. But, Part 2's narrative structure would never work in TV. I think they can hit all the major story beats, but it will look drastically different on the silver screen.


Hey quick question. I played through Part 2 for the first time last year. It's a big fucking game, so I knew I needed to run it back again to catch onto all the things I may have missed. I just beat Part 1 (remake) and am currently onto Part 2. I literally *just* completed the museum flashback. Can you help me out here, and explain what you mean by the b-day trip sowing doubt into Ellie's mind? Towards the end of the level, she discovers the written notes on the wall by the former-firefly. It appears he is depressed and is struck with guilt and grief. His messages convey the horrific things they have done to others. After Ellie discovers his body, and his suicide note, we see both Ellie and Joel talking about leaving. The final shot shows that the dead man left a Firefly logo on the wall with the word "LIAR". I took this as the man was upset with the fireflies. Do you think there is a double meaning here for Ellie?


Yeah I hope they go along this route as well. I’m honestly hoping the first season will touch on parts of Joel’s life between outbreak day and 20 years later. I want the show to expand the universe around what we’ve already experienced in the games.


Yeah this is what I was going to say. They’ll be able to tell the story in between part 1 and 2 with a show.


Unless Druckman is committed to writing multiple seasons of original content while a new game could be in the works that sounds like it would result in anime like filler


Hell they could even do a prequel thing. Joel’s done a lot of shit in the 20 years since the outbreak.




This is what I’m hoping they would do as well. Just take their time to tell the story, no need to go one season one game.


I agree, it will give them a bit of freedom to tell different stories as well.


I agree. Think of The Walking Dead. The show didn't follow the novels to a T. Viewers got a somewhat unique take on the story. I feel they would do something similar for The Last of Us.


Yup, this is exactly what I came here to say. I don’t want them to go beyond the source material to the point they’re making it up as they go along. That’s what happened to GoT. Sure, they had a general outline of where it was headed and D&D wanted to finish it in a rush, but this show doesn’t have to do that. There’s a lot of time between the two games to tell stories. It’s going to be tricky for them anyway, because games take so long to develop, but the last thing they should do is make it harder for themselves by adapting Part 2 too soon.


That’s my hope


Was about to say the same. They could even do some Left Behind flashbacks during a S2


yesss that’s exactly what I came on here to say. That way we can either fill in the gaps or even extend some of the scenes in P1. I would love to see more of this world


I would adore that story and I think a lot of us would 🥰


This is most definitely the route they take


I'd honestly hope for those 5 years to be explained in Part 3 (assuming they make it) instead of through the TV series


I'd say there are multiple threads throughout Part 2 that could be fleshed out to whole seasons... I feel like cramming the entire Part 2 narrative in one season would be way too rushed.


Would have to be at least 2 seasons yeah. One of the opening of the game + playing as Ellie right up until the confrontation with Abby in Seattle, and then season 3 would be Abby's part of the story and the ending of Part II.


It’d be a crazy season cliffhanger if they had it end at Abby’s theatre confrontation. I’d be all for that. Edit: Even a mid-season finale, actually! If they leave a short break between the first and second half, it would really build fan excitement.


I'm not so sure. Reminds me of the Negan and Lucille cliffhanger in TWD. It was a whole season building up to a major payoff, but then we never got that payoff (in that season). And because there was source material, it got spoiled for pretty much everyone. It worked in the game because you could play it as much as you wanted. You didnt have to wait a year for that payoff. Im not saying it couldnt work, but I'm hesitant to agree it's a good idea.


I don’t really see how it’s the same. The cliffhanger wouldn’t be “who died”, just “what Happens next”, which is a pretty standard cliffhanger.


well why do you think abby and ellie were looking for each other for....


They just wanted to hug!!


that’s true but the negan cliffhanger was straight up him beating someone to death. Someone was 100% dead, people just didn’t know who. With the first Abby/ellie confrontation it just ends with Abby pointing a gun at her - there’s still a lot of different ways it can go and ways the situation could end without someone being killed (as it did in the game). ppl will probably assume someone dies anyway but there’s more room for discussion bc it’s not 100%


ah yeah, thanks, i can see the difference now


I mean imagine the anger that will spark when the next season follows Abby for 7/10 episodes or whatever


I can’t see that working for TV. Too much time spent away from Ellie who is essentially the protagonist at that point. They really have to intertwine their stories in a more conventional sense.


