I love this idea! What would you add to player housing? What are some zones you'd love to see player housing in?

I love this idea! What would you add to player housing? What are some zones you'd love to see player housing in?


I'd like the wildstar system. Give us an instanced square of land where we can adjust anything about it. As you clear dungeons, do quests, do anything you could get extra furniture bits. Maybe tie it to achievements and other content. Like wildstar you can get drops from bosses for some fun trophy displays. Make it so the square you get can be visited by others (like garrisons). Let us change everything about it too. The type of foilage. The skybox. The music. Wildstar even let you put sepia filters or black and white filters and such. With this you could create so much. I could imagine someone making an area that looks like a bustling city street. Others could make a magicians workshop or anything. The key with wildstar was they didn't care if you let objects float or whatever. If you could dream it up, you could pretty much do it.


I agree. Wildstar method would allow the most creativity, and would revolutionize for the RP servers. Especailly if they can make custom towns.


In the last months of Wildstars lifecycle they had "communes", where you could link houses to basically a small village. God, Wildstars housing was the greatest there ever was.


Out of curiosity why did the game die? Right when i wanted to try it the game seemed desd but the concept of gameplay and fight always seemed interesting.


There is a good video that explains the various failings I'm more detail, but the long and short of it was a combination of poor management (not necessarily developers), focus on a hardcore raiding audience that doesn't really exist, which is also a problem that is linked with probably the biggest failing. The game tried to usurp WoW, specifically the Classic players that were disgruntled with the current version of WoW. Then because of said poor management the game was massively overhyped, servers were added during the honeymoon phase of the game that inevitably became ghost towns when the initial surge ended. This mistake happened several times BTW. In general the prime failing of Wildstar was the same as all WoW killers. It tried to kill WoW.


Completely on point. The wildstar developers were amazing. The story was a bit odd so it’s not a world you grow attached too. But they designed amazing systems. And the housing was just a big gem in their crown. The game has terrible activities. I found the story hard to follow etc. the gameplay was enjoyable once they fixed the bugs.


I feel like a mix of wildstar (for the actual customisation) and ffxiv districts could be fun. Sure your friends can visit your plot, but it's even better when there's random people showing up in your garden to tell you they like your flowers or whatever you did.


You talking about clearing dungeons and doing quests to extra furniture reminds me of the jukebox in the WoD Garrison. It was so much fun getting music to unlock, but I'm sad it only lasted that expansion.


Oh yeah! I remember that too. I liked it a lot as well since there were some tracks I did enjoy. It was a 'useless' little thing but I like having a few things like that thrown in just for fun.


Most fun in Wildstar was people visiting you and starting a chat. It's the ideal way to make an instanced system and still keep the MMO feel. Every time I see someone bring up that housing would cause another WoD incident I just know they haven't played this game. it actually creates more interactions instead of kill it, since people love to show and see creativity.


Wildstar had a whole community around housing. There were people who played just for the sake of housing. The issue with garrisons was that they were not customizable. Once you saw one, you pretty much saw them all. I think people really need to realize WoW needs things that are just for fun. People get sick of all the systems and features that go away each expansion. Something like housing could be like mounts. A thing everyone can get excited about and that you can always spend time on.


I remember going to specific player homes to mine rare ores and herbs once per day. Good times.


I’d like that too but the fact that Wildstar failed is not a good incentive for executive producers to approve such a thing in WoW. If it was so good why did people stop playing Wildstar. A question I myself wonder…. What happened that people just didn’t play it?


It's not housing that killed it, but management and the catering to "hardcore ex WoW classic raiders". Sondrelk in this comment thread explains it the best, go read his reply.


What's best about housing is that it isn't tied to an expansion : the system could be expanded throughout the years, with furniture's recipes and materials droping everywhere in the previous continents/dungeons/raids. Maybe housing could be linked to sharding so that we could have people visit us (with a system of open/closed door of course) based on the shard on which they currently are.


I’ve been asking for something like this for years. I put so much effort into my Pandaria farm and my Garrison in WOD. I loved them. And aside from a few uses, they aren’t relevant anymore. Give us a home and a little plot to grow things. Herbs, food etc.. The professions could make things for the home. Leather working can make couches, tailoring can make carpets. This would mean so much to millions of casual and non-casual players.


carpentry profession in the same way as we have archeology and cooking. Becouse everyone has a garrison and wood cutters working for us in one of the buildings.


Imagining the dude with the best wow houses, all the bells and whistles, put years of work into having a top player house on the server. It’s absolutely beautiful and extremely clean and organized. All his Cutting Edge achievements on the wall proudly displayed. AND..... zoom out he’s in a shitty, dirty studio apartment 2 months behind on rent.


Just like archeology! Oh wait


IMO it would be way more cool to have a guild housing area of the major cities. You have your guild house somewhere in Org and you get a hearth to it where you can all hang out and show off guild accomplishments and stuff. Put the Guild bank there for RP. I want to hang with my guildies, I don't want to sit alone somewhere and twiddle my thumbs.


