"going gold" is almost meaningless in this era of gaming


Particularly in Halo's case since major features like Forge, co-op and ray-tracing aren't coming for another 6+ months.


Wait, forge isn’t coming for another 6 months? Wow.


Forge isn't coming for about a year.


That's sad I wanted to introduce my nephew to what the duck game really was.


Oh thats painful. The lack of progression in the game is already blaringly apparent. Halo might be in some trouble.


It’s so weird when the last MCC BP was very rewarding and FREE but this shit costs 10$ for 0 weapon skins and some helmet flashlights…


Read that as flesh lights


I’d pay for that BP


Omg thats it! Helmet flashlights are what was holding halo back!!!! 343 has figured it out, halo is going to become the biggest gaming franchise in history now, I just know it!


But of course the last few items are good. Like the Emile, Cat skins and the sick death animation when you kill someone with a certain gun. But you have to sit there and grind and get absolutely nothing for it until like level 60 BP should not be like that. And if you don't have premium don't even bother grinding unless you want useless challenge skips piled up in your inventory.


Destiny's battle pass rewards generally suck but the progression is nice. You get boosted XP for the first 5 levels of the week. Super painless to reach 100 and claim everything


You don’t lose it though, can always switch it out and finish it up then move to the new one.


The good news is they are making a seperate progression system that isnt the BP and hopefully will improve the BP as well. "Beyond that, there’s been a large number of requests for an additional career progression system. We want this too and it’s our team’s top priority, but doing it right will take time and that may mean it won’t come as quickly as many of you would like. As we look at what our team needs to build, adding an entirely new progression system on top of everything else is a lot. Building a progression system with solid design, good implementation, top-tier UXUI presentation, thorough testing, and time for polish will take some time and we want to do it right. While this is a ways away, please understand that outside of continuing to support the basic needs of each Season and finishing up existing work that’s already been started, building additional progression systems and improving the areas mentioned above are the Live Team’s top priorities."


Love that they're responding to feedback but how the hell did they not have a progression system to begin with? Sounds like they've only just started on it.


Ray tracing, too?? Damn it!


Coop I can understand since it’s an open world halo (based on trailers) and that might be hard to do. Forge is inexcusable at this point even if it’s basic Forge. Ray tracing I can care less but meh. Game looks great compared to a year or two ago.


To be fair, forge is completely different from what is used to be. According to what people could get from data in the files from the flights, its practically become a mini game engine now with full on scripting capabilities where people can practically make their own campaings. Although I agree it would be nice to have a very basic version of it at launch.


What’s even crazier, is that this game almost released last year lmao


That’s genuinely scary and hilarious to think about what the reaction would have been if it were to release last year


cyberpunk did it for them


And Craig


So true. A game going gold was exciting news \~15 years ago. Now, it means nothing since you'll still need to dl a 100GB patch update on day 1.


Yeah pretty much, especially with all the day 1 updates, they never have to finish fully on time.


This goes for all software. Ship now, patch patch patch patch patch patch patch patch patch patch patch patch patch patch patch patch patch patch patch patch patch


i think cyberpunk was the only one that went wrong when using the term other games in recent years that also went gold psychonauts 2 FH5


Going "gold" while missing core features like forge and Co-op for many months after release? Yeah, what a joke.


*what does this mean* 😬


The game is done and ready to be printed on disc's.


It means they print the label on the disk and about 200mb of game on the other side lol


If I were to explain this to myself 10 years ago I wouldn't believe it. Biggest games back then would be like 6-8GB 😂


BRB I have to guy buy a 250gig external hard drive. That holds like 2 calls of duty now.


One Modern warfare on series x with everything on it is ~220GBs...Gbs? Either way its massive.


GB = GigaByte, Gb = Gigabit. When we list storage space it's in Bytes and when we list bandwidth speeds it's in Bits. So if you want to get a more understandable speed of your internet divide it by 8.


Finally someone who sees through the deception of ISP'S


Naming convention comes from computer memory architecture. A bit is a single bit of data (0 or 1). A byte was historically 8 bits of data, because that’s how many bits were required to encode a single text character. So memory storage will refer to bytes, because that’s the smallest unit in which memory will be stored. And ISPs refer to data rate in bits, because that’s what they are transferring. Surprisingly, most people still don’t know the difference, despite how many computers and advanced tech the average person uses today. Some companies definitely take advantage of that knowledge gap


Most people don't understand the technology they use and that's been the case for centuries. If it works, they're happy, if it doesn't work, they're upset at the person who sold it to them and request they fix it. Most people just need to know their computer will run the thing they want and don't care about bits and bytes, which is also the name of a great snack, though not spelled the same. Hell, half the population probably still calls the entire PC tower the "hard drive". "I keep my hard drive on the floor next to the cabinet..." You mean the computer, you put your computer beside the cabinet, the hard drive is inside the tower... People won't know the difference between RAM and ROM either. They also probably don't know the difference between ABV and ABW but they sure love drinking beer regardless.