I think for it to work on tv they should maybe have an episode dedicated to them both at the start, then 1 Ellie 1 Abby one going forward.


Yep, i think season 2 should cover the flashback parts of Tlou2. First episode should be the part about Abby & her father, introduce who they are, show the audience he's the guy killed by Joel in Tlou season 1 final ep, Abby swear to revenge. The whole show would be about Joel & Ellie days in Jackson, and what Abby was doing after her father death, like the dating scenes with Owen, her joining Wolf,etc. With the final episode is Ellie found out the truth about Firefly and cut bond with Joel. Season 3 would start at the party scene in Jackson.


It would be hard to show Abby’s story and character in a half-season while fleshing out new characters, perspective, history, almost like a new world.


One season, twice the sodes?


Adapting Part II might be difficult just because I don't know if you can do the whole perspective shift midway through. It was polarizing enough for a video game, where you have the gameplay elements to carry you through until the player begins to warm up to Abby. For a TV series, you might have lots of viewers stopping after a few Abby-centric episodes. At the same time, you sort of can't NOT do the perspective shift, since that sort of drives home the game's central theme. Not sure how they'd do it to be honest, but I'd definitely be excited to see how they pull it off.


I’m really hoping that Abby will be in this somewhat, because the timeline works out - I have a feeling (more so, an undying hope) we see Abby when Joel kills Jerry. It would be a perfect set up, and if we are lucky we get to see more of Abby’s life prior to her dad dying. It’s been so worked into the storyline now, I think I’ll be disappointed if we don’t see Abby.


I love Abby, and the second game, so much. Having said that… I think it’s a bad idea to include her in telling the story of the first game in any sense. The ending of that game works because it makes you come to your conclusions about the weight of the massacre Joel just committed without hitting you over the head with like a crying daughter hiding behind the door or something. The whole reason Part II is so effective as a sequel because it responds to part 1 by going, “oh, did you stop and think about what you did in that hospital at all?” IMO it’s a bad idea to give us Abby’s backstory before we get a chance to hate her first (as weird as that sounds, lmao) I would LOVE something slight like a Dr. Anderson nametag on Jerry, or some files titled with his name, as a nod of what’s to come eventually


Agreed. Too many people seem to want the story to hit them over the head with foreshadowing and give us basically an entire biography of Abbie before she kills Joel. The entire reason Part II is so shocking and effective is that it does *none of that*. Abbie is a stranger that Joel didn't even know existed until she turned up at Jackson, and even as she kills him he doesn't know who she is or why she has come for him. As the player/viewer, you shouldn't know either, and that hatred of Abbie and the salt lake crew that you have after the events in Jackson is the driving force behind the entire Ellie section of Part II. If you knew her reasons and backstory it would hugely dampen the impact of that scene and Ellie's revenge story.


Yeah, a big part of the value of introducing Abby they way they did in the game is that it challenges our perception of NPCs. Like how in real life we often forget that other people have lives just as complicated and rich as ours that we never see. Obviously NPCs take that feeling to the next level because literally they're only programmed to exist for the exact circumstances that you encounter them in game, but if we suspend our disbelief, of course this random doctor had loved ones and a life outside of Joel's experience. Neat thing to do with a game imo


That’s exactly what I’m thinking, too. It’s not uncommon for tv shows to have two main characters who don’t even meet until later down the road but are somehow connected. Plus, I’d love to get more background on the fireflies and including Jerry and Abby early in the show before Joel and Ellie ever even make it to Seattle is the perfect way to do it.


It worked for GoT. It can work a for this if done well and introduced at the right time.


When did they do that in GOT?


Shift perspectives? In every episode.


