why bother spending money on vanguard when Halo infinite comes out next month.


Why bother spending money on Infinite when it is free!


honestly, sometimes I just forget about gamepass and how awesome it is


Not even Gamepass… the multiplayer is free for everyone.


That’s good Customer Service if I’ve ever seen it.


I’m hoping it goes back to being a popular game. Halo 5 was ok but I’m hoping infinitie is amazing


Based on the quality and popularity of the flights alone I expect Infinite to massively outperform Halo 5. And I'm saying that as someone that really enjoys Halo 5 (multiplayer obviously, not the bad fan fiction)


I just wanna play some Grifball


Not to mention, Halo 5 was only available on Xbox One when it launched, the newest console in the line at the time that also got some *bad* PR at launch and cost $100 more than the PS4. It was a fully priced game and required Gold. It required you to use a controller and had some of the least helpful aim assist in the series. Halo Infinite is on Xbox One models, both Series X and S, PC, and even Cloud gaming, all of which are totally free-to-play so long as you have the hardware, with the exception of needing an Ultimate sub for cloud. In addition, Gamepass exists now and the campaign is included. Even with just regular Gamepass and no Ultimate, that's the entire game. The game has a paid battlepass, but they also never expire so you could theoretically sign up for Microsoft Rewards and earn enough from Bing searches and such to get them for free. I mean shit, you could feasibly play the campaign for free if you saved up for Gamepass. My point here is that the game is *very fucking accessible*. I own two copies of H5 and I still don't play it because my Xbox isn't my main gaming setup and I'm trash with a controller. Prior to that, I couldn't play it for three years because I didn't own an Xbox One because I couldn't afford one.


Battlepass system is lit too, no missing out


That's what I'm kinda concerned about. Normally I'd pay $60 for the complete package of Halo because it's worth it. But will just the campaign be worth $60? How long of a campaign are we talking about here? If it's just going to end up being 6-8 hours, that really wouldn't be worth it to me.


You could just buy a month of Game pass and beat the campaign in that time


I mean, I already have Gamepass so that's what I plan on doing, I'm just saying that it's a weird price for just a Halo campaign outside of Gamepass.




I've been trying to avoid story stuff in general because of spoilers I heard about lol. I still really want to play it, I just have little knowledge of how long it was actually going to be because of my fear of spoilers. I just figured that every Halo's campaign so far was around 10-ish hours, which wouldn't be enough imo to justify $60.


It took me a while to bite the bullet and switch over, but being able to play Forza for free has been awesome. Also jump into random indie games from time to time too


I've played so many games that I wouldn't have given a thought to because of gamepass. Well worth it.


It’s a game changer. No pun intended.


My biggest reasons to love it are Bethesda games and Sea of Theives. It's basically double paying for Xbox Live with a lot of good games.


If you buy JUST TWO games a year, assuming you use Gold, you’ve already paid for Game Pass. And I definitely have played more than two new games this year.


Used game market FTW!


Day one releases on gamepass ftw!


Alright so you buy four or five games a year and you’ve spent as much as you would on Game Pass….I’ve still played at least that many *new to me* games each year lol Edit: phrasing because people like to be pedantic I guess jfc


I just love cruising around in an F-450 and topping 200mph


It's not for free, you pay a monthly subscription for it.


You also pay for your internet. So technically, all the “Free to Play” games aren’t free, either. Why do they call them Free to Play games then? Just curious on your thoughts.


Free? Over $200 (CAD) a year, isn't free.


Technically its really only 60 dollars a year for gamepass, gold is already 10 dollars a month, gamepass just adds 5 on top of it. But yeah it isn't free.


Well no, but neither is the normal subscription. They removed the yearly gold sub last time I checked. Clearly they are forcing Gold out and making Gamepass the default. So, eventually we will all be on Gamepass if we want to keep playing. But you still have to buy some games too. By following this logic, the free games are still free. I understand what you mean, but if you look at it that way, nothing is free because you have to pay for internet. Without it you can’t play the F2P games.


TANSTAAFL! There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.


What about second breakfast?


Game pass is not free, so the campaign for Halo Infinite also isn't free. It's included with game pass. Completely different thing.


Only the multiplayer is free.


\*FREE only if you are a game pass subber.


Multiplayer is free for everyone.


Rumor has it that the multiplayer is going to drop early this coming Monday.


Potentially Monday some people are saying


My thoughts and lots of other ex cod players I know,exactly.


Or when the multi-player comes out this Monday!