Why not both?


Gotta build a place in grizzly hills


The best feature of the housing in star wars the old republic is that you can have so many (some planets cost more than others) and you can teleport to them whenever you want (when not in combat) You get a benefit by having more of them but you also pay a lot for some of them, and decorating is good for the server economy.


Server economy was the first thing I thought of. Add a furniture vendor in every major city and you won’t have to make a one mount money dump each expansion.


Yup, now your fancy table costs 1 Million gold, and housing just became a gold farmers best friend


ooh let us raid the other faction housing


Make that an opt-in feature, though. And none of that Clash of Clans shit where an AI you fights; make it a battleground with the rest of the players on your "block" and stop the invasion. Every round the map is different, dynamic with the different characters.


SWTOR is the first thing i think of when it comes to this. Decorations and furniture are drops or achievements, and it damn well looks cool.


And it’s just… nice.. you know? I could spend hours in that game changing my furniture around and just customizing the place.. it’s a good time sink and keeps players playing the game longer!


Don’t forget space Barbie — the real endgame.


It's fun how panned housing in swtor was at release and now it's pretty liked


And Wildstar as well, was a really fun addition to both games.


Blizzard will never do this, it would make too much sense.


I’m entirely convinced that the Devs genuinely hate fun. “Let’s introduce these cool toys with fun effects but make them last 5 minutes and have a 1 hour CD”. Compare that to FF14 where the Bard class can perform enter sandman. Blizzard will continue to lose subs until they realize their game isn’t very fun. It’s work.


I'm honestly surprised that they haven't at least implemented a minimalist version if only to copy XIV's auto-demolition system. Because plots are finite in XIV, and thus they don't want inactive players hoarding land, they make it so that you have to enter your house once every 45 days or else it's destroyed and the plot goes back up for sale. Easy sub retention. As others have said, it can also serve as a gold dump both in terms of buying land/property as well as furniture.


>Easy sub retention. Not really. It means if someone quits at some point, now their house is destroyed, so why bother coming back? There's a good reason why Blizzard makes sure all your stuff is still there when you re sub.


Yeah really. Someone on the fence about unsubbing until the next content drop decides to remain subbed so as to keep their house. Seen it many times.


oh god please no. the limited plot system in ff is awful. i say this as someone who will defend ff14 to the death, but the limited plot system is so awful


There are two evergreen features I'd like WoW to add: 1) Accessories - I feel like we should have transmoggable accessories unique to the class (a warbanner for warrior, vials of poison for rogue, quivers for hunters, etc.) that are a new gear slot like old librams used to be. Every expansion we get a new version of Azerite traits, artifact traits or conduits that have these small gear-like bonuses to our characters. I'd rather those things just get added to the game as a permanent system and that system be tied to transmog. 2) Player Housing in Azeroth - Frankly, I think the Garrison feature would have been much better received and would be a more evergreen feature if it was on Azeroth and not alt-Draenor. I think there's a lot of cool utility to setting up my Garrison and I wish that stuff was still in the game. If it were me, I'd try and find a way to add a player housing feature in Elwynn, Mulgore, Durotar, and Dun Murough to start and then expand out from there. Over time, new housing could be introduced to Silverpine, Eversong, Darkshore, Azuremyst and even newer zones like Kul Tiras or Zandalar.


Oddly enough, [class accessories were actually announced all the way back in 2014](https://wowpedia.fandom.com/wiki/Class_accessories). For whatever bizarre reason, Blizzard had a whole news post showing them off as an early in design feature, and then they just... never said another word about them.


Generally speaking, Warlords was when WoW was finally crushed under its own weight in a technical sense. It was planned as the most ambitious expansion in the game, still more ambitious than anything since. They hired a bunch of new people to work on it. The game was such a mess of old code that training those new people probably ended up costing them more time working on the expansion than if they'd just tried to do it with the staff they had.


Yeah, that's really what I'm thinking of. I like Conduits/Azerite Traits/Artifact Traits a lot since they provide me something cooler than just "+X% crit" and I feel like a permanent accessories slot is the correct place for those effects moving forward.


When was it that we got relics for classes that were missing a slot? Paladins had books, shammies got ankhs... There was a third one I don't remember.


Druids and DKs had relic slots as well.


Druids had marks or sigils or something


Druids got sigils, same as warlocks.


Druid had idols, warlock had wands the relic for death knights was called sigils


Sometimes the fastest way to the right answer is to confidently post one you know is wrong and wait to be corrected.


I love the accessories idea, and the idea of expanding the housing, it gives us a reason to go back to old expansions, especially if they add different furniture to different expansions.


Yeah, I think you could easily see stuff in Suramar, Mount Hyjal, Howling Fjord.


With all the empty houses in Suramar, it wouldn't be hard to throw an instance portal to a player housing district.


> Frankly, I think the Garrison feature would have been much better received and would be a more evergreen feature if it was on Azeroth and not alt-Draenor. They'd also need to have added way more content and customisation to it honestly. The choices are like what, 6 buildings currently?