Its not deception big B means bytes little b means bits you're just not taught stuff like that in school it's not deception because you're ignorant 😂


Look at this guy with his computer science degree here to tell us he knows that bytes != bits.


It’s malicious compliance sort of. Yes, it should theoretically be measured using Bits instead of Bytes for transfer speeds, but it is objectively a worse metric in the eyes of the end consumer. No one in the general public measures speed in anything except Bytes, and so advertising in Bits is objectively misleading


It is insanely deceptive. Your average person will assume they are the same thing. I know a lot of people who thought they were the same thing. There’s a reason every single ISP shows their packages in megabits while every single other thing on the internet shows megabytes, whether it’s download speed or file size. And that reason is the same reason as to why shrinkflation is a huge thing. It’s an effective way to legally deceive the vast majority of your customers into believing that they are getting more than they are.


Yeah it was a little over 50 gbs when It first came out. Can't even play a few games of it without taking up half my hard drive now


Meanwhile the digital-only Series S launched with the same storage space as the Xbox One did 8 years ago


I recall Civ 2 came on 2 CD-ROMs, and that seemed really extravagant at the time. Something like 1995/6. I had a 420MB HDD at the time.


there was a ps1 game that came on 4 cds


There were a few of those


FF7, FF8, Fear Effect come to mind


7 had 3. FF9 also had 4


There was a game called lost odyssey that was something like 4 discs it was an FF style game


Nah they were mostly 20-30 gigs back then. Arkham city, Skyrim and many more around that ballpark


skyrim was like 9 with all dlcs.


Uh, skyrim came out 10 years ago...


Now that you mention it, "going gold" doesn't have the same feeling as it once did 10-20 years ago, since there's always a huge 100GB day-one patch waiting for you nowadays.


Not necessarily necessary though. I installed my two discs of Red Dead Redemption 2 and said "lmao fuck no" when it asked if I wanted to update before launching it. Even Cyberpunk 2077 was *technically* a game you could complete when it went gold. It was a complete and utter disaster, I'm talking worse than launch, but it could be launched from disc and completed.


If you disconnect you can install most games from disc that's why Mass Effect LE and RDR2 have 2 discs.


You don’t even need to disconnect, they just will anyway. All it downloads are patches


Weird, when I disconnect games install a lot faster. Maybe it's some setting I haven't seen.


That person isn’t correct. You are. It does default to downloading


And this 200mb is just a client for downloading the actual game which is getting updated after the "game gone gold" until the release day and beyond


Incorrect as the vast majority of games are still fully on the disc there is only a few games that need to be downloaded off the internet even for a disc copy because the games got overhauled so the data on the disc is useless


Even in those instances, you have launch patches that replace/supplement that data.


Ah thank you


> disc's Disc is.


I know that's the literal definition of going gold, but with co-op and forge not coming out for a few months still, I would not consider the game as being done.


At least 6mos after today's "update"


Edit; Thank you to everyone who had a conversation with me and not just complain and cus me out in my messages. Lol. I have had a good conversation with most of you and I am thankful for it. All of you have a good day but I'm taking the original post I made down.


Co-op is an extra? The whole heart of Halo was the coop with your friends. I've played and finished every single Halo Campaign with my friends first and the fact that I can't do it now at the launch really bugs me. I'm not gonna touch the campaign and just stick with the multiplayer till they release it.


Yeah and there's even the fact that coop is in literally every single Halo game before now including the various spin-off games, whilst online multiplayer is not. Coop is absolutely something I would consider a core feature of the series. Personally I'm still trying to decide with a friend whether or not we're going to wait for coop or just play it single player. I really would love to play it coop, but we all know avoiding story spoilers is going to be insanely difficult after release. Even when not looking for it, they're going to be everywhere you look, even outside of Halo talk, just like every big game with a heavy emphasis on story.


