“Well I don’t love you” lol


A lady came up to me the other day and told me god loves me. Me being a Christian said, “aww that’s sweet thanks for telling me”, then she went on about how the people in hiroshima died because of their drinking and smoking….


swing and a miss....


> then she went on about how the people in hiroshima died because of their drinking and smoking…. "Bitch, who taught you history ?"


Some of them were smoking afterwards though.


10 pints later he will saying he loves everyone LOL


Until he gets home and tells the people he's known and loved all his life to get the fuck out of his house -dylan moran


Pushing religion on others is one of my least favorite things that some humans do. You might as well just show me how fancy your asshole is. Same difference.


>You might as well just show me how fancy your asshole is. My cat is guilty of this.


It just wants to share the good mews.


Trying to save your soul from PURRRdition.


Religion is like a penis. It's fine to have one. It's even fine to be proud of it. But please don't wave it around in public. And please don't shove it down my child's throat.


I completely heard your second sentence in his voice, but with "fucking arsehole."


I don't think this is a ecumenical matter


Right so ted!




This is in Temple Bar Dublin Ireland. I live close by and this lady is absolutely mental. She will go off on you while just walking by. If your smoking or drinking (in Dublin's pub street) she'll not just try to tell you about her god but force her beliefs into your own. This isn't the first time I've seen this and I guarantee it won't be the last either.


How to scared off people from your religion 101


Yep, fastest way to put-off someone from joining your religion is to act like whacko in public and shove your beliefs down other's throats while playing victim when they tell you to fuck off and leave them alone. They love the hate they get though (r/Persecutionfetish). That weirdo probably went home feeling super proud of herself because they love feeding their victim complex. I'm a christian. Literally yesterday I unsubbed from all christian subs I was on, I can't take that much hate, anger and fearmongering. I don't even go to church anymore. They're the most self-righteous, bible-verse throwers, hateful, homophobic people and I don't want to mix myself with them. I'm so sick and tired of them gatekeeping the "right" way to believe. The church and religious people are the fastest way to convert christians into atheists and to put us off from going to church. They're toxic, highly manipulative and far from the teachings of Jesus. They themselves with their behaviour are the ones turning us away from them. I'm pro-choice, pro-LGBTQ, pro-divorce, pro-masturbation, pro-questioning your faith, I'm sex positive, I'm not a rightwing nutjob, I don't believe that a two thousand year old book is a guide on how to live. I'm not one for trying to convert others and bring them into your church. The church is a cult and has nothing to do with Jesus' teachings of loving and respecting each other. In my experience most religious people are the worst human beings I've met. Edit- Speaking of horrible people, a big Fuck You to the OP of [this post](https://www.reddit.com/r/ChristianDating/comments/r1gofc/christian_matchmaking_social_experiment_our/hlz13pk/) ([Screenshot for posterity](https://imgur.com/f9xvx9m)) u/zlunes who keeps promoting on Reddit a transphobic, homophobic dating website. Y'all call yourself Christians? Edit 2- Love how many Christians are completely missing the point of my comment and reaching out to evangelize me lmao. You aware there are different ways to live religion, right? I follow Jesus' message, you're following a cult. As for some comments, I don't feel the need to defend myself, justify, give explanations or try to convince others what are my reasons to being a Christian. Let the Reddit team of armchair psychologists keep speculating on why this person they have never met might believe in this or that. Also shoutout to r/OpenChristian and r/GayChristians for being the only Christians subs on Reddit that haven't been taken over by radicalized, extremist, biggoted Christians.


I had a similar situation in a small towns subway when i was a teenager. Dude just walked in and asked us if we were to die, would we go to heaven? I thought the crazy fucker was going to kill us, but instead handed us some pamphlets before getting shooed away. If you want to be religious, great, good for you, but keep it to yourself for fucks sake.


It’s what I appreciate most about the Jews. Unless you are of Jewish blood living outside the community they are not going to try and bring you in. If you are of Jewish blood and not part of the local community and the local rabbi finds out about you though… you get matzohs dropped off at your work with a nice note for Passover or chocolate gelt for Hanukkah. (Source: I get matzos and gelt dropped off at my work every year with a very nice note asking if I’d like to come over for Sabbath)


My wife is actually Jewish! There's a lot of community there, but you're absolutely right, none of them ever try to convince others to join them or anything like that. I've been invited to Temple but there was never any pressure one way or the other. They tend, in my experience anyway, to only practice in their home and community and that's it.