Yeah, the buildings were all pretty boring and there was no real cosmetic customization. Any building you made had gameplay significance, so it didn't really feel like yours.


Hey now! You also had like 6 statues to collect? How can you forget about those incredibly significant statues and the 4 fixed locations you could place them in


I thought it was 10


All they need to do is steal wild stars player housing customization options and pocket universe idea. . . I mean wild star isn’t using it anymore lol.


I know Blizzard has picked up a bunch of Wildstar devs over the years just because Carbine collapsing meant that they could go next door without moving from Irvine. Maybe that's something they'd try and do.


Yeah like I want to be able to be a Sentinel, or a SW soldier. Make players be able to (without too much hassle) look identical to (generic) npc chars. The RP community needs this. Totems for Tauren, etc.


Yeah, heritage armor is a great step in the right direction for this but I feel like something more permanent would be really awesome.


There are actually totems that are purely cosmetic - some vendor in Highmountain sells it (available to all classes)


You can do the SW Soldier one. You just need to cosmetic outfit from WoD and you're good to go.


Would be cool if rings, trinkets and necks had their own meaningful transmog additions even if they were really minor.


I've always voiced a want for guild halls. I even thought of an easy, asset creation light way to make them that people would LOVE: use old instances. Just cut out the best pieces and retrofit spaces for trophies, profession hubs, special vendors, mini games, etc.. People would cream themselves to have a guild hang-out spot in Nighthold, The Eye, The Firelands, Deathwing's back, Castle Nathria, Icecrown, Throne of the Four Winds, the ship in the Dead Mines, Utgarde Keep, The Nexus, Scarlet Monastery, the Maw of Souls... the list goes on. Make some of them available just for having a guild while putting others behind guild achievements and right there you have tons of new ways to push players to do content. Might even make timewalking a hell of a thing for guilds to do.


We have player housing at home. The player housing: Garrison's


Garrisons, the bases you could only build in one place and with one architectural style. So much anticipation, so much let down.


I'm glad I'm not the only person who immediately thought of that. I'm all for people who want this sort of thing getting it, but I just don't care about it myself. We had garrisons and it intrinsically made the game that much worse because people were just sitting in garrisons rather than being out in a major hub.


I mean if you put every activity into the garrison that this game has to offer it's no surprise that people stay in there... It should have been a house nothing more.


Oh trust me, you would try it out and enjoy it, if it's done right. These kind of things pull you in step by step. First you just go in and activate your housing to get the benefits, like teleport locations or discounts or something. Then you arrange some chairs and a table just because you can. And a week later you're building your own first castle. Not many people go into housing in MMOs with the intention of really using it, but almost everybody uses it in the end. Also if it's done right, it wouldn't be done like Garrisons, which were only a problem because there was no real major hub in the game during that expansion.


Unfortunately Blizzard is Not EA (SWTOR, Sims). The next problem is that blizzard never continues something beyond an expansion - making the development costs stupidly high. E.g. garrisons abandoned, class halls abandoned. Guild abandoned. For example we could have expanded the garrison to level 8 and have mini garrisons in other expats - with basic utility like bank, vendor and maybe a mission table. Give guilds in Legion a small guild ship that can be attached to a zone. In Shadowlands allow guilds to capture a Necropolis. Features like housing, furniture and collectible memoribilia need a proper engine changes and a proper editor. Blizzard does not have the knowledge for that. Look at the garrisons and the fixed monument points with a single forward / backward selector - that does not scale.


im sure they have the means to do something like this and hire the people needed if they reeally wanted to .but it doesn't seem like they want to invest too much money into the game nowadays so i wouldn't think it would happen anytime soon if ever


The company is only worth $20,000,000,000. Where would they find the resources?


i like how FFXIV does it where they have plots of land for houses and also small apartments in all the major cities that are much cheaper. that being said, the act of getting a plot of land is actually fucking awful so maybe don’t copy and paste that in WoW.


Yaaah getting a house in XIV is.., quite the adventure. But if you’re lucky enough to get one it’s such a fun feature. Practically a game in and of itself. It’s something wow could really do with, so long as it’s not tied to power creep.


Let blizzard know they could sell house items in the cash shop and this will be implemented tomorrow


How right you are is honestly concerning.


Copy the SWTOR system. Just copy and paste it over into WoW.


How it worked there?


You buy “Strongholds,” which are instanced areas on certain planets such as Tattooine, Nar Shaddaa, Yavin 4, etc. Each Stronghold has a set number of areas that can be further unlocked, such as extra rooms, garages, and hallways. Finally, there are hundreds of decoration hooks that you can use to add objects and NPC’s to your Stronghold. These can be practical, such as mailboxes, GTN terminals (auction houses, in other words), or flavorful, such as crates, guards, and vehicles. Decorations can either be purchased from the in game shop, or earned through playing the game. For example, most Story Mode flash points (dungeons) will reward you with a specific decoration associated with that flashpoint. Operations (raids) can also drop decorations on top of other loot you would expect from that kind of content.