Shifting perspective every episode isn't the same as shifting it halfway through a 24 hour game though. OP meant it wouldn't work to shift perspective halfway through the season. They'd have to change it to shift throughout the episode if they want the story to flow better


Technically the perspective shifts a few times back and forth in the game, but i get you. I agree, perhaps having them both intertwined throughout each episode, having that ying yang, two sides of the same coin dynamic.


Honestly, that's my one gripe with the game. Kind of wished that's what they did in it. Although I loved the game, I still feel the change to be too jarring.


Though i could also see yanking you from ellie to abby, ellie to abby, back and forth, could also be jarring. Gotta find that sweet spot.


I don't mean switching back and forth that often, although that might work well for the show, but switching after every day would've been nice, >! if only because it wouldn't mean bringing the action in Ellie's day 3 to a hault for 8+ hours before finding out what happens. !<


People say this a lot, but it would absolutely ruin what Neil was going for. Yeah the switch is jarring, but you are suppose to hate Abby until it happens. You have to go into the aquarium with the intent to murder the shit out of Abby. If you already played 2/3 days of her, you probably wouldn't.


Every single episode. I'll be vague for the sake of people who haven't watched. Throughout the entire series we are presented with characters that we as an audience are given every right to hate. When viewed through the lens of certain characters, these individuals are undeniably evil because of their actions. When we switch perspectives to their side, we understand them better. But, they grow and change and develop. They have character arcs that make them better, more complex people. The inverse happens as well - characters who we view as just and honorable are seen as evil and stupid from other perspectives. But either way, good or bad, their previous actions still have consequences. Episodes later, seasons later, choices that they made still have realistic consequences. And while the audience might not always like them, they understand them and why they happen. (Most of the time.) Just like The Last of Us Part 1 and 2.


As a shameless weeb I will say that perspective shifts have worked in manga/webtoons/anime Don't get me wrong they get initial polarizing reactions for doing that too, but almost always it gets appreciated in hindsight


beginning of aot season 4 part 1


I agree. I would love for part 2 of the tv show to have exactly the same narrative as the game - I thought it was really brave and challenging and I personally loved it - but I’m not sure the makers would risk it, given how important ratings are for tv.


I don't think that's impossible because that's how I felt while watching better call saul. The show gives you multiple perspectives with Jimmy/Saul and Nacho being the main one (at least for me).


Abby alone would be borderline impossible to cast. There isn't a single actress out there with her "build" they'd have to hire a bodybuilder that could act, and that is not good enough for a HBO show. She's impossible to cast unless they make her lose a crazy amount of mass. Basically just like Kratos, there is like 3 Actors that could play Kratos on screen and 2 of them are former wrestlers


I think a TV adaptation of Season 2 could honestly just bounce back and forth between Ellie and Abby in real time. For example, the Two Towers and Return of the King books are structured sort of like Part II in that you get all of Aragorn, Legolas, Gimili, Merry, and Pippin chapters back to back, and then half way through the book it switches to Frodo and Sam and starts back at the same point in time as the Aragorn chapters. The movies though just bounce back and forth and it worked out fine. Not 1:1 with Part II, but still. This is possibly a controversial opinion, but I wish there was a way to alternate Ellie and Abby days on NG+. I get why they did things the way the did on NG and that the flashbacks would make it extremely difficult to structure, but I'd enjoy it. Sort of like the hidden option on the Memento DVD to watch the movie in chronological order.


I've always held the belief that Part 2 has a great story, but made for the wrong medium. The perspective shift, compared to a video game, will be a lot easier to adapt to a passive experience like film and TV. In a game, it was a lot harder to swallow playing as Abby for the simple fact that you're PLAYING as Abby. You're not WATCHING AND OBSERVING her actions, you are part of her actions. Thats always been the biggest difference with gaming and film. If we were just to watch Abby's story instead of playing it, it'd be a lot easier to accept. It's like the recent Dahmer series. That show never made Dahmer a sympathetic figure or forced viewers to feel for the guy, but simply to understand where he came from and what made him that way. Same can be done for Abby in a TV show, which is what I always took away from the game.