Just a rumor, try not to get your hopes up or spread false information. We can hope, but it’s not official.


Comes out on Monday if the rumors are to be true.


They’ll be another new COD in 15 min. I’ll get excited for that one.


As I type this, it has been three hours since you left that comment and in that time 12 new CODs have been released and none of them are really all that great tbh.


Apparently mw22 is supposed to come out which I'm excited for


There was a lot of advertising on YouTube but other than that it’s been calm.. I’m not feeling vanguard but if it’s on sale I’ll pick it up.


After seeing that it was released I saw some playthroughs on youtube and the campaign looks good. I might buy it when it comes down in price. No chance I'm paying $70 for this game.


I’ve seen some very critical reviews of the campaign so I’m not sure who to believe at this point. Either way, the boys and I are switching from COD to Battlefield 2042 this year


BF2042 getting a lot of hate so might want to check out the trial and reviews for that as well. Not a fan of CoD or BF but wish they’d do them both right for the fans.


The game isn't REALLY released yet (save early access players) and battlefield launches are known to be awful however despite the bugs I've faced so far, it's an awesome game that I've really enjoyed and I trust that a lot of the bugs and server issues will be fixed eventually. Vanguard was boring to me and I just got a refund a day after buying it. Not saying it's bad but I'm definitely having way more fun with battlefield.


That’s good to hear. Hope you guys enjoy whichever you get and that bugs are minimal and fixed quickly!


Man, this is some wholesome gaming goodness right here. I hope your auto saves are always timely and your hardware never fails


Yeah that's the hope, I think if they address the bugs it will definitely hold up to past titles like BF3. Fingers crossed cus I'm loving it so far, despite sucking lol.


Is it true there’s no in game chat? Like you can’t talk to the opposing team?


Haven’t got the full game (played the beta and wasn’t impressed), but what I’m hearing/reading is no in game chat so you can’t talk to humour own team. You’ve never been able to chat to opposing team from what I know. I’ve played since bf4


I'll say it again you shouldn't have to wait for the game to be good no one should be defending that


I would prefer games be released after the bugs are ironed out but it's certainly good enough for me to be playing it now and enjoying it. I personally just wanted to try it out because of the player count and expected bugs on release like every Battlefield game launch. If you don't want to buy it then you don't have to. And there are so many people with expendable money pre-ordering games and you're not gonna be able to get everyone to stop buying preorders to teach the devs a lesson. And frankly I don't know where people get the idea that gamers not pre-ordering games alone is going to stop devs from releasing their games with bugs when they can always patch them later in updates. And Battlefield is arguably COD's biggest competitor for fps games so of course they want to release the game closer to Vanguard's release. It's unfortunate and I actually haven't pre-ordered any other game aside from BF 2042 ever. And regardless of that, even with pre-orders xbox will refund you if you buy a game and don't like it so I really wasn't worried about it. I love Battlefield and I'm currently happy to play it early despite the issues that I've had. I'm not defending the developers by enjoying the game and expressing that, I acknowledged the numerous flaws that it has and hope that they plan to address them sooner than later. Complaining on reddit won't change anything. Tell it to the devs not me.


Hope the boys are all on the same console then. Never seen a multilayer game with no team Comms until now.




2042 is dogshit


The campaign is terrible. Inconsequential fan fiction so shallow that you can’t ignore the super dumbed down gameplay elements. Everything is so simple, so undemanding and forgettable…I say definitely skip this one if campaign was your main interest. Multiplayer is better but as always a fee load outs are completely OP, spawns are out to fuck you every minute and skill based matchmaking ensures you get a royal ass whopping in every match


> skill based matchmaking ensures you get a royal ass whopping in every match That's not what sbmm does.


It’s not even worth buying. The campaign is boring and has worse level design than the COD WW2 missions, the multiplayer doesn’t innovate at all and just changes the coloring on game modes, and the zombies is probably the worst at launch zombies mode I’ve ever seen for a COD game: No Easter egg, no wonder weapon, worse gameplay.


I’d maybe pay $20 to play the short campaign. But COD stopped being fun a decade ago, I’m not missing anything. I have Hell Let Loose on PS5. And Forza and Halo keeping me busy on Series X (have almost 30 hours in Horizon 5) so I have avoided COD for a while now. Stop giving them your money every year, and maybe they’ll change it up. And BF had burned me way too many times before, for me to ever play their game at launch. Maybe 6 months down the line when it’s not broken. Then it’ll be hype. Yeah Forza and Infinite are my biggest games of the year. Which means Gamepass is the best bargain you can get as a gamer.