So, they just copied wildstar housing.


Isn't SWTOR older than Wildstar tho?


I googled and they introduced housing in swtor after wildstar


SWTOR's 'Strongholds' work like this. You have two starting apartments on Coruscant and Dromund Kass, namely the Republic and Imperial home worlds. Then you have a bunch of others on other planets or areas. A farm on Tatoonie, a Nar Shaddaa palace, a Train, there are a few others as well I believe the new one coming out or that is out is a apartment on the Republic or Imperial Fleet. There's also a Guild Flagship as well that can be built up. Also note a guild can have a guild house Stronghold, so you can take in general any one of them and use it as a guild house. You can have a few active Strongholds, and there's a in game credits or cartel coins (SWTOR's cash shop points) amount to buying them and then unlocking parts of them. Note that the Guild Flagships have to have the areas on board those unlocked via mats and the like. As for the decorating? Each Stronghold has 'hooks' that you can place items on. And note that the hooks come in all kinds of sizes, thus you can't just put down an Imperial Shuttle in a small room if you will. It's sorta like the system they had for placing house objects in Lord of the Rings: Online, only move the decorations around as long as they stay in the 'hook' if you will. Speaking as someone who's gotten to play with housing systems from Ultima Online to Elder Scrolls Online. SWTOR's isn't 'bad' but it's not 'great' if you will and let me get into it. The good part with SWTOR's system is there's a ton of decoration items and I'm talking a ton. You have everything from whatever pets/mounts you have, to companions and other NPC's, to themed items ranging from primitive stuff to super high tech displays. Hell some Strongholds allow you to put down some massive items as well. In general you can make for some very nice places. The downsides are the places can cost a crap ton. Note that's pretty true for every game out there, and I'm not a fan of having to pay to unlock areas of a Stronghold. The hook system while it works doesn't offer the freedom of placement that games like SWG and ESO allow. Also there's only a handful of Strongholds, I mean we had only five for a few years after the system came out. Took them a good two/three years to start putting in new ones. Over in ESO there's just an insane amount of homes that you can get. SWTOR's system isn't bad, I mean most of the strongholds look very good and like I said there's just an insane amount of decoration items out there. That said however? Other games like ESO over a ton of more places and allow more freedom in object placement.


Pretty sure they said that they don't want to put in player housing because it "doesn't serve a purpose" and that players will just make one and forget about it. That's why they did garrisons, those were player homes that had gameplay hooks. ​ They actually think that, unless it gives gold, mounts/pets, or ilvl, we don't want it. That's how out of touch they are with the player base.


They should tell that to FFXIV players to which housing is essentially the real end game.


I know a lot of players who actually would not care about it at all and would be mad because "they could have spend that time on something else" (gameplay related). I'm probably somewhere in between. I usually am not very invested in a lot of the optional and more cosmetic parts of the game, but I do feel like they add a nice touch and I don't think it's a bad thing that people enjoy different parts of the game.


For what i have played, Garrisons áre not even player Housing but more build management in a way reminding clóse to a RTS buildings This kind of stuff go from the game _dessigner_ which Is Ion


>They actually think that, unless it gives gold, mounts/pets, or ilvl, we don't want it. That's how out of touch they are with the player base. I mean.... I wonder why lmao. I think you're over estimating how many people would care about it. The proposals people have made here would all entail a substantial amount of work, so they would have to come at the cost of a raid or something.


This comment is the perfect example of the issue WoW has. It’s a game trying to often straddle two, arguably, opposites. On one hand, there’s people who just want to do instanced game content. On the other hand, there’s people who want to live in a shared, virtual world and have role playing-like experiences.


i dont rp. nor will i ever. but a sick home inside a mountain in dun morough / loch modan / blackrock mountain. id pay 100 bones for that


I love shit like this. Mainly because it’s an easy sell and pleases everyone. But, player housing could essentially be an achievement gallery where players could show off banners of achievements, a mount pen, a farm of rare plants (cosmetic or dye related) and armor/transmog stands. It could be really cool if you could have your alts chill inside and you could ‘visit’ them. The best part is it could all be optional and just there if people want to have something to manage and customize. Some players have had certain toons for years and years (not me) and it would be a cool nod to them if they had a place they could memorialize that toon’s adventures and achievements.


Oh wow, really love the idea of your alts all living there


There's so many great ideas! I love the thought of having banners for our achievements, and hiring "NPCS" to walk around our house to make it seem more alive. I love just how much we could add to player housing, and there's so many systems in game like the garrisons, WoD already had systems in place to also cut down trees, followers, that Blizzard would just need to take it and tweak it slightly.


I *loooove* the alts idea.


1. wE dOn'T nEEd hOuSiNg, wE hAd gArIsSons 2. tHis wOuLd cOsT uS 3 rAiD tIeRs 3. iF yOu wAnT hOuSiNg gO pLay sImS 4. i DoN't wAnT tO tHeM tO AdD aNoThEr uSleSs tHiNg, PEt baTTleS wEre eNoUgH 5. nO onE wiLL sPeNd aNy tImE in CaPiTalS - mUh iMMerSioN 6. vAnILLa WoW waS bEttE... oh wait


I think having a base house in a bunch of zones with an instance that would work similar to OSRS where it is yours default but you can visit others etc, then yeah being able to customise your house, display your feata of strength etc, crafting items like furniture and decorations, I would love it.