I agree the fact that they are adding SPLIT SCREEN to an open world game is a bit staggering with such graphics and stability even on a pretty old xbox one


I’m sorry, am I mis-fucking-remembering? Because as far as I fucking knew, CE was Co-Op on the Xbox from the get go - please, correct me if I’m wrong


> 343 has taken their time refining their game and even incorporated a different companies characters and enemies to make this game better. I don't get what you're saying here. 343 had a lot of ex-Bungie staff come along, and they were handed the keys (and funding and recognition) to a massive franchise. Suggesting that they were burdened by having to work with Bungie's content seems rather silly.


By your logic multiplayer modes like griff are unneed or most of the core of what halo is a sandbox with your buddys it's a spit in the face to older fans when 343 had more then bungie ever could and they are going to release like is. But I am still going to play halo infinite and have fun but its not a complete game by halo standards


I most certainly played through the campaign countless times in Halo: CE in split screen co-op. It's always been a staple of the series. I'm not going to complain about it not being present at launch in Infinite, but Halo: CE definitely had co-op.


It'll be done in May when they add co-op :/


But in this case without coop mode.


Marathon Infinity Halo Infinite Destiny?


Master Chief’s album “Halo Infinite” has sold over 500,000 copies so it’s gone gold. He deserves at least a platinum album imo.


I remember when cyberpunk was announced it went gold but it ended up actually being delayed lol


Ow man the writing really was on the wall


I'm pretty sure that it used to mean that they had made and shipped a certain number of physical discs to stores. What it means now is beyond me.


Nothing, it’s just a marketing scheme


You'll need Xbox Gold subscription to play this game.


It means they’re at the point of no going back. The basic core of the game is there and isn’t going to be changed drastically. Whatever stage the game is at when it hits Gold is how it ships to stores and customers. After that, it’s all patches and updates to that foundation. It means something different now than it did in the past. Before the era of post-release updates, Gold meant “this is the game everyone is getting”. Nowadays, it more translates to “the game is officially going out for release date and cannot be delayed any longer”.


If only I had a Halo Console to play it on.


Or any series x :( been on HotStock-type apps and twitters and still no luck


I finally got one last week from my local Target and now I have to send it back for warranty


Rip :(


Same. Halo Infinite console came out of the box with a dent in the top edge and the startup chime speaker is blown and crackly. :l To make it worse I bought the Halo Infinite Elite Series 2 controller and the Y button doesn’t respond half the time. The hell happened to quality control, Microsoft? I’ve been waiting months for these.


Go to best buy and get their all access bundle. That's what I did and got my series x the same week was so easy


I’d rather not open a line of credit for a fuckin Xbox lol


Or end up spending $830 for. $500 machine lol. I’m patient


All access does not cost any more if you were going to get gamepass anyway (which you should)


It’s 2021, finance is normal and generally accessible now. No need for the boomer attitudes. The all access bundle is 0% apr and comes with game pass for 2 years. It’s basically just an item you want plus a boost to your credit score at this point.


Pay for the early notifications (£4.99) on hotstock app and I'll swear you get one within the week. I was looking for over a year then when I done that nabbed one off Amazon so easily


Good call, I’ve been tempted. This’ll probably push me over the edge :)


You can play it on pc :D


Meanwhile, asshole reviewers are spoiling the best parts for clout.


I must be lucky, I haven't seen any spoilers out in the wild.




Not having Endgame spoiled may be my greatest achievement


Endgame was spoiled for me in theatre the second the lights turned off. POS in the back of the theatre stood up and yelled it.


Spoiler: batman dies in endgame


Don’t forget to mention how aqua man drowns smh


I litteraly cried at that scene smh my head how they gonna kill him off like that


Someone did that shit at some movie my brother took me to with our kids. I can’t remember what movie it was, but after the movie my brother followed him into the bathroom and kicked the shit out him. He hates spoilers.


>Someone did that shit at some movie my brother took me to with our kids. you have kids with your brother?


WTHeck, why do they act like that


Right WTFiddlesticks is wrong with people!


I couldn’t believe that Bruce Willis was a ghost the entire time in The Sixth Sense, blew my mind...


Oh my god! That's disgusting! Halo infinite spoilers online? Who? Which reviewers? There's so many of them, which specifically?




I'm not crazy about the character movement but I'm a die hard halo 5 arena player.


This is a very different game to 5 feels more like 4 with some systems from 3


Thats it in a nutshell.


I’m in the same boat as you. I was hoping to get that H5 feel, but was bummed we didn’t. Still enjoying the game it’s just different.


I hate to even complain but Halo 5 grew on me and now I feel like we went backwards. I played halo 1 the day it was released, then 2 and got out of games during 3 and 4 only to jump back in at 5 and I actually loved it. I was never interested in campaign so that part didn't bother me. As soon as live came on line I was hooked and played online only during 2 and maybe a little 3.




