Honestly you should get the most recent T4xx that you can find for that price and anticipate putting \~$100 of RAM into it in a year or two. I just went from a T430s to a T480s and the difference in performance is huge. I paid $400 (USD), but I got a really good deal. If you're patient and haunt the used sites for a couple of months you might be able to do the same. The thing is that between the T450 and the T470 there wasn't a huge jump in performance, which is why you won't find much of a price spread between the T450-T470 series. A T480 might be more your style, especially if you want gobs of battery life. The prices on them should also be coming down a bit in the next few months. Good luck, and don't forget to get something with a nice screen so you can watch movies during your downtime!




If you can spare $500, then a T480s or for the ability to swap batteries/use an extended battery get the slightly heavier T480


Ask in a few months time. Windows 11 is launching and its requirements are still changing. Not an issue if you use Linux.


Im currently a uni student (class of 2023), and many of my friends who do law use MacBooks. But it's what they do on them that matters. They use a lot of Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote are staples), they have around 10 tabs open at the same time and usually a video or music playing in the background. Of course, this is the bare minimum, as you might factor in an antivirus or some other background software. Here are some of my recommendations: If weight and carrying it around is a concern: T14s Gen 2, that's the latest model, if you can wait until around March next year, there might even be a Gen 3. Get the AMD version. Ryzen 5000 is blazingly fast, and also cheaper than the Intel version; it also has amazing integrated graphics. Since the laptop uses an SSD it isn't going to be too slow in 6 years time. As the RAM cannot be updated, go with at least 16GB for longevity, 32 if your wallet's feeling generous. Unless you have some media related hobby, the 250 nits screen is enough, otherwise just get an external one, it's cheaper. 512GB of storage should be more than enough, if that becomes full, buy an external hard drive to shove all your A-Level stuff into when you hit uni. If weight is not a concern, then buy the T14 or the P14s, they're the same thing. Get the same AMD CPU and you're set. The only difference in this is that there is a RAM expansion slot, so you can afford so skimp to 8GB for now, to add another 8GB in the future. Good luck with your A-Levels and applications in the future!


>T14 That is not budget option they cost from 1000 to 2000 eur