Yes! I'm a christian and I am tired of saying that religion has no place outside of the home and the church. Leave people the fuck alone you weirdos. Stop trying to convert others, stop going around spending your lives hating on everybody and trying to recruit others make them as miserable as you are. Keep your religion within the privacy of your home and church and leave others alone.


Religion are like dicks. It's okay to have one but it is not to flash it in public or force it unto children.


I like this one: "Religion is like a penis. It's okay to have one and even to be proud of it, but don't shove it down other people's throats without consent, and definitely don't flash it in front of children."


Sounds like Carlin.


..... And do not write any laws with it...


Stealing this


I wouldn’t mind Christianity if it weren’t for all the christians


Yeah this Christ dude seems like a real bro, his fan base though......


Like how going out in public is nice when the general public isnt there


The problem with religion is they have this belief that everything they do is to get to heaven. Which is the wrong way to think about it. You should be a good person because you want to be a good person. The whole reason of relgious books/texts/scriptures is to guide those and inform those who have trouble being a good person, to get them to become a good person eventually. Instead these people like to convert people to a religion, condemn others' actions, and pray they go to heaven or whatever form of paradise they believe in through their beliefs. They are in it for greed; an eternity of bliss in the afterlife. That shouldn't be what you strive for, that should just be a rewarding afterthought. Basically, I believe any religious person who puts any emphasis on heaven, is inherently selfish to a degree, and they missed the whole point on religion.


Exactly, you should be a good person because it's the right thing to do, because you don't want to go through life hurting others. Not to get a reward.


The whole point of doing things to go to heaven is resoundingly selfish. You are actively doing things to help YOU despite on how you're accomplishing it.


Brought up a Christian, became an atheist as a teenage for this exact reason: "In my experience most religious people are the worst human beings I've met."


Amen to you my brotha. As a Jew stuck between the Israeli and Palestinian conflict, I think both sides should go fuck off with their idea that either should own Jerusalem. Love and let live.


It's not about saving others by getting them to join your religion. She believes she will be saved if she just tries to save others. It's a selfish act, to appease an unloving god. It's a real shame religion turned out this way.


She loves it when anyone says "hail Satan" - give it a go


Fun story I was on my break at work and but of Christian whackos were trying to give out free books about god with a big sign that said the cure for covid is god. Being the good satanist I am I asked them what the cure was Guess what it was donating money to the church surprise surprise... Told them they are lining he pockets of child abusers gave a cheeky hail Satan and left.


Next time ask her if she has a Bible or bring your own. Then read 1 Timothy 2:12 New International Version 12 I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man;[a] she must be quiet.(A)


Also Matt 6:5-7


All of Matthew 6 really. 1-2 starts with: >Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven. So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.




I keep telling people: 'Oh you are really into that Horse Jizz Donkey Dick loving bestiality book huh?'


Homer: And you remember... Matthew ... 21:17. Rev. Lovejoy: ''And he left them and went out of the city into Bethany and he lodged there'?' Homer: Yeah ... Think about it.


How long has she been doing this? I'm getting deja vu, but I haven't been to Temple Bar in 2 years.


Carry a small bottle that reads "Holy Water" and chug it down on her face.


Yes...came here to say just this. First time I've recognised someone from the internet. Used to work in Dublin a lot, walked through Temple Bar a few time, never drank there as too expensive for me, but saw these lady on several occasions telling people they're going to hell. She deserves everything that's said to her. I'm really surprised not seen this woman being physically attacked


It feels genuinely refreshing to hear the point made so unabashedly.


I know, right? I had this religious weirdo come up to me at uni the other day trying to convince me to come to her church and I wish I had the balls to respond like this. I just kept telling her that I wasn't interested but she kept trying to argue with me, no idea why she was trying this in the physics faculty of all places.


>no idea why she was trying this in the physics faculty of all places. Probably trying to save the people she thinks need it most. Bunch of atheists, with your theorems and equations... No no no, this cannot be allowed.