I have the opposite point of view. I think the strength of TLOU2 was to make you play as Abby. The empathy you come to build towards her after hours of keeping her alive despite every cell in your body wanting to kill her initially is something that is gonna be hard to translate the same way. The active experience is why the shift was so impactful for me. It’s gonna work in the series still but it was really special to live throught it instead of just watching it.


I agree. I think this is the biggest challenge in adapting part 2 to television. When you’re completely passive in that journey i think it may make going on that journey even harder


Yeah I didn’t care for Abby too much when I was just watching it, but playing the game made the entire difference to catapulting it to beyond P1 for me


>you’re not watching and observing her actions, you are part of her actions. This is the entire point of making players play as Abby, it’s supposed to feel jarring and weird


I think they would likely just shift between Ellie and Abbys perspectives in each episode. Although there are some very risky, but potentially even more exciting ways to differentiate between both story lines. I don't think they would be scared to try something different in Part 2's case.


I think the most feasible things to happen would be: 1. They split the season in two, half are Ellie episodes, half are Abby. 2. They have a single season with the storylines interwoven. There's no way they can tackle that much story in a single season, but doing a season of just Abby would bounce out a ton of people who are only watching for Ellie (which is a misguided thing to do imo.) Whatever it is, I'll watch it regardless LOL


They can also do 2 seasons but with the storylines interwoven too. The shift to Abby's POV in-game may not translate to better pacing in the show. Maybe focus a bit on Ellie after the Joel incident then give 1-2 episodes for Abby then have their stories both shown after that.


They gotta intertwine the perspectives to the point where you first see Abby chilling with her friends and then end of the episode Ellie kills them. That way their deaths hit harder


Second season probably won’t be Part 2 just because of actors ages. Maybe season 3


Casting call essentially confirms season 2 = part 2


They need bald people?


"Must be able to whistle."


My time has come


Might just be some happy go lucky fella in Jackson who really likes to whistle.


I believe that Part II is going to be radically different in the HBO show. Part I is really easy to adapt, Part II however is incredibly controversial when it comes to its structure and the events that take place. For example, they aren’t gonna kill Joel off in the first episode of S2 while he appears in the rest of the season only as flashbacks. It would alienate a lot of the audience. It’ll be much better if S2 is focused on the 5-year timeskip between Part I and II, which culminates in the breakdown of Joel and Ellie’s relationship. S3 would then focus on Joel’s death and Ellie’s traumatic journey in Seattle. When it comes to staying true to Part II’s story, I feel like it’s going to be different. I doubt HBO wants to deal with the same kind of vitriol seen with Part II so some events like character deaths might have different circumstances or happen later in the story.


You say this like s1 of GoT never happened lol


I was just literally thinking of Ned when I read it lol


But the Big Character death came late in the season,.I would say if they go S2 as the time gap, most of it covers the gap and the last episode or 2 is the start of part 2, through Ellie leaving Jackson.


>I doubt HBO wants to deal with the same kind of vitriol seen with Part II so some events like character deaths might have different circumstances or happen later in the story. HBO was fine with David Simon killing off the best character in the greatest TV show ever made (The Wire) by him getting shot by a random child in a convenience store. I promise you they don't care about fanboy vitriol when it comes to how they want to handle the show.


Not that I disagree overall, but the Wire only had ~~six~~ *two episodes to go at that point and IIRC Simon had been worried people were trying to be like him IRL so he showed it doesn't end well. *It happened even later than I thought


I don’t care how long it’s been. That one still hurts.


Omar comin!


Not only that but I'm sure Druckman has a lot of control in how they handle the show. He wouldn't have let them have the rights to bastardize his story. Judging how the new preview makes the show appear to follow the same story of the game, I'm assuming the next season will donthe same with the sequel.


Joel will die it in the second or third episode of S2 (or even first episode). Don't set yourself up for much since its already all but confirmed by fairly solid leaks and leakers. Pedro doesn't have a long contract.


Yup, the leaked casting call from before they started filming (which turned out to be 100% accurate) said Joel would be needed for two episodes in season 2 IIRC.


