"Never attribute to malice what may be attributed to stupidity" I doubt they care what goes on here, not a lot of members on this sub


I think with every crappy decision Amazon makes, they put their feelers out wherever they can to gauge exactly how pissed off we are about it and if it's crossed the threshold of us deciding to actually doing something about it. 9000 people isn't a lot but I wouldn't doubt for a second that they extrapolate the percentage of unhappy TM's here to the real world equivalent to stay on top of squashing us.


I couldn't agree more. All these people going to reddit for payroll/bonus questions, when they could and should be asking their leadership. Seems fishy to me.


Nope it’s just people who don’t bother to scroll 1 second below to see if someone else made a post. Same thing when a customer asks for something that is legitimately right in front of their face. 99% of the questions asked here should be asked by leadership, I agree. People who ask are either new to retail, incapable, helpless, or stupid. People do this across the board with other retail subreddits. I really believe it’s human error, nothing fishy


I wouldn't doubt for one second that they have a team of Amazon employees monitoring this board to keep the info on their union heat maps up to date.


Additionally - it's not weird when it's a few newer users asking stupid repetitive questions but when the topic of organizing surfaces the amount of those threads seem to multiply rapidly. Maybe it isn't intentional but the result is the same either way - legitimate conversation and discussion is drowned out. I expect there are many more people lurking this board than the subscriber count suggests as well, so dismissing it as too small for corporate to care about seems like a mistake. If we believe there aren't enough of us to create change, we won't try.


There's literally a pinned thread for weekly basic ass questions and everyone posts the same thing "bonus" "paycheck" "covid pay" It's starting to get weird. Maybe it's worth having better moderation on the sub and redirect the same questions to the weekly thread or something.


Good suggestion, we'll work on this