Seems excessive


Agreed & sad. Yes, Elvis had legitimate health problems but his doctor overprescribing was not the answer either.


The sad thing is, when people tried to talk to Elvis about this issue he would insist that he did not have a drug problem since it was all prescribed by a doctor.


Same as Prince and Michael Jackson


Yes, and Whitney Houston and Heath Ledger, all prescription drug overdoses.


Whitney did have prescription drugs in her system (Xanax I think), but she was also coked out and drunk when she died.


Cracked out. Sorta the same, minus the nose, plus freebasing.


I guess somewhere in between. I believe she didn’t smoke crack, but yea she was freebasing coke in mixed with bud in blunts all day long for years. She didn’t leave her house for almost a year at one point… had dealers delivering eight balls daily. And she was hallucinating, so I’m guessing she didn’t sleep much. A two day bender is rough enough… Whitney kept her bender going for nine months.


It’s called VIP medicine. When the doctor cares more about the fame of being the doctor for someone famous. They’ll do whatever that person wants just to stay their doctor.


Well, I have to imagine that killing your celebrity patient is bad for business. Not only did you kill your golden goose, but you also just became known as the terrible doctor that killed (insert famous person here)


Tom Petty too. [Music’s Fentanyl Crisis: Inside the Drug That Killed Prince and Tom Petty](https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/musics-fentanyl-crisis-inside-the-drug-that-killed-prince-and-tom-petty-666019/)


It’s amazing how the worst people make their way into the inner circles of the greatest celebrities


Because the worst people have no scruples about going along with the celebrity even if doing so might literally kill them, and the celebrity is so far gone that all they see is someone who will make them 'feel better' with no argument.


Same with most of his generation. Remember, having any weakness you weren't supposed to talk about. PTSD, addiction, depression, anything, you weren't supposed to talk about that stuff, for a celebrity, I can image the pressure to still have a good public image was worse.


and the pressure put on Elvis by his greedy manager and the record labels who were making shitloads of money off him. At one point Elvis knew he was in trouble and pleaded for time away from the studio, he was contracted to do 10 albums a year in addition to his Vegas shows. They refused and instead built a mobile studio at Graceland. If only they had allowed him some time to get his life together and he lived in a culture where it was OK to admit that you needed rehab


*Ten albums a* **year?**? What the what?!


Pretty much what every suburban housewife says too, all while condemning weed users.


My dad. My dad has been hooked on oxycodone since a hip replacement in 2012. He’s borrowed pills, loaned pills, tried getting my mom hooked on the shit, total fiend. But he doesn’t have a drug problem because his (pain management) “Dr” prescribes them to him, so he’s legal. But let him catch a whiff of pot, and he thinks cammo wearing jack booted officers are just gonna break down the door and force everyone into a van and take us all off to the gulag to break rocks for the rest of our lives.


My doctor prescribes me weed (or rather signs my medical card), so I'm legal too. Doesn't stop the judgement, even though I have [Scheuermann's disease](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scheuermann%27s_disease).


bro you can't just take someone else's disease like that.


He can have it back, it fucking sucks. I wake up in at least 4/10 back pain every day, and depending on how much manual labor I did that day, it's usually 6 to 8 by the end of the day. It keeps me from sleeping as well. Cannabis is the only thing that works on it and puts me right to sleep.


I do not have the disease you do but in high school I dropped nearly 600 pounds on my back while squatting and obviously that amount of weight broke my back in two separate places along with really causing issues with the disks in my back and here I am 15 years later the only way I manage my pain is through cannabis and I can’t smoke at the moment due to needing to find a new job and pass a drug test. The amount of pain I live in everyday along with sleeping maybe 3-4 hours a night of my back pain didn’t get bad enough to wake me up, and my wife keeps asking why I’m in a bad mood despite me trying my best to not be, but sometimes you just can’t help it I hate being hateful, but when your lowest level of pain that I would rate as a 6 is another persons 9 or higher it’s hard to be joyful


Car hit me and I suffered similar back injuries and an internal amputation of my arm. Never being able to be totally comfortable again is a weird fucking thing for the mind to try to process. At least cannabis makes the stabbing shooting pain more of a full heat that can kind of feel pleasant if you rewire some mental pathways for pain v pleasure. I haven't found that or makes it more difficult for me to be happy, but I'm almost never cheery anymore.


I don't know if it helps, but I also have back and sleep issues, and use cannabis to help with both. I also has to do a drug test recently, and my new manager told me how to cheat; you can buy fake urine on Amazon or sometimes smoke shops sell it. Had to buy tidy whities and put the small bottle and the hand warmers it came with all up in my grundle to get it up to body temp. Went in the test restroom and just poured it in the bottle. They stand outside and listen, afaik, but I was told by my manager "they're cool" and they were trying to finish everyone up so they could go on lunch, so my tester was kinda distracted.