I just tell them I can’t be sure either way, so I’m just waiting for the experiment to happen. Aren’t we supposed to be waiting to take Jesus to the airport at 4am or something?


Jesús switched to the 9am flight actually


I stayed up all night for this shit, he always does this disappearing bs. I love the guy but damn..


What can I say...Jesús works in mysterious ways


The ultimate cop out.


trabaja de formas misteriosas


It’s money. She can sign on, get her rent paid. Then get donations I.e tithing all tax free and u see the table. The lady is not mad she is dangerous she is looking for victims not followers.


I thought that was called Catholicism


these people are doing too much thinking and not enough praying, i must put a stop to it


If one has a moment to spare, the trick is to try to recruit them to your faith which has sex ceremonies, animal sacrifice and speaking to the dead. Can't be too memey though, but to try and seem genuine. Simply be one of the Satanists these people believe exist and are a big deal. If they ask the name of your faith, you're a secularized Yazidi.


The more cultish ones use that to their advantage. They'll send kids and other "innocents" they want to control. Getting a response like the guy in the video is used, or even better to them, a response like you suggest, to reinforce their beliefs and say "see the evil in the world? See how we are persecuted?" It's super fucked up.


bruh it reminded me of when i went to college in the uk and there was this girl i was dating turned out her family were jw and she was trying to get me into it because her parents told her i either join jw or she has to break with me, that was the quickest "nope, im outta here" i had in my life




Are you insinuating that a group of physicists wouldn't just take someone's explanation of the universe on faith? What're they gonna do? Test it, peer review it, and come to a group consensus using tried and true logic models? Psch. As though.


I once had a person keep telling me I'd go to hell if I didn't come to his Church and I just wanted to buy some beer. It pissed me off so much I genuinely shouted fuck off loudly at him and mouthed him off. My friend calmed me down cause unfortunately I was looking like the lunatic


People have been basically instructed to spread religion, but some of them don't understand the most EFFECTIVE ways to do this are by just going out and making the world a better place instead of poking random people on the street and without getting to know them at all or their problems insist they have a problem.


My ace in the hole is ignoring any pleasantries or hello’s and getting straight to “I’m an Athiest”. Makes them walk away from you like you’re the living dead , it’s amazing.


I told her that multiple times unfortunately, she kept trying to challenge my position. I said just about everything other than to tell her to fuck off, but I'd just been studying during a test period, I was too hazy to make the effort to be that assertive.


My husband is a priest and he answered the door in full clericals on his way to church when jehovah's witnesses came knocking to convert us, asking if we've read the bible. Would not let up. Like, come on we're already christians AND we're busy. That was the 3rd attempt btw. They sent a woman and child after I declined to allow to male missionaries in to discuss the bible with me. They just couldn't believe I'd read it and decided to be anything but a jehovah's witness.


I'm not even religious and my trick for getting rid of them is to act excited and tell them to wait while I get my King James version of the Bible and we can sit down and tell them about it. They are always gone for some reason by the time I find it. Have to thank my minister dad for that one. It's a big no no to embrace other cults outside your own in most followings I imagine.


Could not agree more. Sometimes it feels as if some people get to air their views (and direct them to random strangers) and when said stranger try’s to tell them to “Get to fuck”, all hell breaks loose. If they get the right to bring up their beliefs, I should have the right to tell them to go away because I don’t want to listen. Good on him.


I dressed in black just because i like it. Nothing deep meaningful. You just can't go wrong with black. Well I can't count how many times someone approaches me and surprise me to end up talking about religion, it makes me feel weird in the scene that why would you approach me with such a random topic. Like me approaching someone in the Streets and talk to the about the importance of understanding French Language.... like why? Why French? What makes you think I don't speak French? Why the impulse? My clothes? I'm just wearing this but I'm on my way to church..... so it's pure out reaching judgemental


This is really the first time in human history people can say “Fuck your god” in public and not get burned at the stake, so I’m not wasting this glorious moment for a second


We Irish don't hold back, we'll tell it like it is.


I'd honestly say that's not true at all. I think most irish will avoid conflict if possible, until there's a stressful day and the final straw is dropped, then they'll let loose.