They had something nice with Modern Warfare 2019. I think they needed to update that game more with passes and stuff like that and take a brake of the saga. Too bad it got replaced with another COD next year, and again next year.


If they sold the campaign separately I'd buy it every year. No they're not great at all but they're usually fun. No way in hell I'm paying $70 for a 4-8 hour meh campaign


30 hours on horizon 5? It’s been out for like 2 days!


Shout out to Hell Let Loose. Best ww2 game.


You've played one you've played em all


COD is FPS Madden/FIFA. Small changes year to year, but people keep buying it.


at least activision bothers to change the theme each year


You know it would be pretty fun if madden 23 was throw back to leather helmets, no forward pass, wing t


new fifa game where you get to play the football match during the Christmas Truce of 1914.


Both Cod and Battlefield look extremely disappointing this year. At least Halo looks fucking awesome. Im so glad they delayed it as weird as that is to say lol


Battlefield is definitely splitting the community 50/50. It has its bugs and new features, but it has the feeling of battlefield 4. So I’m hoping this follows the same path as 3 and 4 when they released and get updated over time to become classics. Even though both 3/4 and now 2042 should’ve been ready upon release


Might want to go look at BF a bit more closely, especially the Portal mode.


I think it’s kind of silly that you would recommend reconsidering the value of a game specifically for one mode. Portal *is* cool, but at the end of the day if I really, really, wanted a remaster of 1942-BF3, I would at best wait for a big sale. Paying ~$60 for just that seems like a waste tbh.


When you take the garbage out, do you announce and promote it?


Yes. My wife needs to know I'm CONTRIBUTING to the household.


This is the best comment on Reddit.


I would like if somebody put it in the paper, yes.


They need to quit dropping a new game every year


Ecks dee CoD bad xD


I will not say this franchise is "dead" but it need really a break for atleast 3-5 years. It is simply oversaturated.


I thought the Medal of Honor series had been oversaturated many years ago but COD has managed to top that.


Because it's a DLC for MW/Warzone really, nothing new in the package, given that Halo infinite and Battlefield 2042 launch close together, I think they just threw Vanguard together to keep the cash flowing and will build up hype for the rumoured "Modern Warfare 2" next year. It's evident as soon as you launch the game, that you paid full price for a DLC.




Cold War plays so different from either MW2019 or Vanguard Like no offense, but you literally have to just not play CoD to think its the same thing year in and year out


Cold war altho alot of people feel the same, for me personally it felt like I was starting up a new fresh cod, it gave me that new fresh call of duty feel that I haven't felt since the original MW2 launch, probably because I was one of the ones that didn't jump on the Warzone hype train, but basicly it felt like a new call of duty game, but I didn't get that feeling when I started up vanguard, I just seen that same shitty menu they been using since warzone launched and instantly quit the game and refunded, I was so shocked with it.


You didn't get that feeling with MW2019? It was the freshest CoD in years with its traditional boots on the ground gameplay, vastly improved engine/graphics, overhauled gunplay, great campaign, etc.


Soo...you refunded the game based off the menu?


No interest in fake woke history rewrites, super offensive to those that were actually there and fought for us, only for us to erase them 90 years later to appease twitter. Fuck that and fuck Activision in general.


Yep. And people were mad at BF5...


Cause cod is a cash grab


Well its like the FIFA of shooters so...yeah


Activision knows they don't need to hype it up. They know full well the COD bois will buy whatever dribble they shit out year after year. I got it got it for "free" with game sharing, and it's really, really bad. The game plays like they copy and pasted the mechanics of MW2019, downgraded the graphics, changed guns with CoD WaW guns, and replaced all the sounds with wet ham. That's it. You cannot convince me this game was made in any longer than 4 months. Battlefield this year is better, but by no large degree. I havent played too much of it yet though. This is by far Halo's year to shine.


Exactly, they'll buy it anyway. I though there was no hype for Cold War and didn't even know it released (some for Vanguard) but it sold millions


I feel like the release schedule tells you everything. Hey we're gonna release another one next year so we don't really care if this one sucks. Either way they'll make their money.


It’s human nature to be less excited after receiving the same surprise every year.


Dont bother, might aswell buy ww2 because that game has a better zombie mode atleast


Duty comes out once a year??? Why would it be a big deal anymore.


It's just another half assed rushed WWII game that is terrible. They knew not to waste advertising money on something this awful. It's just there to recoup development money and to meet their yearly CoD title demand from corporate.