I would think Joel would still need to appear in more than just 2 episodes, since I’m sure he’ll be needed for flashbacks


I struggle to see Bella Ramsey carrying the show on her back. Idk.


Maybe this will be a breakout performance? We will know when we know. Buy haven't been given enough yet to speculate. I remember when people were mad Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker...


Pacing is going to be absolutely crucial to the success of this series. TWD had serious issues with pacing and working out how to tell stories from its source material over numerous seasons. It stretched things out WAY too much. This can’t be some crazy long multi-season run. It has to stick to the 10 episode structure and work out how to tell Part I & 2 within 2-4 seasons. Part of me would be disappointed if they don’t manage to adapt all of Part I within the first ten episodes.


Most likely


Would probably need two seasons to do it probably, or a season 2a and season 2b (like The Sopranos did for season 6)


I think with a bit of tightening up, TLOU2 could be a good show. They just need to give Jessie more to do as a character and fix the dragged out ending.


Jesse and Owen were awesome, they got killed off too suddenly.


It's not the sudden nature of it for me but that the lack of care for their character lessened the impact.


I agree with you, there is something about Part 2's secondary characters that just doesn't click. I'm talked about it here before, but you never really form a bond with them, and imo that's because of the lack of time you spend with them. The only time I felt a bond was with Lev and Yara , it's why imo their stories are some of the best part of Abby's segments. Even Jesse and Owen who I really liked, I just didn't have that bond, I think they did Jesse dirty , he deserved a lot more screentime. Meanwhile in Part 1 characters were not even present as long (Bill/Tess/Henry/Sam) and yet all their deaths still had a greater impact than pretty much every Part 2 secondary characters except for maybe Yara and Jesse.


I could tell you a tonne about Bill, nothing about Jesse


The way they did it in the game worked for me, honestly. To Ellie these are just random people (just a bunch of Jerrys) who wronged her and don't matter except as the object of her revenge. Then switching it to Abby's perspective where we see that, oh yeah, these people have complex lives and are capable of good and bad. The tragedy doesn't come just from the fact that they die but that we never thought about them as three dimensional people before Ellie/player killed them. Imo it's comparable to something like Grave of the Fireflies, which literally opens with the main character dying before moving back in time to show how he ended up there. Iirc, this was a pretty common genre in post-war Japanese literature called something like "suicide stories" or "suicide novels" where much of the tragedy comes from knowing that these characters' hopes and dreams and efforts mean nothing because we know that they are absolutely going to die no matter what they do. Anyways, I'd kill for some Jesse prologue DLC.


I feel the opposite about the ending. If anything I thought it was a bit rushed.


For me, all salient points were made during the theatre section. I would rather drop the extremely out-of-place (for me) desert section at the end, and have an expanded theatre section and a larger characterisation of Jessie and Owen. It really just felt like action for action's sake in the ending, or as if they had already started working on the action set pieces and didn't know how to feed it into the epilogue. Ellie spitting in Joel and Dina's faces in order to pursue Abby just kind of made her unlikable to me. I liked Abby more than Ellie tbh, I feel like Ellie essentially abandoned Joel. I know that everything I am saying was the point of the story, but it almost felt like the writers were trying too hard to make Ellie the bad guy and Abby the good guy. That's just me though as I really liked the theatre section and was a bit sad to see it play second fiddle to what is essentially the same act again but with less care.


I would love them to do live action Rat King.


Considering the casting call for Joel had him as a series regular for season 1 and only a recurring role for future seasons, I assume we’ll be seeing Part II adapted in a season 2. I do think it would probably take 2 seasons to adapt part II though.


i wonder if Bella could pull off the acting that would be necessary for Ellies character in the 2nd game


I don’t think it would be that difficult. If part one is seasons 1 and 2 and part two is seasons 3 and 4 we should be able to use the same actors because of how long it would take to make. The Jackson set is already made and I feel like the only issue we would have is the people that dislike part two


Season 1 is covering the entire first game


Ah idk I felt like it would work as two seasons better. Anyways they might just have to get a different actor for adult Ellie


Is it tho? Because I've seen some articles saying it's covering the first game, but that doesn't mean entirely.


