Prepared food for personal use is good. Only one time did I have one douschebag throwaway my sandwich but he was in a bad mood. The other times no one even looks in my lunchbox. EDIT: Been crossing for years. Not daily until just this month. They'll care if you bring the whole deli meat package with you.


Once a lady CBP agent got upset with me because I had 2 bags of tortilla chips in my overnight bag. They were both open but closed up in a plastic bag. She fiddled with them and said "You're not bringing those into the country." Wouldn't explain why. Just directed me to toss them. I guess, like always, it depends on the agent and their attitude.


I would have asked to go to secondary to clarify but that's just me.


Ask them for the printed list next time you cross. Some fruits are allowed.


Only beef and fish can be raw or cooked to cross, pork is off limits whether cooked or not.. That I know of fruits and veggies are off limits too unless cooked or prepared..


I was stopped at the crossing because I was carrying my lunch. She asked if I had any other food items and I explained to her that I had also brought 12" of sausage just for her .


Who declares that??? Lol


The dude holding up the line for everyone


[allowed food items](https://help.cbp.gov/s/article/Article-3619?language=en_US)