Imma straight up admit it. I didn't even know it was out yet. I was playing the 2042 early access thing a few hours ago and even though that wasn't great I'd rather spend money on that than cod wwfantasy


Halo and Battlefield. We’ve been waiting too long. Cod has had their control for years, now it’s time to have fun.


It wasn’t hyped up at all Because everyone is tired of call of duty and wants a decent game.


Cod is such a burnt out series.


Same thing over and over?


They're already in development of the next cod thats literally going to come out around this same time next year


I mean they're already in development on CoD 2023... they have three different dev teams simultaneously working on three different CoDs at any one point in time.


That's cause it's garbage


Because Vanguard is so generic and by the books for cod that nobody gives a shit. Its like a *parody* of cod, its tropes era and story are so overdone and stale. Its a shovelware asset flip.


Why bother with a game that has been copy pasted for 15+ years and is blander than my black coffee. Halo infinite is here.


Hopefully cod is finally dying, just like BF, both lost any edge they ever had


It’s like owning 8 different variants of Monopoly at this point. It gets old.


Will outsell your favorite gaming series by 3 times, y’all say this every cod


Currently the 4th most played game on Xbox in the US so yeah definitely will


Yeah, people love to scream about how CoD isn't getting hype on Reddit, and how that's a sign of the game's irrelevance - but in reality, that's more a sign of Reddit losing relevance. CoD consistently appeals to the younger set, and are those users still on this site?


Why would you want a game series to die? Just because you or your friends don’t like it doesn’t mean that other people don’t. CoD’s quality has dropped drastically ever since MW2019 released but I don’t wish for it to die


BF is pretty hyped tho


Wait until people figure out the next 18 months will be paid beta.


People complain about yearly CODs but at least they work as intended and have more content than just multiplayer lol


Cuz it blows dick


Because there haven’t been a good CoD game in years and it’s touch has been gone for a LONG time


I hadn't played a CoD since Black Ops 1, but I was addicted to CoD 4, 5, and MW2 back in the day. Picked up Cold War because CoVid and what else was there to do... It was a blast for a few weeks. I loved the mechanics, gameplay, and maps. It had a ton of potential. But SBMM really completely ruined it for me after a few weeks. Not just because I just wanted to pwn some noobs or anything, but because they implemented a complex attachment system where a fully ranked gun with the best attachments (which takes tons of hours of gameplay to unlock) is quite literally twice as good as an unranked gun. So since SBMM means you're basically in a clan battle every single match, it felt like I was pigeonholed into using the one AR I had been using from the beginning all of the time. If you tried to branch out at all, just for the sake of variety, you'd get shit on. Want to try out an SMG you've never used before? Have fun going 4-22. Every match started to feel the same, and because Activision is so shady about SBMM, you can't even tell if you were good or not. Inherently everyone's K/D, Win/Loss, or any other metric to measure skill inherently will converge around 1. It also completely ruins playing with friends because the SBMM is so sensitive that someone will be having a terrible time no matter who you are playing with. But again, it's a shame because at its core I think Cold War was a very good game. It just got ruined by political decisions, probably forced by the higher-ups in Activision, because they knew they were losing new (bad) players. It is no fun to get shit on every game and I don't think SBMM is inherently a bad thing, it was just implemented in the worst way possible. Even just publicly stating what your "rank" is would have helped a lot, but still the same issue with the attachment system and CoD's focus on grinding out camos through weird challenges just does not mesh with a competitive matchmaking system in the way that a game like Halo lends its self towards. Cold War was reminiscent to me of Game of Thrones. We weren't just pissed because the ending was bad. Tons of shit shows and movies have terrible endings that nobody gets mad about. It's just when a thing has so much potential, and it's so close to being amazing, but something completely goes off the rails and ruins it in a preventable manner, that's when fans get super pissed. So since I heard SBMM was going to be in Vanguard, I knew there wasn't a chance in hell I was going to buy it.


Maybe people actually remembered the dumpster fires the last two releases were and are waiting to hear how the game is before buying it.


it's not any better. half the time I'm getting shot at 2 seconds after spawning. worst cod in a decade which is really saying something.


Probably cause nobody gives a shit about cod anymore


Actually idk but is maybe a tat bit to overhyped


Yeah I thought I was the only one, till I realized I haven’t saw much hype around it considering the last two games done extremely well. Maybe it’s where they don’t have one of the OG names to run with, I’ll probably pick it up later in it’s life cycle, But as of right now it doesn’t seem worth it to me. Wish the devs and everyone that worked on it the best however!