It’s been confirmed


This makes me think... seeing as it mostly takes place in Seattle, pretty likely they'd film it in Vancouver lol.


That was my first thought as well. [Vancouver Never Plays Itself](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojm74VGsZBU). Just move production from Calgary to the side of the Rockies.


Part 2 has significantly more story content to explore so in a way I would say it might be easier to adapt. It also has two parallel stories which most tv shows jump between regularly.


It would take more than a 10-episode season but I think it can be done really well, especially if this current team stays on it. They might have to make some changes to better fit television but I’m fine with it. The annoying part will be watching the last of us 2 haters come out of the woodwork again, and they will probably be spoiling show-only people.


They would have to wait a few years because Ellie is an adult all of the sudden in the second one and bella ramsey is definitely too young now


Too young now? She’s actually currently the same age as Ellie is in Pt2.


Really? I thought she was like 14 or 15


Yeah, she just turned 19 a couple days ago.


That feels so weird that she’s actually a couple months older than me


I do not think that Part I will be told in one season. Probably over two seasons at least then a filler would be good before Part II. Bella is 19 but I think she will still have a youthful appearance for the foreseeable future and can play younger.


They’re definitely doing one season for part one. We’ve already know it’ll include Jackson and Winter, there’s no way they do the rest in an entire season


Plus there are set photos of Pedro & Bella wearing clothes that resemble very closely to what Joel & Ellie wore at the end of the first game where they leave the hospital and arrive back to Jackson


That really makes me feel good, I really hope they almost do an exact recreation of the game. It was made for live action, and straying from the basic game plot/scenes too much would be a disservice. Same for part 2. I don't want them to change a thing


More of a challenge? Nah, adaptation’s hard enough anyway, I’m sure it would be fine. Likely, it would require a larger budget, but successful TV shows almost always get a higher budget the second season anyway, so it’d be fine. Really can’t wait!


Last of Us 2 will be made into film before it even comes out on PC.


The discourse for it will be just as toxic as it was when it first released. If not worse. I probably would just tune out of all discussion for it, I really don’t want to go through that again.


avoid part 2 like a turd on the footpath


Whatever happens, I'll be severely disappointed if they drag it out Walking Dead-style. Part of the strength of TLoU is that it's a contained, intimate story and not and "extended universe"


Abby is the most unlikeable character ever. So nah.


If they do, it’ll be a sort of stretched out version of the game. I would genuinely be surprised if they killed off Pedro Pascal in one of the opening episodes. He’s too big. Would it be shocking? Yes. Would fans expect it? Yes. But game fans and tv people are two completely different things. A show could tank off losing a good lead actor. Either way, I’m fairly confident a second season will happen and am excited to see how they eventually handle this when and if they get to it.


Definitely more of a challenge - they have to find a way to work with Part 2’s narrative shift. The easy solution would be devoting however as many episodes they do for Ellie’s time in Seattle to Abby’s, and just have them where they come up in the story. Doing so keeps the narrative conceit of the story in tact - getting to Abby’s side of the story after the player is fully committed to Ellie’s vengeance The issue there is that as a video game, coming to empathize with Abby is a much easier ask because the player *is* Abby. They have to personally act out every step of her journey. Just inserting the episodes won’t really get a show-only viewer on board with her in the same because they’re an observer. Figuring out the strongest possible way to make the adaptational transition to the game’s structure is a crucial element that the first season doesn’t have to deal with


no reason for it to be any more challenging.


yes because again they are going to kill off everyones favourite character. Also Bella Ramsey is 19 years old. Shes done growing up so I guess they could age her up or they may recast


Trust me, you still look a lot more growth up when you're mid 20s compared to at 18,19 years old. She just need to workout to get an athletic body for Part 2 Ellie.


Why would they need to recast or age her up if Bella Ramsey is already the same age Ellie was in the 2nd game?