These people have persecution complex. This just makes them even more determined next time because they think this is a test send by god, and their good work is determined by how hard it is to convert someone. It's a very fucked up theology that indoctrinates people to take on shit in order to increase the number of converts. It messed up people's minds because they are taught to internalize people's disdain for their attempts and turn it into some fucked up resolve, into even more zeal. Organized religions had it all figured out. They know how to manipulate their believers into doing all kinds of horrible shit.


For context this is Temple Bar, the most touristy, drinky place in Dublin. If you're there generally you're there for a good time, not preaching. This woman and others like her stand on the corners of squares and shopping streets and loudly denounce people saying "Only God will free you of your sins" and all this shite. They are mostly ignored but I've seen people have a go at the asshole on Henry St for this kinda thing too. Especially considering the abuse and suffering the Church caused people here you often see foreign preachers challenged by people like this. Edit - spelling


if i was a local at that bar and had to deal with that stuff regularly I would probably snap at them too like this guy, he's just trying to relax after a working day and enjoy a pint with a ciggie.


Do locals even go to the Temple Bar? Seems about as unlikely as a Munich local going to the Hofbräuhaus to me.


its not a single bar, but a section of city that has many pubs, shops, and eateries. You can find locals at some of the places for sure.


Though to clarify, there is also a pub in that area called the Temple Bar.


I used to work in a pub in Temple Bar, you'd have a few locals. Depending on who they are they'd get local prices too. We charged 6.20 for a Guinness for example and they would pay 4.50.


Wait what?!? I never knew there were local prices! Would they be for regulars only or would the accent and lack of Guinness paraphernalia do it? Always wondered what an evening in the Temple Bar tourist pubs was like.


At least one does


According to the taxi driver who drove us back to the airport from there - no. 5 minutes down the road and the drinks are half the price apparently.


That's when you read them this verse out of Mathews (verse 6-5). Bible even tells em to knock it off lol. “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full."


My fav is Timmy 2:12. Works in this instance.


"Timmy?" "Timmy!"


Oooof! Hit her with the biblical, “ men are talking”


TBH a lot of Ireland and moreso, the UK are like this. You can go years without ever hearing about someone's religion, so when you see some nutter preaching on the streets, it's such a weird sight and can elicit some pretty funny responses.


My god. Has it been that long since I was in temple bar. I have never seen these people before. Is it a new thing? In my day, it was the chuggers. Are they still about? Fucking hated them.


I'm on a school trip with some students, and that woman has been really uncomfortable to walk past. The kids are muslims, so the girls wear scarves and that woman yelled at them that they were going to hell if they didn't repent and accept Jesus. Fucking disgusting. I don't care if she wants to waste her life yelling about hell, but leave people alone. Luckily the girls could stand up for themselves, but they shouldn't have to.


I'm not religious so I could be way off base, but even from a religious perspective aren't her sections still wrong? Aren't you supposed to not judge others? Isn't that gods job?


In my experience the most religious people are the most judgmental and hypocritical. Every restaurant server knows the Sunday afternoon crowd is the worst.


The worst feeling to carry is righteousness. Nothing blinds more. This is why they are the worst. They feel right. No matter what they do.


There's the Righteous. And the Self Righteous. Same words for being egregious assholes who always have a bullshit biblical reason for their selfish behavior.


So you’re telling me that people who get their whole life’s morals from a book that they’ve never read tend to be hypocritical? Naa I don’t believe you


Absolutely. Worst tips, most demanding and they behave like assholes.


My good friend from High school was a peace loving, pot smoking, hippie with an open mind and kind spirit. Twenty years later we meet and she became a Baptist and married a Jewish lawyer. Now she hates gays (even though her sister was one) and thinks that all the people in her church are going to heaven as they are the only people alive following the word of Christ. She is a disgusting person full of hate who basically joined a cult.


That's the problem with an "open mind", imo. People need to accept that not everyone's views are alike, yes, but those who usually claim to have an open mind are those who don't have any hills they'd die on. They're usually ripe for indoctrination because when you challenge their views, they don't have any. However, when you give them their first taste of having one, they'll throw everything away to defend their newly adopted view. It's fucking bizarre.