Chronic recurring pancreatitis for years. I feel you. My resting level is like a 4/10 usually. And I'm pretty sure my 4 is a 6 for most. You learn to cope. The never letting up is enough to drive you crazy. Hang in there.


My neighbor has this disease and showed me her x-rays and how she looks when she bends over, it's wild. She smokes like a fiend, and we met because she smelled my weed when I was on my back porch. tl;dr, damn I'm sorry you have to deal with this. A friend of mine is in pretty much constant pain and without cannabis she'd never move.


The x-rays are wild. First time I showed my friends it blew their minds.




Just finished Dopesick on Hulu. It’s unbelievable what big Pharma gets away with.


I just finished listening to fentanyl, it touched on the same thing


Is it a good show?


It is an eye opener for sure. Great choice of actors as well. Great to see Keaton in a show again. I definitely enjoyed it.


Cool! Keaton's a pleasure to watch


Ironically I often hear weed is they key that helped them kick the habit from opioid addicts


I used weed to detox from pain meds after back surgery. It saved me from going into a full on opioid addiction that might have lasted years.


My grandfather has disowned my mom for being a heroin junkie despite the fact he's on over 500mg of morphine a day. His excuse is the same, my pain specialist prescribes them, so I must need them.


Well no offense but if he's that bad off of oxycodone, he will be moving to heroin soon. His doctor is going to take them away, probably sooner than later, doctors all fear getting pinched for putting out too many pain pills, and when his script gets taken away or at the very least weened off of them he will have no other option aside from real dope. The pills have been dried up off the streets, that or they are fake presses which is way more dangerous. Point is, do everything in your power to get him to realize how bad he is, and get him to treatment. Otherwise he will be ripping and running for years. If you think he's on some fiend shit now with a script for percs, it's only gettijg worse from here, and exponentially. Wait till he has a 300 a day habit, and will do almost anything to get it. Do everything you can now, believe me, I've been running for years, both my parents also do it, as well as my brother, fuck we cop together. I dont know why I went and told you all that, sorry for sounding preachy, for all I know you have been trying to get him help forever. It just hits close to home, thanks for listening to my ramblings. Good luck


>Point is, do everything in your power to get him to realize how bad he is, and get him to treatment People only quit opioids when they wanna quit opioids. Not saying he should just give up on his dad but there really isn't anything in anyone's "power" to do.


My mom shad shoulder surgery last Thursday and came home with a morphine pump. He asked in a half serious, half joking tone, if I had anything that could get into the pump to get the morphine out. Mom done said when the pump comes out tonight she wants me to do everything I can to render it useless and destroy any contents left inside.


Call your local pharmacy, they can assist! Source: RN


Up here in Canada, the suburban housewives are all cannabis users. Much nicer than the old pill-popping alcoholics from the 50s.


They pop pills like crazy here in Utah. Typically skip the booze, but double down on the judgement.


Did a sales gig one night for the Utah ??? Professional Society. Rich mucky-mucks and their wives. We smoked a fatty before starting the gig. About 45 minutes in I realize that every wife in there is higher than we are. It was fascinating. This was nearly 30 years ago.


How do you know if people are high at something like that?


All these women were like glazed eyed Stepford wives. At first we didn’t notice as we were hustling but once we slowed down and could watch the crowd we saw it. At first my boss was no way. But I was seriously look at them dude. Then we couldn’t look away.


Utah has the highest percentage of both porn consumption and anti-depressants.


What a world


Pills are a problem up here too, but I think federal legalization of cannabis and the normalization of CBD oil as a self-medication for lots of stuff people used to abuse prescription drugs and alcohol for has helped a ton.




Hitler had a similar issue. He hated drug addicts and yet towards the end of the war had a doctor injecting him with a “vitamin mix” that was essentially just speed


Not only was Hitler on meth, but he also had his whole Army and Air Force on meth. The drug helped on the short Blitzkrieg operations, but over the long term it destroyed his military´s capacity to fight coherently (along with Allied resistance, of course.)


The US Air Force still gives [go pills](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modafinil#Occupational) to their pilots for certain missions. I have seen people argue that the practice has led to friendly fire incidents; though that shit is hard to prove.


Before the US military used modafinil for their 'go pills,' they used [dextroamphetamine.](https://www.scmp.com/magazines/post-magazine/long-reads/article/3051418/how-world-war-ii-got-japan-and-us-got-hooked) During WWII, both sides were using powerful stimulants for soldiers.


🎶 "I ain't gonna pee pee in no cup" "Just so Nancy Reagan can come and drink it up" 🎶


Was that really a song during the DARE campaign?


I Ain't Gonna Piss In No Jar by Mojo Nixon was released in 1987. I remember my dad playing that in the car when I was younger than 10 and I was very confused. "Dad, who is Nancy Reagan and why does she collect pee pee?"