The second game is twice as long as the first game, so I’d be curious to see if they break it up into a couple of seasons. I could see the show changing things to flow chronologically instead of only following one character at a time. So after Joel rescues Ellie, we get to see how Abby and the other fireflies mourn her father and the other dead and end up going to Seattle together while Ellie and Joel are shown adjusting to Jackson and Ellie eventually learning the truth of what happened at the hospital. Season 2 could end up being everything that happens before Seattle. Then season 3 would be Seattle and Santa Barbara. My main concern is that the show could end up catching up to the story of the games, and get ahead of Part III.


yes because part 2 has a lot more characters and moving parts also the pacing is pretty bad, but i think they could definitey handle it much better than the game did with more buildup (i really like part 2 by the way). we already know they're expanding a lot of the story elements for the first season (i'm sure we'll see joel and tommy at the beginning of the apocalypse, we're gonna see bill and frank, ellie and riley, more of the quarantine zone, etc.) so i'm sure characters/segments in part 2 will be fleshed out even more as well (the 5 year gap, dina and jesse, i hope we'll see abby and some of her journey as well as her determination to kill joel, we basically got nothing of isaac in the game so i'm sure him and all of the factions will be fleshed out more). in my opinion, season 2 should end with joel's death. have the whole season buildup to that - focusing on joel and ellie adjusting to life in jackson, the fallout of joel's decision, abby searching for joel, and fleshing out all of the characters on both sides. this way season 3 can focus on ellie seeking revenge. all of the chess pieces are already established, it's a lot simpler. i don't think you can stretch part 2 out past 2 seasons. if abby is introduced at the end of season 1, then it won't be as jarring for her to be one of the protagonists in season 3


If it's still Bella playing Ellie, yes. For me atleast.


This makes me wonder how they are going to end season 1. Do you think they’ll end the first season from the ending of The Last of Us? There is just so much to fit in just one season.


Keep in mind that the story elements from pt1 only add up to approximately 5.5hrs, it’s all the sneaking around and scavenging in between that stretches the gameplay time out - so there’s more than enough time in 10 hour-long episodes to tell the full pt1 story. I actually also happen to live where the series was filmed and followed the development quite avidly, and I can confirm that St Mary’s Hospital & Joel driving away with Ellie were filmed.


I would think adapting part 2 would take a couple seasons at least. There’s so much story to try and fit into a 10 hour season. If HBO learned anything from GoT’s final season, then they’ll take the time they need to do the story justice.


I want them to flesh out some of the time between part 1 and 2 with the show… but I also don’t want part 2 addressed all the way in season 4. I don’t want a million seasons. If we get a part 3 that would only elongate the show as well. Maybe they make season 1 and 2 and possibly wait 2 years between season 2 and 3 to age the characters. That leaves you 3 seasons of wiggle room to do more. But I guess we’ll see.


I’m pretty sure they’ve already confirmed that season one will include pieces of Part II


I think they would be better off doing the first half as season 2, and the second half to the end as season 3.


Depending on if they compleye part 1 in all season 1. I think season 2 would be the flash backs of Ellie and Joel from part 2 with the season finally showing Abby. Season 3 would be pre seattle day 1 for ellie and Abby with a mid season Joel kill or they somehow stretch it to the season 3 end. Season 4 is seattle for both Ellie and Abby hopefully back and forths show how Ellie juuuuust misses Abby having the end be the fight. Then they could do season 5 Santa Barbara like Neil wanted for the game as he's said it was supposed to be a lot more than just the 1 level IIRC. 5 seasons is good enough. Don't drag it out like the walking dead please.


You think the first game will only last one season???


This has been confirmed for a long time.


News to me.


definitely, they’d have to tell multiple stories in one and it might be hard but if season 1 succeeds I think they’d be able to pull of a season 2


Yep, i think season 2 should cover the flashback parts of Tlou2. First episode should be the part about Abby & her father, introduce who they are, show the audience he's the guy killed by Joel in Tlou season 1 final ep, Abby swear to revenge. The whole show would be about Joel & Ellie days in Jackson, and what Abby was doing after her father death, like the dating scenes with Owen, her joining Wolf,etc. With the final episode is Ellie found out the truth about Firefly and cut bond with Joel. Season 3 would start at the party scene in Jackson.