They should add the ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) housing system. Works like a charm. You can place up to 700 items (on the larger houses), can even be walls etc so you could build your own house within a house. And place your own npcs, mounts and shops.


i would love this so much... love stuff like the Wildstars housing. doubt blizz would add such a feature sadly, not anytime soon anyway


This would earn Blizzard my money long term. There's plenty of reasons to do it. 1. Cost isn't terribly high. Most furniture assets are already in the game. Give us pre-fab houses; maybe choose from like 4-5 based on race/faction. Unlock new building options by completing different achievements? 2. Add reason to run older content. Give certain furniture drops to different dungeon bosses. Maybe add scaling to those dungeons too, so you don't run RFC at level 60? 3. Make professions more useful by letting certain professions make certain items. That said, I don't see it in the cards for a few reasons. First, you'd need to make sure there's no power tied to it. Blizzard loves to tie power to new features. Secondly, they'd have to keep updating stuff every expansion/patch. Blizzard also loves temporary systems. Third, they tried housing with garrisons, and people hated them. That's "proof" that WoW players don't want housing.


That sounds fun. Which is why it won't be a thing, and hasn't been for all the years people have been asking for it


A suggestion I have is slowly adding dyes in to the game, they did that with the mount X-995 Mechanocat mount, but I want something more! I want player housing but I also want to take advantage of the farm system from MoP where you can grow plants/fruits, maybe cross breed them to create cool dyes, maybe add a cool woodcutting profession? The said Shadowlands would bring back professions but this has been the worst expansion for professions so far, barely any new recipes, no cool fishing dailies or things to unlock like Legion/Wod, and they totally ditched archaeology! Add a woodcutting profession and a woodcrafting main profession, so we can make awesome new stuff for player housing. I would love to see a big patch that is just full of player housing, new professions, and mini professions. Give us something new! Don't be afraid to go all out, garrisons were a start, but I would love to see more customization (which is also apparently what Shadowlands was supposed to bring?)


Player housing, which adds 2 new professions of woodcutting (already exists in wod), and woodworking to help build your house up for. Make it a gold sink, you know blizzard likes gold sinks - make me pay taxes on it if I have to depending on how large my plot is. Make it completely customizable. Not just random garrison plots that you can assign 2 buildings to. Do NOT add ANY sort of power to housing. With exceptions of like.. gaining rested experience. Allow me to invite people over, maybe even allow people to enter when I'm not there either if I allow it. I want playerhousing so much, wow has so many phenomenal throwaway assets that would suit it absolutely perfectly - and hey! They could add to it with relatively minimal effort for several expansions to come! Don't make it only a feature for half an expansion please.


What's the best about player housing ? We got it twice and people are hating or aren't even interested it. 1. Farm in the Valley of the four winds: The farm of the valley of the four winds is kinda a recap to "Stardew Valley" and was the very first real try to housing. They made the farm usefull for cooking. You could plant fruits and vegetables which are difficult to farm. With the more rep you grind more customizations do you get for the farm. Now you can grind up the rep in not even a day. You can make friends that are some special npcs that stay at your farm giving you special bonuses and more. 2. The garrison in warlords of draenor: "Bot IFG the garrison was terrible." Shut your moth! The garrison was completely "optional". The only thing was that they "INTRODUCE YOU TO THE GARRISON" so you know how it works. You didn't need the garrison for pvp, raids, questing or dungeons. The garrison has more hidden customizations and bonuses then maybe some sims housing feature. The only thing is the limitation to the building number itself. Every building has a purpouse, a bonus and unique style. They even introduced a fruit hat so that you can dance macarena with the npcs of your garrison. There are "Invadings" you have to defend. Raid bosses you can unlock. Rares of the hallooween and christmas event. Trophees for yourself. A jukebox... and more. Do you know what ? Nobody cared for. THe most world of warcraft player have 40% of the achievements. Do know nothing real about the game. And when it comes to do something then: "being a murder hobo" and actually think without killing something they are damned overwhelmed. The thing is you have more then enough things you can do in World of Warcraft except for shadowlands, like the timeless isle achievement. Do not focus on the bad things. I'm not sorry for this but in World of Warcraft the community is mostly terrible and that's why blizzard went terrible. They took wishes from us, which were terrible, and the game went terrible. For all of you. Have a nice day. p.s.: Housing will end like the garrison. Trust me. Anything you wrote there does the garrison has and more. Everybody hates the garrison for no reason. I loved it even when I didn't make an actionator for my whole garrisons one. Just do something for ya' once and go farm some mounts. Do old professions. Farm achievements. I got 80% of 'em and I got lot of fun doing my characters with BIS - Timewalk gear.