You can't mention both Mojo Nixon and Elvis in the same story without linking this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpb4ZAAP6Z4


I'm so happy to see another Mojo Nixon fan. I named the first dog I got after moving out on my own Mojo.


Inquiring minds must know how your father fielded that one


"If you dont clean your room, nancy reagan is gonna steal your pee while you sleep". She was kinda the boogyman at our house when i was a kid.


The more important question is: How many was she slipping Ronald in his second term?


It’s called a wine tasting and it’s fancy!


What health problems did he have that weren't alcohol or drug induced


I'll answer you respectively, and since you asked I'll answer you respectively, he had glaucoma, insomnia, colon issues & hypertension. Some of this may have been pre determined \[aka genes\] while others not so much. He had alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency, which can attack the lungs and liver. The last several years of his life he was plagued with/by illness. What I mentioned obviously wasn't helping. He also suffered from being bloated. Elvis didn't drink alcohol.


New medical investigations/theories believe the primary cause of his problems were traumatic brain injuries. Basically that he had brain cells/fluid slowly leaking into the rest of his body which starts to fuck up everything else. I read a few articles on this a couple of years ago.


Brain injury from what?


I remember reading this article a while back about many people who were close to Elvis believe he has epilepsy his since he was young. They say elvis was very self conscious about it and he thought it was a weakness basically and secluded himself (especially as he got older) because he didn’t want to be seen having one in public.




A TV falling onto his head


Aw, this show ain't no good.




shit, i believe that fully. that would definitely explain a mans needs to feel as though he has to eat handfuls of 50 pills a day 5x a day. I dont think ive ever seen as serious a case of prescription pill abuse as Elvis, and ive known DEGENERATE junkies that have almost endless access. The ease of access and him being elvis obviously didnt help, but shit yea he had to be running away from something serious as hell deep down


It's the same fate that MJ succumbed to


MJ was taking propofol to sleep. That's like asking someone to hit you in the head with a hammer so you can get a good night's rest. That is SO not what propofol is for, and to boot the shit is fat soluable. Anybody with medical anything who sees that is immediately "nooooo no no no no...."


I had propofol for an upper endoscopy and I haven't felt that well rested in a loooong time. I can totally understand where someone could get addicted. The drugs that get used in hospitals are real scary.


Yeah they used it to put me under for a colonoscopy. I had never been put under before, so I tried to "fight" it, to see if I could. No chance. The injection goes in and you're asleep in seconds no matter how hard you fight. Legitimately terrifying. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, honestly. I'm a recovering IV heroin addict and the feeling of going under with propofol was actually really similar to OD'ing on heroin. Just no rush before.


What's the significance of it being fat soluble? Chemistry isn't really my thing


It'll be absorbed by fat in the body and just stay there. Later, when you burn the fat, unexpected propofol gets released as the fat is processed


Well thats more biochemistry. Basically anything you take that's fat soluable will bioaccumulate, usually in a variable, demi-predictable manner. We generally keep very close auspices on anyone we put under with propofol. Heart monitoring, labs, respiration, the works. Giving someone propofol to "sleep" unsupervised is again, like knocking someone out with a hammer every night to put them to "sleep". If there's no regular monitoring you have no idea what could be happening other than they're not conscious anymore. Which could be very, very bad.


The fat solubility is especially a problem with chronic use. All you have to do is fast after eating consistently for a while and the next dose will be your last.


That is insane. I know it's not anesthesia, but "twilight sleep", but you could have fooled me. I've had both, they felt the same. I was out within seconds with propofol. I did wake up a lot faster with the propofol, but it felt just as sedating to me. A lot less euphoria going under though.


Basically yea. he was a known addict, but wasnt nearly the pillhead Elvis was. I thought MJ really died because his doctor was giving him Propofol everynight to sleep, which is a super taxing and controversial anesthesia agent made for very serious procedures. You know how they say sometimes its not worth giving your 10 year old dog the surgery cause sometimes they "go under, and dont wake up"? well MJ was "going under" every night, and that was his entire sleep schedule




That's just a weekend in Vegas for these dudes.


MJ suffered from Empty Nose Syndrome, which among other things, gives the constant sensation that you aren’t getting enough air. MJ couldn’t sleep because his nervous system was constantly alerting that he wasn’t breathing. ENS mostly affects people that have nasal surgery and has no cure.


> Elvis didn't drink alcohol. I'm surprised by that. I would have expected the King of Rock & Roll to party hard.


The insomnia, colon issues ans hypertension were most likely drug induced. I don't know about the glaucoma. Sucks though either way.


Yea hypertension and stimulates like an amphetamine usually don't mix well. So even if it was hereditary, it likely made it worse.


You're right. Elvis was truly a mess the last couple years of his life and seemed like he was on "robotic" mode. Don't be quick to beat the man up when in spite of all that he choose to still perform despite his physical problems.