No I don't. This is what film producers do. I have full faith they can pull it off.


it would probably be better to show ellie and abby’s story simultaneously for a tv medium instead of dividing it, so you can see how their stories connect at once rather than later


Yeah, I don't think they'd just barrel into a huge time jump. More than likely there will be a few seasons that fill in the time gap between games. And then there's a chance the story takes on a life of its own and deviates from the og story.


I feel like the entire story of Part II can easily fit into a single season of 16-18 episodes. I don’t think splitting it up would be a good idea, same with Part I. They can have the first two or three episodes cover the events in Jackson, and then twelve episodes are dedicated to Seattle, where the main chunk of the story takes place. Two episodes for each day from each characters perspective. So six Ellie episodes and then six Abby episodes. That should be enough to cover the full stories of both sides. Finally, the last two or three episodes cover the aftermath of Seattle and Santa Barbara as well as the ending.


Well yes, I do. But I also think itd be more rewarding. The major problem I see, is I'm not sure the format that worked in the game would work as well on screen. And I'm not sure what a good alternative might be.


That's the one thing I'm worried about with adapting the games. I remember when I played the first game I thought that it would never work as a movie but could definitely be a tv show with each chapter (hometown prelude, the QZ, outskirts, bills town etc) being an episode. With the second game though, I just don't think it could work. The story to put it lightly is the most controversial part of the game, and while I've grown to love the story for what it is, I just don't think it can work on its own. Maybe they could jump back and forth between both stories, but I feel it would take away from the emotion of the stories. For a start it would be so much harder to get invested with Abby when you're just watching her do stuff, as opposed to playing through her chapters if that makes sense. On top of that, how would they go about ageing up Ellie? Ironically Bella is old enough to play 19 year old Ellie, yet I think it would be hard to see her as anything but 14 year old Ellie. On top of that it would be a very demanding role and it's hard to say if she could pull it off. Lastly if it proves to be a hit enough to make a season 2, it will most likely be picked up for season 3 so what happens then? It's incredibly unlikely that TLOU3 will be out for at least 5 years, so it would most likely follow its own story which has its own warning bells.


Honestly I think they could make part 2 more enjoyable for me. I didn't really like the pacing and some of the story decisions made in part 2, but if it is shown in a more linear way, and flesh some things out a bit more, I think it could be amazing.


im assuming they’ll do at least a season of the “filler” moments, that being said bella is 19 so like, they could very much go straight into pt2’s story as well


I think season 1 will probably end on Ellie killing David (and thus the end of the Winter chapter). Don't think TLOU2 will be touched for a while.




I think they could adapt part 2 but chronologically, so for a season 2 or 3 we could get the Jackson years to let Bella Ramsay age a bit and then go into part 2 in earnest


Per my post the other day that nobody seemed to care about lol, TLOU2 part 2 already has an unofficial movie, without the zombies, in Netflix's "Lou."


Yes. Because they’ll need to cast Abby as a black woman /s


I see this as an opportunity to tell a better story and give what the fans would want with part 2’s storyline.


Are we even sure they’re doing all of Part 1 in this one season?


I hope it does a season leading up to part two, what we don’t get to see in game.


I actually think it’ll be easier to adapt. As much as I loved Part 2, it seemed like it would be better in a TV show format imo.


I hope it’s one and done.


Unpopular opinion maybe, but I find it lazy that they just redo the game into a series, it is like a fourth remake of the first part. I would love them to find an other storyline to expand on. There were several years of a time gap, there should be something interesting too. I hope, if the series gets renewed, that they don‘t film the second game. Because adapting the games, when really everything is given, seems like no challenge to me for a television company of the calibre of HBO. They produced world-wide successes like GoT, Euphoria, HotD, Chernobyl and I read that they even have a budget of 10 million Dollars+ for each episode.


Fuck Part 2 adaptation, tell us what happened in those *20 years* after Sarah’s death


What about exploring stories between 1 and 2?


I'd probably stop watching the show like I stopped playing the game after Joel died, tbh.