Okay start off with different sized plots of land in various zones you can buy. It goes off the garrison system where there are set spaces to build things. You start off with some basic buildings for your race. With exalted rep you can buy the recipes for your faction's other racial themed buildings. Same with some neutral factions. Other themed recipes will be drops. Then for killing say 10k of a race of the enemy faction you earn their racial themed buildings.


I'd much rather have guild housing than individual player housing. Imagine having some sort of castle where you can chill with guildies and complete guild questlines that unlock more rooms, cosmetics etc.


Always wanted to be able to get something like a guild house. So just a place for u and your guildies. Maybe some NPCs for repair and stuff.


Until player housing lets me build a female Draenei Harem, Garrison will always be my home.


While I like the idea of player housing, it has to be implemented in such a way that it can’t become like FF Online because that would ruin what’s already a terrible in-game economy.


Imagine the houses in duskwood on an rp server


player housing by blizzard would be based on instances what would make it useless imo. Imagine being alone in your house instance while other players are in theirs. nobody sees your house, and everybody has his house in the same place but in different instance.


That's fine, I don't think there's anything wrong with instances, maybe Blizzard could expand and give guilds their own houses? So you can see everyone in your guild, or maybe you could give a player certain permissions to create rooms in your house. Maybe if we get a "house hearthstone" others can talk to your houses inn owner and make it their house hearthstone as well, especially if someone has a really big house that has a lot of perks that they've worked towards. There's so many ideas.


You just explained garrisons...... this is literally garrisons and no one liked it. player housing is a bad idea.


I don't think people disliked garrisons only because they were instanced.


they were bad because they were tied to player power. player housing in other mmo's work because theyre purely cosmetic or tied to entire guilds


They were also bad because there was no major hub at the time. All people just went to their garrison because it was the most convenient place to login and logout. That's not how you do housing in a mmo. It also killed the "mmo" aspect of the game because of this. A good housing feature is a place you often want to visit, but not every day.


Must be why basically every other MMO does it, cause it's a bad idea... Garrisons were bad because they were tied to player power and convenience systems. So don't make houses that, make them cosmetic, make them have an actual progression system like Wild Star, give players a reason to be out in the world to gather things for their houses. It's not hard. It's basically a solved and mature system these days in MMOs. The real reason Blizzard won't do it is because WoW is a seasonal game and content from old xpacs necessarily becomes irrelevant, and with housing they'd have to *gasp* actually support it.


Just don’t tie it to power or the systems of a particular expansion and maybe it could work? Like no mission table, no AH, just cosmetics and maybe a way to port there. I felt like when I played ESO for a bit I didn’t stay in my house very long, but I liked customizing it. I don’t think a player housing system in WoW would be like garrisons, *if* it’s done right.


Exactly. A good mmo housing system can give you benefits, but not by making you visit it each day and do chores. You could get some nice passives, comparable to the guild passives, for aquiring enough prestige/decoration in your house. That's a good incentive for people to at least check it out in the beginning, many will grow to like it this way. Or other small benefits, like maybe a small farming patch for cooking mats that you can visit once per week.


Garrisons was a piss poor attempt at "player housing". Assuming players wouldn't like player housing because of the playerbase's general "dislike" of garrisons (which had fuck all customizability, nothing like actual player housing) is dumb.


FF XIV has instanced housing and it doesn't have any issue with players out in the open world. Saying its a bad idea just because of that is fucking stupid.


XIV's housing is riddled with problems. Most notably, that it's prohibitively difficult to get.


Just like housing IRL! /s


No, more like how when a plot appears on the market, there's a randomized timer that counts down before it can be purchased. However, if you *already* own a house, you can transfer it to the new plot without respecting this cooldown. If you have a plot that's somewhere in demand, like in Kugane or soon to be Ishgard, you basically have to shell out real money because people make multiple accounts and buy up large portions of the real estate on a server to RMT. The only actual affordable housing in XIV - apartments - is purely instanced rather than being "open world" like the rest of it.


Lots of people LOVED garrisons, but hate seems to be louder than love when it comes to this game.


customisable player housing is a great idea, have you not heard of or seen FFXIV? just because garrys ended up underused and wasted their potential means its a bad idea


I object to being called a chess genius, because I consider myself to be an all around genius, who just happens to play chess, which is rather different. A piece of garbage like Kasparov might be called a chess genius, but he is like an idiot savant, outside of chess he knows nothing.


Yeah it seems like a no-brainer. I've seen the argument that "they tried player housing in WoD and we saw how that went", but it shouldn't mean they abandon the idea just because they messed it up once. I think a simple implementation like this image suggests would be a homerun.


Especially since Garrisons were not housing. There was no customization, and there were so many conveniences/features, that it was an instanced capitol city. Take out all the features so we have reason to leave to the city. Add in customization so we have a reason to come back and share/show off with friends.


So you want advanced customization, which outright can't be done in the engine. And then you want all of the good features removed, so no one would use them. Yeah Blizzard totally wouldnt get backlash after an attempt at implementing that.