Not beating him up at all. Though I do hold a small grudge against him as a Beatles fan when he invited them over to his house and acted all buddies with them and in reality tried to get them deported because he thought they were "corrupting America's youth". This from "Elvis the Pelvis". Hypocrite much?


Lol how was that supposed to work? He invited the Beatles around and hoped to keep them distracted while he had immigration on the phone in the next room?


This event happens year apart. Like years when he first hung out with the Beatles they wasn’t in their drug phase yet. Elvis said they should get deported for drug use and being anti American. ( not supporting Vietnam)


Just a little nitpick, but the Beatles were always in their drug phase. It's just that with early Beatles it was speed as I think every rock musician including Elvis was on at the time. That would explain why he was cool with them at first. Must have sucked for them since they were such huge fans of his.


The man died from basically the worlds most serious case of opioid constipation. Id bet big money 99% of the worst of his issues were attributed to huuuge abuse of prescription medication for years on end. the insomnia, stomach issues (bloating, constipation) and blood pressure issues are particularly noteworthy in that case. But I acknowledge, the original misuse of the drugs is probably attributed to very real issues he dealt with pre-drug use. we almost always become addicts because we are self medicating for something


A lot of the symptoms you mentioned: Colon Issues: Elvis was chronically constipated, which is a common side effect from opiates (particularly in large doses taken frequently). He had to strain on the toilet greatly. When he was found dead on the toilet, he had many pounds of impacted feces clogging him up. Insomnia: Elvis took dexedrine which is methamphetamine in pill form. I think it's illegal now, but obviously that can cause insomnia. hypertension: See above, methamphetamine is very hard on your heart. fatty liver: can be caused by a host of prescriptions ​ Elvis was publicly very anti-drug (Nixon made him an honorary member of the DEA, if I remember right), but to him, prescriptions didn't count. He took hard opiates for pain. Speed (literally meth in pill form) for wakefulness. Sedatives (many drugs like seconal and quaaludes that are actually 100% illegal these days) for sleep.... and all in legendary giant amounts. Elvis's doc could put Michael Jackson's doc to shame. EDIT: Okay, apparently dexedrine \*isn't\* methamphetamine in pill form. It's closer to adderal. It's still a drug Elvis abused taking far more than any sane dose. I don't need yet another person telling me that.


You're thinking of Desoxyn, not Dexedrine. I take Dexedrine and it's just dextroamphetamine, more similar to Adderall. That being said it's still VERY druggy and chemically not that far from meth. Have never tried meth but I've heard some comparisons drawn. And believe it or not, yes they absolutely still prescribe actual methamphetamine haha. Even cocaine is used in a medical capacity (however uncommon) currently in the US


He got introduced to dexi’s when he was doing military service in Germany. When he was doing overnight watches and such, they gave him a couple ‘pep pills’ to keep him up. Makes sense, my grandpa served about the same time in the Navy and said they handed them out like candy.


>Elvis's doc could put Michael Jackson's doc to shame Considering that Michael Jackson's doctor gave him enough medications [to inflame his lungs and emaciate him](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Michael_Jackson), I'd say Elvis' doctor and Michael Jackson's doctor could be best friends.


Dexedrine isn’t meth, just regular Amphetamine. And yes it’s still available, I take it every now and again for ADHD.


Dexedrine is not methamphetamine. It is literally dextroamphetamine. It is still legal and used widely by those with ADHD.


I think you mean respectfully instead of respectively


Now you known why there’s no footage of Elvis operating heavy machinery.


Lol. Why do I never picture a car as heavy machine but always like a forklift or something massive lmao.


What’s excessive is 40 lbs of shit backed up in your system at time of death.


*John Wayne has entered the chat*


And you can buy one of his prescription bottles from an antique shop here in Vegas for JUST $4000


There’s no way to fake those little prescription labels. Must be real.


They have wu.


Now imagine if prescription NFTs had existed back in the 70’s


Would be a whole lot of URLs pointing to dead links


Ok mate ill take 5.


At last Zoidberg you're being a crafty consumer!


I would buy it, fill it with expired pills, and then resell it for $10,000.


A list of of prescription drugs found in Elvis's body when they conducted the autopsy: Codeine: Morphine: Methaqualone: Valium N-Desmethyldiazepam: Ethinamate: Ethclorvynol: Pentobarbital: Phenobarbital: Butabarbital: Source:[https://metro.co.uk/2019/08/16/elvis-presley-suffered-extreme-constipation-took-10000-drugs-final-months-10583817/](https://metro.co.uk/2019/08/16/elvis-presley-suffered-extreme-constipation-took-10000-drugs-final-months-10583817/) [https://www.practicalpainmanagement.com/sites/default/files/imagecache/lightbox-large/images/2013/06/17/T2.jpg](https://www.practicalpainmanagement.com/sites/default/files/imagecache/lightbox-large/images/2013/06/17/T2.jpg)


Enough to kill a horse


Realistically this is what his tolerance was near the end. Yes, it was sad.