Most people just play Warzone now and you don't need Vg for that.


They need to give this game a break. Seriously. I'm not getting this one. I really liked call of duty warzone when it first came out. They didn't really let that develop by the time cold war came. Now this one. Fucking ridiculous. They should have kept working on warzone and the multiplayer aspect. It's not one person in higher up who will say a y'all we are fucking up the quality let's take a break? BF is starting to get the same way. Halo has never done this and I hope it continues like this. Infinite should be a playground of shit for years to come.


The bigger question is, does that mean the squeakers finally moved on?


Cod isn’t good anymore (sbmm, battle pass system, etc.) but I cannot wait for people to realize that BF2042 and Halo Infinite are also going to not be good and have the same things (sbmm, battle pass, etc.)


Because it’s the same thing over and over and over, isn’t everyone bored to death with WW2 already? It’s so repetitive people are losing interest


I started playing COD in 2007 when I got my xbox 360 that year, CoD4: modern warfare was the best and my favorite imo, and played cod ALOT as they released hit after hit, MW2, world at war, BO1, BO2, MW3, and then I kinda stopped. I did play AW briefly as well as ghosts but didn’t stay there too long. BO3 was pretty good tbh and I liked the mw remaster somewhat, but every other cod has been garbo and finally stopped buying them every year, waste of money that can go towards better games like siege or fortnite or well just about anything else. even apex is better imo. warzone tbh, is the first playable cod and its free, i don’t really feel a reason to buy any of the full titles anymore, they all suck. having lived thru the og era, glad i did because golden age of cod was really special and the new ones just dont compare, dead franchise. they should polish up warzone and stick to it, or make a new one and put in the effort to make it good, then stick to it for several years


Maybe because it is a MW 2019 reskin? And I would have preferred an WW2 sequel. I really miss the feeling of the pre MW19 CoDs. Gameplay is too slow and heavy now. And I also think that they killed the classic CoDs when they launched Warzone. Same game, but free to play with the BR craze.


Saw a commercial for it just now on TV


Warzone is all the cod players need.


Because they flopped so hard with cold war for God knows why. They could've just continued modern warfare support but instead they released a rushed game, so now I just don't want anything to do with it


are you telling me that people aren’t excited for call of duty 46


There is no hype, apparently it’s disappointingly average


Halo is coming out soon and Warzone has taken over COD


Honestly, I’m pretty sure a majority of the og cod community is just tired of playing the games year after year. It just gets old because it is the same game rebranded each and every year.


Too many cods, not enough time for one to sit in before the next comes around.


After 20 years of back to back nearly annual releases who gives a shit anymore?


how it feels about cod, battlefield, halo, NOBODY is talking about them.


Battlefield/forzas way more fun


I only really care about CoD zombies and I just still play Black Ops 1-3 for that Yearly released franchises have lost a lot of steam in recent years


These games are a lot like a computer OS. Throw money at it once in a while to keep doing the same thing you've always been doing.


It should have been a free add on


So many other games to put your money towards than the same garbage Activision releases yearly.


Because cod is never inventive and it thr same old sh.


All the momentum that Modern Warfare 2019 generated was lost with how shitty Cold War was in comparison. Not to mention Halo, and Battlefield coming out this year.


Because people are realising that it’s always the same thing just repackaged? It’s like FIFA.


Couple of factors. 1. *Free* Halo Infinite - Multiplayer 2. Forza Horizon 5 is probably second most anticipated game on the platform after Infinite. 3. ABK has been playing things really low-key after they were investigated. Their dedicated fan base more than makes up for the lack of new players. I'm of course merely postulating.


I mean, Can you blame us? There’s nothing unique about it. “Oh, wow, another reskin for $60! Surely, This is game of the year!”


I love call of duty but Activision is all kind of messed up.


maybe cause Cod is A S S


Yep same with battlefield. Didn’t even know they were released, fuck around with your fan base and you really gon find out. We’re the ones that market the game.


Im tired of war games and its even harder to stomach when you gotta go back to WW1 or WW2 and use the old weapons and gear. Yeah sure, the first hundred games that came out were cool and nostalgic but making a new one for next gen consoles doesn’t make the game any better.




Modern Warfare was excellent, Black Ops Cold War was fairly decent, I had absolutely zero interest in Vanguard and playing the beta was the final coffin nail.