Maybe “tolerant” is a better word than open minded. But I would say people like Manson and Koresh preyed on those type of people.


maybe that goes for american christians, but most really orthodox practicing muslims and the few strict christians i've got to know better were really tolerant and non-judgemental people


If this is the first time you've seen hypocrisy in religions than you my dude are lucky


Whenever I run into this I always ask if these people wear modern clothing as blended fabrics are outlawed by God (Leviticus 19:19). Or if they wear earrings (Isiah 3). I see a lot of the hip youth Christian pastors with tattoos, big no no according to Leviticus 19:28. Or, if they are a woman or live with a woman, they avoid contact with that woman for 7 days while she’s menstruating, and then burn the clothes, linens and bed sheets she even touched in that period (Leviticus 15).


Obviously depends on the religion / sect. Some essentially force their members to be missionaries.


I once told a public preacher to fuck off and got absolutely chewed out by my mum, that's when I realised we were very different people


If I wanted to hear an angry diatribe about how I'm an awful person and going to hell for eating shrimp, I'd go to my local church. Keep that religious shit off the streets. No one needs or wants to hear it.


When walking by the pesky street preacher in Huddersfield who was telling the college kids (16, 17yrs) homosexuality is a sin and they're going to hell, I loudly said he needs to fuck off with that bronze age bollocks and got a round of applause But it iron age bollocks really. Bit gutted I got that wrong but the applause was nice


The worst are the anti gay ones, yelling about it in the street. When I was a teenager my then gfs friend bought us tickets to a Christian rock event, she asked us to go as her birthday present from us. Figured how bad could it be. A dude on stage spent 20 minutes gay bashing, even even did the auld 'god send aids to punish the gays' routine. Imagine being a teenager struggling with your sexuality and having to sit through that. If I was gay I'd have wanted to kill my self. Fuck those people. I guess she thought if we went we would see the light but I just left really angry and with a lot less respect for her.


They used to come out to the gay clubs in OKC during the 90s. Someone started slashing their tires while they walked around yelling at people and eventually they lost interest. Not all heroes wear capes


What religion is she? I've not heard of a religion where smoking means you'll go to hell? Excuse my ignorance.


There are lots of Christian sects where smoking sends you to hell. I grew up in one. Everything sent us to hell. I’m so glad I managed to leave a long time ago because those movements are toxic and damaging.


Being raised in a third world country meant seeing lots of ridiculous Christian beliefs. These are some of my favorites. - Ever wear pants as a woman? straight to hell - drink coffee or coke? Hell - go to church without head coving? Hell - smoke, drink, take stimulants (even prescribed)? Right down to to the darkest pits of hell. - woman sit with legs crossed? Down to hell - if you don’t “evangelize” aka harass ppl? Don’t even think about heaven. - ever imagine anyone naked? Hell! - Make up, nail polish or jewelry? Must love the idea or eternal damnation - eat a double protein meal? To the darkest pitts. - a man thinks of you sexually even if you’ve done nothing? Straight to hell. This is all I can think of atm but there are several more.


Greetings fellow cult survivor


This kind of people is so annoying that i understand this man, like girl life's shit enough and I just wanna chill with a drink I don't need u coming in ur moral high horse to give me a fcking headache


Someone had to say it


I got approached by someone like that before, a man and a woman came up while my wife and I were shopping and asked "have you found Jesus?", so I replied "I didn't know he was lost." and walked away, embarassed my wife but she was also holding in laughter at the same time. Why do they think they can just push that shit on you?


That's awesome, I'm so proud of people like you. It's highly annoying, I have a "step niece" that does that shit, she always threatens that I'll go to hell and I always reply "I don't believe in hell nor do I cave in to the fear they try to trap you with in that fairy tail" she's gotten so mad at me to the point she refuses to see my family because we are not religious and godly.. she is 10 years old. Wears makeup, lies, bullies, judges people and manipulates her parents and brother and even told my sister she doesn't feel comfortable being around her because she's unholy. It's fucking insane how washed up religion can make kids


She's 10?? How did she become like that? Damn, that's kinda crazy.