Also worth noting that some of those drugs are byproducts of another one. Codeine, for example, is a pro drug of morphine; when you take codeine your body metabolizes the drug into morphine. Without looking it up I'd guess the drug directly under Valium on this list is a byproduct of the body metabolizing that.


It'd be interesting to know if he was actually taking morphine or just positive because he was taking codeine. Codeine is much weaker than morphine, but is more suited for oral dosing. I still count 7 sedative drugs on that list. There is no conceivable reason for someone to be prescribed all that unless you are trying to kill them.


I can’t believe Nichopoulos was acquitted. If he doesn’t land in jail for that, what are our medical-governance laws for?


Especially 3 different barbiturates. Yeah, they were used more often back then but, they still knew they could kill you.


yea that look like a metabolite to me too. I think a couple of those are metabolites. I might be wrong but I think taking morphine can result in a positive test for hydromorphone too, as its apparently a minor metabolite. interesting thing is, now you can buy this shit on the internet now called avizafone that metabolizes into regular diazepam. but of course its not illegal itself cause its totally different chemical before ingestion




Aint it? It might be forever, or it might be never lol the USA still hasnt caught up with some stuff, but technically theres a federal analog act so one-way-or-another they can get you. You might have heard of Tramadol, well it metabolizes into O-desmethyltramadol, or [ODSMT](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desmetramadol). ODSMT is the opioid part of tramadol that makes it provide pain relief. regular Tramadol also has serotonin activity and is a very [dirty, taxing chemical](https://first10em.com/tramadol/) in general. ODSMT is not. Tramadol = a regulated medicine that they prescribe. ODSMT = not regulated at all, and you can buy it on the internet from clearnet vendors in bulk powder tubs. Theres a vendor in Texas that im aware of. Mind you, theyre catching up to this one. Its I think in the final stages of medical trials and is about to become a legitimate prescription drug. It will probably replace Tramadol entirely.


tramadol was unscheduled for the longest time and was frequently prescribed as a safer alternative to opiates


True actually \^ I didnt really know that previously. im in canada and its always been scheduled to my knowledge. now we are starting to catch onto how crappy it is. But yea, its very much so an opioid itself at the end of the day. the parent drug is just soo unpredictable and all-encompassing in terms of its receptor binding


It's also extremely EXTREMELY irresponsible some of the drug combinations he was prescribing him. Opiates and benzodiazepines should never be taken together because they put you at risk for respiratory depression, basically where you become so sedated your central nervous system slows down to the point where you stop breathing. Add in the barbiturates and all the other hypnotics he was taking, Elvis was lucky he didn't just die in his sleep much earlier. It's like his doctor had no functional knowledge of pharmacology. If his doctor wasn't trying to kill him, this was an insane amount of medical negligence on his part.


And an Elvis, apparently.


You're correct.


So what happened to the doctor? Was there an investigation?


Nothing really. According to my mother in law, he was brought up on charges for prescribing too many meds to various people but was acquitted. She said his medical license was suspended by the state board for a few months. He eventually lost it completely in the early ninety’s. Edit: Found [this](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_C._Nichopoulos)


Okay, maybe it’s easier to list the drugs not in his system.


For what medical issue(s) was he being prescribed these drugs?


Primarily pain and insomnia.


Sounds like the start of a Queens of the Stone Age album.


Christ why on earth was he prescribed all three -barbitals at the same time. That's how we execute criminals nowadays. I hadn't realized how much he let himself go towards the end of his life but the [last picture of him](https://metro.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/GettyImages-75521672.jpg?quality=90&strip=all&zoom=1&resize=644%2C521) looks exactly like a person strung the fuck out on ludes.


>That’s how we execute criminals nowadays. No it isn’t. Phenobarbital has been used twice to execute a criminal in the US and it was very controversial both times, and *neither* times did they use Pentobarbital or Butabarbital. Pentobarbital is typically used to euthanise pets.


I give phenobarb to people all the time in the ER. It's great for alcohol withdrawal because its half-life of 2-3 days is enough to cover peak withdrawal symptoms.


Indeed. It’s also wonderful stuff for treating epilepsy.


I assume you don't prescribe it along with two other barbituates, two sedatives no longer in use, a benzo, opioids, and quaaludes.


My dog takes phenobarbital for seizures twice a day.


That’s too many seizures!


Wasn’t he also drinking and eating like shit habitually too?


Not so much on the drinking, but definitely on the eating. Eating huge servings of terrible deep fried food. Lots and lots of crazy unhealthy foods.


His drug use started in the Army where he was given uppers to stay alert and awake during guard duty. And then it continued during his stint in Hollywood where he needed “prescription” drugs to stay awake and alert during filming but then needed help coming back down to sleep. And the more they were used the less effective they were so doses were gradually increased. Ironically he was totally against illegal drug use and wasn’t even a big drinker of alcohol but he found a loophole with prescription drugs. Reflecting on the incredible life of this man is like watching a train collision happen in extremely slow motion.