I honestly forgot until I saw that it had released on the Xbox home page — I feel like the franchise is dying a slow death.


Who tf cares about cod anymore? They literally have released a new game every year since 2003. I don’t know how you can buy cod and not feel like an absolute sucker.


I stopped liking call of duty when I tried to be like fortnite


Honestly I dont play it much but I feel like Warzone is the best part of recent cods


Yeah comment above you is a weird take. Having a battle royale mode is not exclusive to Fortnite nor did they pioneer that gameplay. Warzone was the most fun I’ve had with a call of duty in ages. Especially with the other modes that aren’t strictly last team/player standing.




not to mention that exclusive dlcs on PlayStation lasts though a year until the next one


Vanguard is great. I think they find advertising through Warzone already is very successful, but I bet there's some cool ads that will come out during the holidays.


Everyone hating on the game clearly haven’t played Vanguard, it’s actually one of the better CODs in a awhile. It’s got that chaotic play style that brings me back to the MW2 days.


Typical comment goes “I haven’t played CoD since WaW (came out in 2008) Vanguard is trash.”


Thank you! You can easily identify who is just shitting on the game to join the hate bandwagon. One match and I was hooked! honestly when they fix the spawns and some other things this will easily be an instant classic, MW2 is immediately what it made me think of :D


Ya know some of us don’t dislike the game bc of a bandwagon. The games is worse than cw and bo4 imo but it’s definitely better than ww2, mw19, and iw


They've been ramming it down our throats for ages. No one is hyped as folks are sick to death of it.


Literally nobody cared about Vanguard, and if they did care, it’s either a WW2 history guy, or a COD sucker. Only exception would be streamers.


It's a Sledgehammer, and they suck. Treyarch had to bail them out and throw together a rushed Cold War because Sledgehammer was so messed up. No real reason to think they're suddenly good when they've been BY FAR the worst CoD developer for their entire existence.


Battlefield 2042 and Halo Infinite all the way. Cod sucks in comparison.


A lot of people only play ww2 games for ww2 guns and they’ve desecrated all of them in vanguard


People who are hating on the game for that factor, have not paid any attention to the Devs this is in no way meant to be a historically accurate multiplayer game, just pure fun filled chaos! it's honestly a blast


The devs reasoning doesn't change why people would want to play a ww2 game. If you bought a game because it was set in space bit thr devs wanted the game to he underground the entire game you'd have every right to not like that.


(I am not talking about you) I never understood why people hate on cod games just cuz they're not as good as the OGs, tbh, I don't care. As long as it's a cod game, and it's playable, I'm good


I'm actually a really big fan of their campaigns. I don't play the multiplayer anymore, though.


I usually play the campaigns a couple of times, then I play multiplayer for a while. Then do the campaign again but just goof around


Slowly realize the shit games that they are. Wake up people. COD is a shit money grab scheme.


Because we've learned that treyarch fucking sucks


Cause the game is shit


It's cause it sucks apparently


bad reputation with reguard to all the cheating, camping, sbmm, and eomm. who needs all that hassle anymore..


It's terrible, just terrible.


I feel like vanguard is like the 5th COD out in 2 years.


Actually you’re not wrong. Modern Warfare (2019) Modern Warfare 2 Remastered (2020) Warzone (2020) Black Ops Cold War (2020) Vanguard (2021)


That's actually hilarious, damn. I'm excited for MW2 2022 but that's because I enjoy IW Cods most of the time. MW19 was for me a Cod that did most things right and just needed a longer supported life. Didn't get CW and probably will not get VG


I played MW19, and before that I played the first Black Ops. Before Black Ops I played just about all of them. The games just aren’t different enough for me to keep buying them. Like, I thought Vanguard had something to with Warzone, tbh.


I liked most of IW and Treyarch games. I loved Black Ops 3 cause it was different and fresh. Black ops 4 started development as jump pack Cod then they changed it so most of the intro maps feel too big for boots on the ground. Treyarch games are fairly fun but like you said I don't want the same game from 3 years ago their gameplay is a bit more thick and chunky feeling if that makes sense. Sledgehammer is hit or miss for me and I am very over WWII setting and guns unless it's absolutely sick. Vanguard will integrate into Warzone with a new map and the weapons so if you're into Warzone it seems worth getting it to level up the weapons and such.


Bought it day one and I am already 1000% over it. It can be fun, but it is undoubtedly the lowest effort cod game I’ve ever played. It’s basically a $70 expansion for warzone. Super disappointed