WoW attempted low customization high features in the form of garrisons and everyone hated it. Every other MMO on the market has figured out how to offer customizable housing, and it is in general a very popular feature for all of them, and has continued to be the most asked for feature in WoW for the last decade. But yes let's make garrisons 2.0 instead, that will definitely make everyone happy, instead of using the actual proven model.


>I think a simple implementation like this image suggests would be a homerun. Nope. It wouldn't. The reason is that the WoW engine is really bad at handling customization on static meshes, which is 99% of the reason to have a house. There's a reason that Garrisons were so uncustomizable. It wasn't a mistake that the only changes were full prefab'd buildings, and not individual decor options. The most you could do was change a statue. There is very limited capability for housing in WoW, and it will never happen.




> I'm not sure if Blizzard can do it with WoW. Basically all of their competition has it right now (except GW2). Even Everquest 2 has housing at this point a game that came out around the same time as WoW.


GW2 has Guild Housing rather than Player Housing.


I think a lot of the failures with garrisons as player housing were because of how they tried to make it the focal point of the expansion where way to much was going on. You make a good point that having housing possible in every zone might be too much. Outside of that I think what the image suggests should be doable, even by a small indie company like Blizz.


I completely agree! They shouldn't abandon failed ideas, if anything maybe they can grow from the garrison? Maybe connect an actual housing plot to the garrison, it actually gives us a reason to go back to old expansions? We already had woodcutting in WoD as well with certain areas, there's so much potential over there.


Would be soo cool if I could get a place where im shut off from everyone else, wherei can just do my thing and never see another player, somewhere where it snows all day or somewhere in a deep forrest. And all my content is brought to me. Hell I might have my own auction house. ;))))


It actually sounds like mmorpg's are not for you :p


They're sarcastically saying that Garrisons exist.


I hear there is a lot of cheap real estate in Teldrassil


Are you sure? I heard a rumor that the market there is on fire.


Something something that'll cost you a raid tier.


Personally I feel that it sounds more appealing than it would really be, after you get your house what do you do with it? Nobody else is really gonna care how you decorate it other than you and what does it provide gameplay wise? I want content to make us feel like travelling adventurers, if I wanted to sit around in my house I can do that in real life


Player housing, where everybody sits in an instance by themselves and complain about the cities being empty when they go to the auction house. No wait, just whip out your longboy. Then go to the forums and ask why WoW feels like a singleplayer game.


Didn't they basically do this with WoD and everyone hated it? You could invite people in your group to your garrison but everyone bitched about it because it was basically your own instance and everyone stayed there with no one in Org or SW. The way WoW is currently, I don't ever see this taking off.


I think the main problem with player housing is that you want others to see it, but there's only limited space for it. Maybe have guild housing, and sub divide that into player housing. And be account wide. And have games in the guild area, like medieval bowling and shit. And your alts wandering around in there so you can use their professions and mats.


The concept of player housing in WoW sucks, you wont be able to do anything with it and it will just become a single player game like WoD. Make housing be guild related, form a bond and work with the homies.


So it's like garrisons but in Azeroth?


Just go and play the Sims, Devs wasting time on this stupid feature would be a great shame. "oh whats that? you have thunderfury hanging above your fireplace? big deal so does everyone else, why did i bother coming here, your house is bad and you should feel bad!"


No thank you. I've seen what that did to ArcheAge, I don't want another repeat of the housing rush.


There's no point, the map is not big enough to add a single hosue for every player. And if it's instanced like garrison, it's even worse


do you like garrison?


err they tried player housing And it was called WOD


Getting immediate WoD flashbacks... lol


Personally i dont feel wow is the type of game to have player housing in it,from my knowledge those kind of systems are boring to players that want power progression since they dont give any.


Yet a lot of people are farming mounts and transmog.


Housing like in eso, ff14 and other games like that? Boring. Housing like in Ultima Online? TAKE MY MONEY.


One of the most popular features that still gets brought up time and again to be re-implemented was the Mage Tower. That gave absolutely 0 power gain at all.


I have no fucking clue how people look at Garrisons, which were a genuine attempt at player housing by Blizz, with a ton of effort put in, and somehow think that attempt #2 would be better for literally no reason? What the fuck are you all smoking? Garrisons had so much to do in them, and all it did was isolate the playerbase into instances, and everyone hated it. Plus, with the quality of new features and systems, you all think that **player housing** would be the one system that you miraculously enjoy.


But imagine just a house. And a garden. Nothing to build more to it. You fought all day against your enemies, it would be really nice to just have a home with a bed no? It doesn't have to do anything with raids or shit but just a nice feature to chill. And imagine, you could invite other peeps to just sit around, throw a ball and shit. Man, this would be fun. At least you can sit in your own damn house while waiting on a que or just afking. A man needs a home!




I would plop my house in Eversong and never leave


should be accompanied by a carpenter profession. i really miss chopping down trees like we did in WoD.