>Reflecting on the incredible life of this man is like watching a train collision happen in extremely slow motion. I will always believe that 'Colonel' Tom Parker was the conductor at times.


Agreed. I think it’s a mixed bag in regards to Tom Parker. He definitely got Elvis on the road to superstar status but made a lot of short sighted decisions along the way such as Elvis staring in dozens of stupid movies. They brought in big money short term but weren’t the best thing for his career long term. Elvis wanted to be a serious actor but Tom Parker just wanted the quick money and those stupid movies made money. Who knows what his career would have been like without Tom Parker.


> short sided short sighted


To be fair, a lot of the successful artists in the south were taking pills to keep going. They didn’t have Col Parker driving them on, though.


Is there a good movie or something that does his whole life well?


Tom Hanks tested positive for COVID-19 in Australia last March while shooting an Elvis Presley biopic. He plays Col. Tom Parker.


There's a movie coming out next year. Not sure how good it will be.


That's not a doctor, that's just a drug dealer at that point.


Michael Jackson had one too.


I read Elton Johns book and it got to the part where he met Elvis in the last couple years he was alive. Elton was always a huge fan and he brought his mother to meet him, he talks about how sad it was seeing him for the first time he just looked completely dead inside like it was an empty shell of someone that once was. He had a huge posse of friends and relatives always with him leeching off him, it really brought Elton down alot seeing what became of his idol, this was when Elton was just getting famous and he wondered if this was the end game for him in that industry, he came very close to being another Elvis and luckily got out of the drug life.


Yep… I heard Elton said that when Elvis died, that was a wake up call to him.


Elvis wasn't really in the "drug life" so much as a "Michael Jackson" situation, i.e. essentially taken advantage of by a bunch of unethical doctors who convinced them that massive amounts of addicting pills were the only answer to their problems. In a true example of the American dream, this luckily trickled down to the poor who got to experience this in the 90s and 00s!


I will say though, a week before he died, on August 8th 1977 Elvis rented out the Libertyland Amusement Park. Elvis rode the Zippin' Pippin roller coaster on August 8th, 1977, just eight days before his death. He rode the ride for hours that day. The roller coaster is still in operation and has since moved to Green Bay, Wisconsin.


Hell im goin to Green Bay in a week. Looks like ive gotta hunt this coaster down and take a ride.


It's pretty damn scary. Not because of the huge falls or anything. But just because it's all wood and huge and old and rickety....And halfway in the middle of the ride you start wondering when the last time it was checked out because it seems like the whole thing is going to fall apart. The past time I rode it was like 30yrs ago when it was still in Memphis. Not sure what it's like in Wisconsin.


Sounds like a perfect wooden roller coaster then.


When the city of green bay bought it, they took one look at it and decided nothing from the original coaster was salvageable, so they just rebuilt it using the original plans. It is at a small local amusement Park and costs 1$ a ride


Roller coaster in Green Bay in the winter - make sure you wear layers


Bay Beach! It’s a fun little amusement park in Green Bay. The Zippin Pippin is the only roller coaster there but it’s a great time. Tickets for all the rides at Bay Beach are only $.25 and you are allowed to bring carry-ins for food and beverages. It’s honestly probably the cheapest, best activity in Green Bay if you’re looking for fun on a budget.


I've been to Bay Beach. Can't remember if I rode that coaster or not. It was before I knew the Elvis connection.


At least Dr Feelgood held it to under 200 prescriptions.


Hello doctor Nick


HI EVERYBODY! Simpsons reference. The show, 'The Simpsons', referenced and made their character Dr. Nick after the likeness of Elvis' real life doctor, Dr. Nick.


Wow! TIL


Behind the Laughter The character design of Dr. Nick is based somewhat on Gábor Csupó, of Klasky Csupo studios, who was originally from Hungary—the animators mistakenly believed Hank Azaria was impersonating Gabor, when in fact the voice was actually a bad imitation of Ricky Ricardo from I Love Lucy.[7] His name came from George Nichopoulos, nicknamed Dr. Nick, Elvis Presley's personal physician who was indicted on 14 counts of overprescribing drugs to Presley and several other patients. https://simpsons.fandom.com/wiki/Nick_Riviera




at the time of his death elvis had whats called “[megacolon](https://www.nbcnews.com/science/cosmic-log/what-killed-elvis-gulp-delves-mysteries-go-gut-flna1c9136446)”. his colon was impacted so badly that it was 5-6 inches in diameter. normal, healthy colons are usually 2-3 inches. i believe it was reported that he had >35 lbs of feces in there. its no wonder he died while trying to pass stool. fuckin opiates, man.


No wonder he was backed up. I took like two oxys after my knee surgery and couldn’t shit for a week


Prune juice ahead of time.


A warrior's drink!