That's great for you and all, but like. Game isn't out yet. There's no reason to abruptly spoil shit when it's not even out.


I got a memory like a goldfish, I am gonna enjoy it no matter what


Doesn't anyone remember Cyberpunk "going gold" last year before launch? Not sure why game companies feel the need to announce this when it's basically meaningless.


Sadly I'll have to wait a few months for co-op before playing the campaign. Me and a friend have always played the campaigns together. It just won't feel right playing Infinite separately.


> Sadly I'll have to wait a few months for co-op before playing the campaign. Even more sadly, they [announced today that co-op has been delayed even further, now not coming till at least May 2022](https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/halo-infinite-s-campaign-co-op-delayed-to-may-2022/ar-AAQUnZG?ocid=BingNewsSearch). It's going to be really annoying having to avoid spoilers for another half a year.


Yes, I saw that. I...was hoping it'd not be true if I ignored it lol.


So there's co-op (even split screen) at all until may?


There’s split screen right now for multiplayer, but there won’t be co-op campaign until May


Yet they announced the game, bragging couch co-cop was coming back.


Well it is coming back local co-op works fine, online co-op doesnt.


Not for campaign, there's no co-op whatsoever for 6+ months.


That sucks, with the whole battle pass situation I have no intention to really play mp even if it has split-screen, I may play a few matches with my brother eventually and I hope everyone who does play enjoys the game but I don't think I'll be touching campaign until split-screen releases then, I don't really care about spoilers but it'll be annoying nonetheless


Me and the boys 4 player co-op but I can't wait months I'm afraid. A few weeks I could do, but I'm really into Halo lore and I just can't go that long not knowing the story or risk having it spoiled here. Is what it is. First Halo to ship without co-op, 343i not getting criticized for that nearly as much as they should imo.


And it was supposed to come out last year, too! If it'll only be "complete" 6 months after a year long delay, it makes you wonder what on Earth it must've been like for the planned release.


I always play it once solo because I hate going through cutscenes in a group, people just end up cracking jokes and shit which I’m totally fine with but when it really interested or something it can get annoying.


That's why it's especially special for me and the same group of guys since Halo 3 to play through it together. We all on the same level of respecting the source and paying attention during cutscenes.


That just gives you a reason to play again when co op comes out. No reason not to play other than saying it doesn’t feel right lol


Of course we'll play it again. But ever since Halo 3 me and the same guys have co-op played on release night, it's tradition. Now I guess we'll play separately and then 3+ months from now play it together... It's a valid thing to be disappointed about.


I completely forgot about that being a thing, especially since multiplayer already has split screen. Wtf 343


Just out of curiosity, how do you play story heavy games in coop? When I tried it always led to us not paying much attention to the game and just talking about whatever.


You may want to read up on it. From the sound of it, co-op campaign is going to be a different campaign.


Where did they mention this? Like it’s lot the same campaign with another person dropped in?


Eurogamer had an interview with the creative director. He didn’t outright say it would be different, but he said the current campaign is impossible as co-op and their co-op campaign is playable, just not ready for release. I’m willing to bet it will be a heavily modified version of the one we get on 12/8


Gold without co-op? So the games not actually gold then, just more marketing bullshit.


...? Sending the master copy out to manufacturer(s) so that copies can start being printed has been what "Going Gold" has meant for decades. Not that the product is finished.


Decades? No, you send something to print when it's finished. Games used to be finished on release. This is a very recent practice.


No it's not. Day 1 patches have been common for the last 10 years.


After cyberpunk. These words mean nothing.


Don't pre order.


Doesn't have coop tho :/ Mind blowing...


Can't believe they thought they were going to release this a year ago when it's still obviously not finished now.


The day has come! Its too late to go back, all aboard the hype train!


Not even close to finished tho




No co-op, no forge....doesn't sound very finished to me


Giving the game benefit of the doubt. they could possibly be working on the technical aspect like connection or smoothness of the all around experience with forge on both the Xbox one and series consoles and PC. I’m pretty sure y’all will live with this missing feature for a couple months.


But... They had working forge 6 years ago? I hate that 343 binned everything from 5 and started again. No forge at launch, not even assassinations ffs. Ridiculous.


Shocking too, that there's no assassinations. I know how to summon them to the game! Saying this horrible fact. People would pay loads for assassinations.




Yes, intentionally left out because they aren't finished.


That’s the point of devil’s post.