Guessing her bio mom. She's a brat. Hopefully she grows out of it


Ime as a multigen pagan they do some of the *strangest* shit. Off shift enjoying a coffee while by bf finishes his shift, practicing tarot at a table in the back? Lady comes up and sweeps my card to the floor and tells me to find jesus. Telling my friend in hs about the new amulet I got? Substitute teacher yanked the necklace so hard the chain snapped and cut me- before telling me im gonna go to hell. No she did not get fired despite me and my mom losing our shit over it. Had a guy at a local fair ask me if ive found jesus and i say, "nope, im pagan but thank you" and this dude *i shit you not* followed me and my bf around for at least 15 mins preaching about false idols. Fuck the midwest and the bible thumpers that live here man. Who in their right mind thinks any of that is appropriate? And why is it so accepted? If any religion other than a Christian denomination pulled that shit it would have made the news! But anytime someone pushes back like this guy its "a war on god" "a sign of the end times" and "proof of the xyz agenda!!" Its fucking insanity.


After that their god was reported with multiple child in a single day with 29 more upcoming


Today I found a hero, I shall now say “Take your $hit away !” , every time someone steps up.


This is why I moved to Ireland, and why I love living here. This guy speaks the truth, none of the nonsense. Fuck off with that preaching attitude, especially in Temple Bar.


When I see religious people like this the saying "misery loves company" comes to mind.


Refreshing to hear an Irishman say ‘fuck your god’


Seriously, who do people think they can convert like this? Not even they would change religion because of some random dude yelling in the street.


Because she is mentally ill. If she wasn't catholic, she would be annoying people on the streets with some other bullshit.


This man is my spirit animal


Wish everyone would react like this when some self entitled, holier than thou, cunt started in on you with that going to hell shit Fucking nut jobs


Slightly off topic, i was walking to an art supply store in the nearest city and i had some guy asking for donations for some save the tree type of thing and i declined and kept walking and he says "don't you care about your carbon footprint, you should do more to help the planet" I just asked if he owned a car and told him i never have and kept walking.


Do you or are you planning to ever have children is a good question to ask. Followed up with how many and if the answer is more than one you can wholeheartedly tell them to go fuck off with their bullshit.


Honestly the best thing a person can do to decrease the carbon footprint is dying..... Unironically lol


I had a god botherer literally try and convert me from the street while I was having a smoke on my balcony. My boyfriend went to put the bins out so I thought I'd be cute and wave to him while having a smoke. This random woman walking past stops, looks up at me, and says "You need Jesus". I was like "...I'm alright thanks" but she kept insisting, eventually I had to tell her to fuck off and leave me be. Boyfriend is round the corner from this woman the whole time, maybe 5m at most, didn't hear me or her at all. Sometimes I think I dreamed it, because what the fuck?


“I can’t force you” *Proceeds to keep preaching and not leave when asked*


*booking trip to Ireland*


I love seeing fundamentalists get yelled at


Normalize telling these freaks to fuck off when they try to push their fiery tales on the rest of us


In a perfect world we'd do that and if they didn't fuck off you'd lock em in a drunk tank for speaking nonsense


One of the most annoying verses in the bible are the ones where they tell you to spread the word. I mean god's word shouldn't need help from people.


We are lucky to have people like this guy.


“Let people having a fucking pint” ... if I could hug this guy I would.


“Fuck off” just hits different when it’s shouted with an Irish accent.


It's like poetry.


Down with this sort of thing


Careful now!


God will send you to Hell for all eternity because you smoke tobacco. Don't you want to worship and love him? He only wants to send you to Hell because he loves you! I just realized Christians, especially Catholics, are kind of like victims of domestic abuse.


I aspire to be this man.


This how unapologetic I want to be. Owning your beliefs and nonbeliefs. So much suffering and you tell me I'm gonna burn in hell...


And to think a few years ago the church practically ran Ireland... So proud of us.


Slowly but surely. The US is starting to follow suit as well. Less and less people are following Christianity. I somehow found my way out after 20 years.


Anyone who says this guy reacted too harshly clearly doesn't go out much. The amount of times I've been acousted by people like this in public, had them come to my door to preach about the magic man in the sky that doesn't exist, then become even more fanatical when I say I'm not interested. These people are a cancer.