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Bro I had brain surgery at 11 they pumped me full of morphine for a week. Literally wouldn’t let me leave till I could shit again. Then they send me home with a big ass bottle of hydrocodone 🤷🏼‍♂️


Found this from: https://999ktdy.com/the-truth-about-elvis-presleys-death/ Published: August 16, 2017 The Truth about Elvis Presley's Death Elvis Presley was considered by many, including myself, to be the greatest entertainer that ever lived. The songs, the movies, the sideburns, the outfits, the movements but most of all, that voice. Charlie Hodge, a long time member of Elvis' group and personal friend who actually lived at Graceland for a while, said of Elvis, he thought the lyric of a song, it traveled through his heart and then out of his mouth. He wasn't kidding. Elvis Presley was the whole package. The official cause of death August 16, 1977 was cardiac arrhythmia. Cardiac arrhythmia can truly only be diagnosed on someone who is alive. This maybe just one of the reasons there's been so much hoopla over Elvis' death. Was it a coverup? Was that really him in the casket? Is he still alive? My name is "CJ" Clements, I've been on the radio almost 40 years now. I'm certainly no doctor, but I've done enough research on Elvis Presley for my own personal interest, to write a novel. I have sat and talked with Joe Esposito, the man who tried to resuscitate Elvis before paramedics arrived. I've spend thousands of hours over the years reading every piece of literature I could get my hands on that contained the name Elvis. Some accurate, most not. After a while, one can smell the BS material from a mile away. At 14 years old I managed to get the phone number of George Kline, a popular Memphis disc jockey and long time friend of Elvis'. I was so interested in Elvis and the real cause of death, even at 14 years of age, I was determined to find out the truth. I called Mr. Kline and straight up asked him about Elvis' drug use and why did all the guys (Memphis Mafia) around him not try to help. George denied Elvis ever used drugs. Probably because he was and is still such a wonderful friend to The King. From that day on, I have been a sponge for anything Elvis related. Elvis' doctor, George Nichopoulos, prescribed over 10 thousand doses of narcotics for Presley between January and August of 1977. Not to mention the stuff Elvis attained on his own. After all, if Elvis Presley asked you for drugs, how could you say no to the biggest entertainer in the world. If he wanted it, he got it. Just the meds from his personal doctor alone, were enough hardcore narcotics to supply a small city, yet these were prescribed for one man. Elvis had an enlarged heart. Probably hereditary, maybe due in part to high blood pressure, diet, etc. But it's likely the ultimate condition that killed Elvis Presley was constipation. Now you may laugh as you read this, but consider this. The coroner found over 35 pounds of white chalky fecal matter in Elvis' colon at the time of death. As humiliating as this fact is, he was found on the floor in front of the toilet. His colon during the autopsy was found to be 5 to 6 inches which is double the normal size. And the length of his colon was between 8 and 9 feet. The average is 4 to 5. The examiners found food that had been in his colon, they estimated, 4 to 5 months. Elvis Presley's body was toxic. It's a wonder he lasted as long as he did. Dr. Nichopoulos thought Elvis had a disease called bowel paralysis. Look at some of the video footage from the later part of Elvis' life, small arms and legs and all stomach. Think about when you've had to take pain killers, those of you who have, it slows everything down. As stated in the title of one of his last songs, 'Way On Down'. Remember, Elvis took the hardcore stuff, probably trying to escape certain parts of his life. Drugs like Codeine, Valium, Demerol, Morphine and more. Elvis' drug use was not an overnight addition, but had been going on for many years. I heard his doctor say he used to empty drug capsules and refill them in an attempt to wean him off the hard stuff. But Elvis caught on to that almost immediately. By the way, Dr. Nichopoulos' license was suspended for 3 months and in 1995 permanently revoked. He died February 24, 2016. He was 88. I do applaud Dr. Nichopoulos' attempt to save Elvis after being brought to Baptist Memorial Hospital that has since been demolished. Even after rigor mortis had set in, back in 1977 when things were certainly not as advanced medically as they are now, Nichopoulos did indeed get Elvis' heart to beat one final time. Elvis' personal nurse was assisting and said to Dr. Nichopoulos, "Please, just let him go". She knew if he lived, he would have no quality of life. So what killed Elvis Presley? I believe the biggest player was his dependency on narcotics. Followed by diet and inherited illnesses. He and his mother Gladys shared many of the same illnesses. Those close to her thought she had an alcohol dependency as well but back then it wasn't talked about. Also, the pressure and stress associated with being Elvis Presley had to play a part. Elvis once said, "The image is one thing, the individual is another". In addition, Presley was stressed over a book that was coming out, written by some of the Memphis Mafia his father Vernon had let go in an attempt to save money. They were going to expose the singer as being a drug addict. The book is called, 'Elvis What Happened?'. Elvis was worried about what the fans would think of him. I think the fans already knew, yet every show would sell out.