Favorite part for me is the cave in ungoros NW-ish part, with all the crystals and golems(Guardian stone farm). I’d put a door on the cave and just have a sign that says “Go away!” >.> So many memories with that cave.


The god damn Un'goro RAVE CAVE.


If they add this, I’m returning and staying.


Even if people like this idea, it would mostly end up being abandoned in the very next patch or expansion, like order halls, so.. why not?


I'd love to have player housing as some sort of mobile base that gets "displaced" and phased into the expansion city you are currently in. Ask Dalaran Mages, they certainly know how.


I want my farm there too. I proved to The Tillers I can do it! Ah man this would be so much fun to actually have a home in Wow. Imagine, after a long day of fighting you go back home, check what you've collected on your journey and then just chill in your garden.


Naturally; minor NPC usage. Having cosmetic servants or hired labour if you desired. So you could have your own bartender or a gardener who sells a unique flower or herb every day. Have some housing cosmetics for transmog, such as many of the NPC armors and clothes we see that we do not have access to. (Looking at you, Crowley's Spectacles.)


Gold sink and a half from my experience in previous games.


Ah yes, my favourite World of Warcraft expansion: Hearthfire


i'm just saying take the garrison table, pick guild members instead of followers to give them daily/weekly quests, earn guild rewards for doing them. take the system people hate, and make it good.


I'd set up somewhere in Northrend I think. Scholazar seems it has decent weather. It doesn't necessarily have to be out in the world with 10k popups per server. It'd be cool to even have something as simple as an instanced house in org that players can customize on the inside with trophies from their accolades. Treat it like a Dungeon Entrance and it'd be good to go.


Player housing in RuneScape is really well done Imo.


personally i like my garrison... if i could harvest nodes from the current expansion, i’d hardly ever leave.


Gimme a cabin on one of the floating little shit islands in Outland's Nagrand. or a guild hall really, would be nicer to have guildies around. Sadly with all the ways wow is already instanced It'd make the world feel even deader so no thanks, I don't want this as a feature As a pure pve player, I'm already split off forever from most of the pvp crowd in the world, and since I don't really hang out in the main cities that much (I still prefer my garrison convenience and heartstone) I already feel like I only ever really see a decent amount of other "heroes of the alliance & horde" whenever I do the exact same world quest as them. So I only see other heroes when I'm wheelbarrow racing down a road or fighting the same seven or so arena bosses in the theatre or when I'm trying to get the allaying crook charged and wish there was no hordes.


If Blizzard added player homes and ever got around to making the zone relevant again, I’d pay actual money for a player home in Gilneas, or at least in that style. I definitely agree with what other people are saying about having craftable and achievement decorations, and ways to show off pets/mounts/ transmog items you’ve unlocked. ESO also allows you to uncover special furnishings through their version of archaeology. If WoW ever added player homes I think that could be a cool way to get some unique racial themed decorations, especially for explorer-themed characters.


I'd set my house in Stonetalon.


I would prefer guild housing.


SWTOR's Strongholds + Path of Exile's Hideouts = perfection


Sounds like a hearthstone with extra stepss


I just want a guild hall.


They should take a leaf out of Star Wars Galaxies’ player housing. That game was way ahead of its time.


What they should do is add a mount that works as a player house. Problem solved, and it could also cost bezillion gold.


Evict Illidan and make a penthouse at the top of the black temple.


I have wanted this for yeeeaaarsss! I get my housing and good mount(ing) fix from Archeage Unchained!


did you mean: garrisson


When i played wow back to 2008, the private sv i was playing had guild houses.. and it was sick


There is already very little player interaction outside of party, housing will totally kill it


Garrisons 2.0?


I always imagined an instanced Housing/Guild Hall for all this kinda stuff. Pick an existing zone, plop your plot down in 1 of "X" areas designated within it, pick a racial/existing style to components, and build it up as much as you want. Could make it huge, could give it various wings with dedicated purposes, could make it small, and/or incorporate outdoor structures (Barns, Crops, Wells, Stables, etc.). Have a series of monthly "Hearth Quests" that are, in of themselves, Quest Chains to unlock special things about your home and/or incorporate unique features (Haunted Dungeon beneath the basement that is an Instance that you need friends to help clear, get thrown out by Sky Pirates deciding to plunder your home, a Dragon & their cult of followers take roost and won't leave, etc.) I guess it could easily just be a "choose the Dungeon" for your home to clear out and now you own a non-instanced Dungeon that you can modify freely. Seriously, this shit is easy and would print money.


I like the idea. Garrision were not really the same. You could hardly customize them. A seperate piece of land/an island in the theme of several different zones to choose from and a couples of housing choices.


I don't see why they haven't made an engineering toy that creates a portable saveable instance. \*throws blanket over Genshin Teapot\*


Westfall, Loch Modan, Silverpine, Eversong, Mulgore, The Barrens. I have dreamt of a lil' house with a fishing pier next to the Loch since.. forever


Old idea, it won’t happen.


Either do one like FFXIV or don't brother no point of garrison 2.0, it's a waste of resource


This is seriously one of the best ideas I've heard in years!