“Get the fuck outta here ya fuckin piece of shit”


Give that man a pint


Damn right, fuck all your gods.


All street preachers are absolutely mental. You have to have profound mental health issues to first believe in such whoppers of a story, second think that any rational person would believe it and third, telling them they are going to hell would compel them to listen further


I work in Dublin city centre and this lady has told me I'm going to hell many times. This is pretty funny.


I spent yesterday working with the Irish stage crew of Riverdance. I’ve never been told to fuck off and be called a cunt so many times with so much love before. Great bunch and we get to do it all again Saturday when they leave ☘️


I've worked with them as well in the early 2000s when they were performing in b'ham . Every year 2 weeks in a row. Was on the turnarounds, house lights and show cover twice a day. Fucking hate Riverdance afterwards, but the stage crew are a lovely bunch of cunts.


You call your mates "cunts" and you call cunts "mates"


I would have immediately bought that man a beer.


Irish are the best to tell ya to fuck off


Perfect time to Quote some Timothy 2:12: I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet.


The rudeness of that woman is just amazing.


Fair play. It's 2021 and we can't even get certain people to believe science, never mind trying to banish these myths from our streets.


Careful, he's a hero.


Fuck your God LMFAO


Do the conquestador go to heaven? Yes. Then I don't want to go there.


Religion is mankind's biggest and nastiest Scam!


Why does religion need a salesperson?


Religion is 100% marketing. How else would it exist?


I’d have bought this man a drink.


He’s got a point. You’ve had 2021 years to make your point, now fuck off ya nutters.


Simplest response to people like this: “Will you be in heaven? Yes? Then I want to be as far away from heaven as possible.”


Oh that was beautiful!!! I wish I could buy that man a pint!!!


Every religion: I shalt not judge Every person with a religion: And he didn't believe in what I did, and I took great offense to that.


As some one who once spent 1.5 years studying to be a minister… I feel this so deeply… fuck your god right in the ass…


There is absolutely nothing I hate more than someone trying to force their religious views on me. I don't quite get this vicious with them, but I totally understand what he was feeling.


Difficult to interpret how he feels about the situation!


This is exactly how you have to respond to these fucknuts who don't know how to stop bullying and take no for an answer.


"I prefer hell to your god's heaven" - so very true. A statement like this from Hitchens set me on the path from Hasidic Jew to atheist


"If the only thing keeping a person decent is the expectation of divine reward then, brother, that person is a piece of s***. And I’d like to get as many of them out in the open as possible. You gotta get together and tell yourself stories that violate every law of the universe just to get through the goddamn day? What’s that say about your reality?" Rust Cohle


She should be admitted. She has no business on the streets.


Religion is like a penis, It’s nice to have and worship It can satisfy It can be good to talk about, BUT Nobody like it when you try and force it on them or shove it down their throat!


The Irish have a way with words, it's like poetry


Lads, you have to complain about this woman to the businesses your in. Complain that you won't be back because she is abusive. They can in turn contact the Garda with a de facto claim that she is disturbing the peace and have had complaints from patrons. Then something can actually be done. She is welcome to preach her shit for any gob shite that wants to listen, this behaviour or being aggressive and abusive to random citizens is unacceptable. Your man is a bit of a dick to her but her is probably totally fucking fed up with her and I'd say it's the umpteenth time he has had to listen to this shit.


He's not a dick at all. It's the rational response we all wish we'd have in that situation.


Damn. I ain't heard fuck your God since decide. Almost spit drink


Absolute legend


I'd like to buy this man a pint


This guy is a HERO!!! Someone has to tell these mentally I'll religious peddlers to fuckoff


Evangelism is a part if the Christian faith, but random “preaching” about hell rarely (and by rarely I mean never) changes anybody’s mind about Christianity. It’s also true that targeting individual behaviors like smoking or drinking misses the whole point of the gospel and turns you into a Pharisee.


You know how it’s easy to get a song stuck in your head? “Fuck yer God” will be on repeat in my head all day. I love it.


"Unless you're going to have a fucking pint fuck you." He's not being that rude, invited her for a drink.