> The official cause of death August 16, 1977 was cardiac arrhythmia. Cardiac arrhythmia can truly only be diagnosed on someone who is alive. This maybe just one of the reasons there's been so much hoopla over Elvis' death. Was it a coverup? Was that really him in the casket? Is he still alive? > > My name is "CJ" Clements, I've been on the radio almost 40 years now. I'm certainly no doctor, but I've done enough research on Elvis Presley for my own personal interest, to write a novel. I wouldn't trust a non doctor on a "999KTDY.com" site. "Three days later, the coroner issued Elvis's death certificate stating the cause as "hypertensive cardiovascular disease with atherosclerotic heart disease" -- an arrhythmia, or heart attack for short." Seems he couldn't even get the official cause of death right. While he does get some facts right he gets others wrong, I think this link is a better read and includes many details that aren't noted above. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/elvis-presleys-death-what_1_b_9157820 If people don't mind a longer read, I highly recommend it, it even covers the possibility he had autoimmune disease.


I thought that was an Elvis impersonator and he's actually fighting mummies in retirement


[Compelling Evidence](https://youtu.be/t_JOKNfSn1w)


I'll add this interesting fact: On August 16th, 1977, the day Elvis Presley died. According to Elvis insiders after Elvis was sent to the hospital doctors worked on his body for 20 minutes trying to resuscitate him. The doctors continued working on him relentlessly despite no pulse and/or any other signs of life for almost half an hour before calling it quits. The doctors kept working on him despite being dead, because, well, he's Elvis Presley.


And when they pumped his stomach it sounded like gravel because he had so many pills in his system. And at autopsy his colon weighed 40lbs and was chalky white and impacted.


In the book *Gulp* by Mary Roach she goes into detail on the conspiracy that Elvis possibly had a "mega colon" that helped lead to his death. Due to his colon not forming completely as a fetus, it ballooned near his rectum and would cause impacts of waste. This was compounded (hehe) with the extreme cases of opiate constipation, which could've led to him straining himself so hard on the toilet that he gave himself a heart attack


Opiate constipation is no fun, I remember a bad few days after having my first child (by cesarean ). Desperate to do a poo, very very uncomfortable. That poor man! I remember where I was when I heard he’d died - on summer holiday - I was 7.


Excessive eating, and constipating yourself with opiates doesn't seem like a safe combination to me.


It’s pretty common to keep up CPR past 30 minutes, there’s been research on this and their are people that took [86minutes of CPR](https://www.king5.com/article/news/local/kent-man-holds-2nd-longest-record-for-cpr-survival/281-330681398) and one that took [6hours and 30mins](https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/1811563/). I think it’s a matter of luck if you get emergency staff to keep trying, which is scary.


True story: when I was around 19 or 20 I was hired by this guy (Bobby something) who was bankrolling a traveling Elvis museum out of an 18-wheeler. I had to design the wrap that would go on the side of the container. “Dr. Niks Traveling Elvis Museum.” I don’t know if the guy ever actually toured but the graphics on the side of the truck were clouds and a crusty-ass old man, who I assumed was Dr. Nicholpoulous. No pictures of Elvis could be used. I was young and dumb then and didn’t put 2 and 2 together that this was an unlicensed macabre museum meant only to capitalize on Elvis’ death. Unlicensed by Elvis’ estate anyway - I do remember that bankroller Bobby was tacky AF - he’d gotten some rights to artifacts from Dr. Niks estate. Guy also lived in an air hanger. Weirdest client I’d ever had. Needless to say, this one never made it into my portfolio.


My Grandfather worked with him when he was about 17 I think it was. Elvis worked at a loading dock and my GF would come in with his rig to unload or load. Sometimes they had to wait for another truck to come in. When they waited and had little to do Elvis would play the guitar and sing. My GF had a photo ( now in the hands of my family ) of himself and Elvis sitting on the dock and Elvis had his guitar. Apparently from my GF, Elvis was an amazing kid that busted his ass working. And always loved to entertain others.


The original Dr. Nick.


Over a pill an hour.


I read that he was spending a million dollars a year on prescriptions, and that was in the 70s


You'd think an Elvis Presley would have better health insurance.


What's wild is he thought he had all the money in the world to do that, but his manager was essentially stealing his money as well. Elvis grew up so dirt poor, that he didn't even realize how much more money he was missing out on.


I’ve met Dr. Nichopoulos’s son and he basically said “If he wasn’t getting them from my dad, he was getting them from someone else.” Such a screwed up situation.


Elvis youve hardly touched your pills. Elvis: uh i kind of had pills for breakfast


Jeez, no wonder why he was constipated.


Random fact: Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, and Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, both died on August 16th.


Here's what I liked about Elvis - when a reporter asked for his opinion on the Vietnam War, he answered: "Ma'am, I'm just an entertainer."


Smart move, actually. Telling his opinion could piss off some fans who do not agree with his views.


Shit, and that's just what was prescribed.