Wait, I thought “going gold” meant it sold a certain number of copies…or does that meaning only apply to the record industry?


In this industry going gold means ready-to-ship, albeit a bit lax on that definition in recent times.


Ah, got it. Thank you, u/MetallicLemur


That's music


Oh cool the game has gone gold? Why the fuck do we still have to wait 6+ months for Co-op campaign and over a year for Forge then? They had 6 years to make this game and they really do have the balls to say it’s gone gold when they’re still delaying basic features.


To be fair if you think about it, they’ve had a shit load of things to do, make an entirely new engine, entirely new genre of a campaign, something they haven’t done before, making it on a new console and have changes it lead designers. I think it’s understandable to not have co-op for their first open worldish game on an entirely new engine. They’ve already said they’ve tried a bunch of ways to implement co-op but non worked in play testing. And forge has gotten bigger than anything before, it has to be better than H5 so of course it’s gonna take time. Chill out dude


It's crazy that people like you will accept an unfinished game because "they had a lot to do". The extra workload they had was their own doing seeing as they tried to release an even more unfinished game last year. If its going to take until May 2022 for it to be finished, that's when it should release. Unfortunately, unfinished AAA games and extortionate MTX seem to be the norm for the gaming industry right now, and that's because the majority just accept developers doing this.


Maybe it’s because forge and co-op campaign don’t mean anything to me. What they’ve done so far is enough for me personally so it doesn’t feel incomplete. Maybe if I was an active forge user/creator I might be pissed but seeing as though forge released late in H5 and is arguably the best forge yet, I’d say it was worth it. If we have to wait again for it and it’s going to be bigger, maybe enough for short custom campaigns, then it’ll be worth it. I’ve never really used online co-op so that’s probably why I’m not bothered by it. Totally get why others are upset with it tho, maybe I shouldn’t have said anything about that as it never applies to me


"new engine" wrong, slipspace is, at its core, a marketing thing. its an updated version of blam. also the game wasn't made for a new console, it's an xbox one game that has series x enchancements, and they should've thought about co-op and made sure it was possible before dedicating time to this "new genre of campaign"


My gamepass ends on 11th. Guess I know what I will do these 3 days^^


Will Halo have clans kinda like COD?


there isn't any currently


They have fireteams in Halo 5


But I want it now.


The day I get back from my kids’ first trip to Disneyland and then I have the following 3 nights off. It’s gonna be a good week


should have said "gone digital!"


>>>Going Gold!!! ^also ^we ^don’t ^have ^co-op ^nor ^a ^finished ^multiplayer ^even ^attached, ^enjoy.


multiplayer seems pretty finished to me


“Gone Gold” streamers and reviewers of the like get first picks and then spoil everything on YouTube.


Ayyy that’s gonna be on my 25th bday :D!!


Cool, then add a Slayer playlist to the multiplayer beta


Just without coop and forge.


Dec. 8th will be our personal Christmas.


Multiplayer should be out of beta if gold ;)


Day one patch not here yet, still beta.


Still loving it nonetheless💚


Anyone complaining needs to take 5 min to Google what going gold means, shut up you cry baby's.




Gold my ass. No co-op or Forge for at least six months and the worst MTX based multiplayer I've seen this gen.


Does any moron in this thread realize the whole fucking world is behind on EVERYTHING due to COVID. Jesus christ you fucking children need to take your consumption addicted asses and sit the fuck down.


My Cyberpunk PTSD just kicked in. Original release date delayed one year and a post saying it went gold. Although I think this game will be different... right?? RIGHT!?




I like that you know your comment sucks so you’ve already added a clause to dismiss people not liking it for a multitude of reasons. Big brain move.


Didnt they just announce the campaign was delayed? And the coop is being pushed way into 2022? How does an unfinished game go Gold? Oh you say 343 is making it? Makes sense now.


idk where you get your sources but not only are you wrong asf about the campaign delay you also clearly dont understand what going gold means and dont say you do know because thats cap oh wait you're on the 343 hate train circle jerk makes sense now


"Gone gold," despite announcing cutting out large chunks of content (co-op campaign, ray tracing, Forge) to meet their year-delayed deadline. While I'm hopeful we get a good story, and I have enjoyed the MP so far, I still see this announcement as a bit hollow and can't help but be frustrated that we're missing so many large chunks of the game after 6 years of development, yet they still want $60 AND for us to buy the premium battle pass.


You cannot have a game that is missing modes that have been in previous editions at launch “Gold”.


If it wasn’t for the multiplayer achievements i would get this


Yayyy, (I think).